Ways to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

March 28, 2022
Author : Bill

How often do you plan on going on an adventure trip? Are you still struggling to make time to pursue your interests? Is it a time constraint issue? Or is it fear? Time is constant, and it never changes or waits for anyone; even if you plan on finally taking that trip to Bolivia, enrolling in a Zumba class, or staying stagnant in your daily commitments, the clock is still ticking.

Our comfort zone is a mental state that is the
most familiar and secure for us. We can't change
our lives unless we step out of our comfort zone.
Quote by Roy.T Bennett

The fear of the unknown often frightens or enlightens a person; many pursue it while others panic because of it. It takes effort and courage to conquer what you plan on or just dream of doing. You might always procrastinate your plans for tomorrow or next month, and now when you look back, you've been snoozing your plans for months or years.

So this is a wake-up call for you to get out of your comfort zone and do the things you dream (or maybe daydream) of. You can start by following these tips.

ways to get out of your comfort zone

Start With Upgrading Your Daily Life

Not being able to participate in social activities and crippling social anxiety is not something unheard of. According to the World Health Organisation, the pandemic has resulted in a 25% increase in anxiety disorder. Many of you wonder, 'Why is it hard to step out of your comfort zone?', yet the smallest yet the most persistent changes in our daily life are the most effective.

The thing we do in our daily life often becomes a habit, and if you add good habits to your daily routine, healthy eating, exercising, reading, spending less time on your phone and going out for a walk. Keep a journal or track your progress daily or weekly. Your brain will supply many excuses, but you must stay unmoved in your pursuit.

The First Law of Motion states an object at rest
persists in being at rest until an external
force is applied to it, and vice versa is also true.
It means: progress is unattainable without action.

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Mentoring Can Help You Get Over Social Anxiety

Teaching yourself or your peers in an interactive study method among students and

Studies have proven that teaching can help individuals' confidence and make them articulate. It is a skill that may be a useful way for stepping out of your comfort zone as it entails communicating and interacting. You need to socialise with different people to learn more about the various aspects of social interaction.

You can try teaching at a local cram school or volunteer to mentor a university junior and help them with academic and other aspects of university life. Teaching will help you get over any jitters you might have for social speaking. Doing so will help you step out of your comfort zone, and maybe you might unintentionally be helping another individual step out of their comfort zone.

Up Your Game, Add a New Skill Set to Your Achievement

In this fast-paced world, a new skill is important as it ensures that you are open to new experiences, and it will help you upgrade your professional life. It is a good way to upgrade your life and socially get out of your comfort zone. Enrol for a short term diploma course or an online skill build course. The aim here is to help you develop a new skill set to expand your academic and professional horizons.

If you still have no idea where to start, you can enrol in the IBM skill build program; it is free of cost and can provide you with the chance to work with industry professionals. Enrolling in certificate courses for fashion designing, graphic design, linguistics, or taxation is useful for the current industry as they are in demand.

According to psychology, familiarity, safety, and
security are a few of the primary needs of every
being. Teachers, life coaches, and motivation by
peers encourages one to break their limit and try
new things.

Learn Something New Every Day

A recreational activity is important for helping you get over the stress of daily life, and it can be something that you like or something that you plan to learn. It doesn't necessarily have to be academic or relevant. Just pick an easy hobby that will help you relax and help generate creative ideas; pottery, dancing, painting, reading, exploring various music genres are a few such hobbies.

Pursuing a recreational activity will help you attain new skills, enhance your creativity, and you can interact with various people. Individuals with similar interests or professionals from the field can be a way for you to get out of your comfort zone. Such activities are an easy yet effective way to ensure progress.

these facts might motivate you to step out of your comfort zone

Face Your Fears and Conquer Them

Fear is the biggest contributor to the reasons; why is it hard to step out of your comfort zone? The doubts and insecurities you might possess about yourself can be small, yet they can snowball into huge issues in your personal life. Try your best to get past all of them, and the most effective way to do so is to face your fears.

Facing your fears isn't exactly about bungee jumping or skydiving, though people do that. You can start with small changes like interacting with strangers/acquaintances you're unfamiliar with, reading a book/watching a movie/ shuffling through a genre you might not like. If you get past these, then, of course, you can go forth with the x-sports plan.

Just like public speaking, most students fear scientific writing and face numerous hurdles while doing so. This is why they are unable to write a publishable research paper. If you too are struggling with scientific writing, read our blog titled ‘10 steps towards better research” to help you face your fears and translate your research into publication form easily.

Physical Change/Mental Change is Also Very Important

The chances are that you might have an idea of your qualms and actual fears for staying in your bubble. You can opt for professional help if you find yourself in a situation where your fears have taken root in your personality. You shouldn't avoid seeking professionals for your issues as it is important to your general well-being. It is a useful way to get out of your comfort zone by addressing the issues ingrained in your personality.

The idea of getting out of your comfort zone includes transforming your mind; you can start by improving your mental and physical state. Meditate, try yoga, work out or pursue an activity. Keep up with the routine of doing these things daily and give time to relax your brain as well. Don't overwhelm your brain with too much stimulation from all kinds of activities and interactions.

Over eight thousand men/women from hundred
and sixty nations worldwide volunteer every year
for a minimum of six months. - World Health

Volunteering is Your Way to Exhilaration

You can try volunteering at the local aged care centre, charity or sign up with UNICEF through their UNV program. The good thing about volunteering is that it is beneficial to both parties, the receiver gets the care, and the provider gets goodwill. It is just an overall great experience if you want to get out of your comfort zone.

Try out these tips to get out of your comfort zone socially; these tips will help you gradually explore and tackle the various challenges you may come across in your life. It will take some time, and you will have setbacks, but it doesn't mean that you have to stop trying. As the saying goes, 'it isn't about the destination but rather the journey, the experiences you gain along the journey to your new self are the ones that matter.

Of course, when any aspect of your pursuit of getting out of your comfort zone feels overwhelming, you feel like crawling back into your shell, yet you must sustain your progress. It might take you days, months or even years to make it to the other side, yet you (especially if you are an introvert) will have times when you need time to relax; take your time to recharge yet always get back to your interests and dreams, for what's life without dreams and what's happiness with pursuit?

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