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October 25, 2017
Author : Andy

Project proposals are a normal part of the coursework in any academic organization. Project proposal assignments help students to understand the primary purpose of the studies. It basically helps students understand what is expected to be done in the paperwork. Academic writing on project proposals is a troublesome task and therefore they seek help from external sources. They are assigned with numerous assignments during their academic curriculum and their professors expect them to excel in all paperwork. Due to various reasons, students are not able to complete their academic documents on time and lack qualitative grades, but there is no need to get distressed because My Assignment Services is here to serve university and high school students with reliable project proposal assignment help. Our professional writers are subject-oriented and hold master’s and doctorate degrees from renowned universities. They can produce an effective and reliable assignment within the given period of time. Therefore, if you are having a problem in completing your project proposal assignment then avail help from our project proposal assignment experts. Have a look at the project proposal assignment sample formulated by our expert academic writers.


Project Proposal (1500 words) (30%) Draw on your previous experience to develop a visually and theoretically contextualized proposal containing the following:

  • Your Project title
  • Research question or hypothesis
  • Reason for choosing your topic (Rationale)
  • Research Review: Analysis of Research/Data
  • Conclusion
  • References and Bibliography

Adapted from: Collins, H (2010) Creative Research: The Theory and Practice of Research for the Creative Industries, AVA Lausanne You must write a 1500-word project proposal typed on A4 paper. You can include images/photos/flowcharts/diagrams etc. if you want to but they do not count towards your 1500 words. Your bibliography is not part of the word count. Please use the suggested structure below to organize your ideas. You should include all sections in your proposal but you do not have to answer all these questions – they are there to guide you. Please use a sans-serif font and format your project proposal as follows:

  • Top of each page (Header) – name/ID/pathway group/title of project
  • Bottom of each page: page numbers
  • At the top of the proposal's first page - Name of project – research question
  • Margins 2.5 (Normal option)
  • Line-spacing: 1.5
  • Leave a clear space between paragraphs

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1. Your Project title Project Title – the general topic/contextualise your project
2. Research question or hypothesis Research question or Research hypothesis that will be investigated – start with a ‘working title’, this may change later when you research more about your topic. Remember that your text should answer your question (if your question does not match what follows in your Project Proposal, find one which does).
3. Reasons for choosing your topic approx. 200-300 words Rationale- the reasons for your choice of topic. What were your original ideas? Where did they come from? Which one did you choose? Why? What is your interest in this topic? What is your starting point? The reasons for choosing your topic should lead you to a natural choice of research question or hypothesis. Objectives - indicate what you expect your work to accomplish and what conclusions you may be able to make. It is important to establish clear goals at the outset – based on the time and resources available. What do you hope personally and professionally to achieve from this project? Writing style – this can be written in a subjective style
4. Research review approx.. 500 words What has your research process taught you? (new knowledge) Relevant past studies - What previous work have you found by yourself or other people related to this topic? Any reports/books/exhibitions? Theory – Your work NEEDS theoretical contextualisation. What relevant theories or material linked to your project have you encountered in your research? Sources of research/data - What kind of research have you done? Reading? Questionnaire? Survey? Visual Research? Please detail your primary and secondary research for the project. Sources of Research data – where did you find your information? How did you select your research? For example - books/journals/images/films/internet/designers/artists/literature/architecture/exhibitions/museums/libraries/retail outlets/boutiques etc Writing style – this can be written in a writing style that includes a combination of descriptive and critical/academic/analytical style
5. Analysis of Research/Data approx..500 words How have you used this ‘new knowledge to develop your project Analysis and synthesis of sources – this is where you compare and contrast the views and theories you have sourced and show how they have enabled you to develop and inform your project. Why and how are these theories relevant/important? Application and evaluation – this is where you demonstrate how you have used your theory or theories in your visual work and answer the following questions: Were your expectations from the project research met? Was the reality different? Could you answer your research question? Did this make you change your research project or direction? Has your research question or project changed since you started your research? Writing style – this should be written in a critical/analytical style throughout
6. Conclusion approx. 100 words Summarise the findings from your project. What is the outcome of your project? Is there scope to expand this project?
7. References (not part of word count) A list of all the background reading and the sources you used for this project; including books/journals/venues/images/films/designers etc. Please ensure you adhere to Harvard Referencing conventions throughout – use to check this before hand-in.



Globalization has opened the way for different brands to come up with their own strategies of expansion & diversification. Whereas, digitization& e-commerce has opened the way for many industries to explore new channels of customer engagement which ultimately would lead to growth in their sales. In this context, this project is aimed to analyze the different requirements & fundamental strategies which are instrumental in giving shape to an innovative business idea of branding, selling & expanding a fashion brand(Pani & Sharma, 2012).

Research Questions or Hypothesis

The research will mainly focus on identifying the different requirements & the development of certain strategies, which could prove to be a game changer for an innovative brand in the fashion industry segment(Bhardwaj & Fairhurst, 2010). The main objective is to find the opportunities & thereby define the path for performing a GAP Analysis. Further, this Gap Analysis will help in understanding the steps that need to be taken in order to stand out from the rest of the competitors.


Social Networks & use of apps have become a worldwide phenomenon where more than 1 billion people are connected to the same at any point in time. This has opened up many channels through which the different brands of the world could pitch in their products & services in order to successfully place their brands on the global platforms. For some time, luxury brands were reluctant to utilize this platform, but with the advent of newer technologies, they too are forced to compete with their lesser counterparts. Social buying, interactive buying, social acceptance and platformification are some of the most trending topics in the Fashion Industry(Cecilio, 2015). Thus the research will try to explore the opportunities & thereby recommend steps toward building a sustainable business proposal.

Research Review

The app that is being perceived, is a combination of both social media & a typical selling channel for the fashion Industry. While the application needs to have a robust platform, it also needs to have extremely efficient security protocols that would enable data security & give confidence to the users. The app also aims to give the flexibility of snapping some pictures & posting it in the profile without affecting the fringe rights of the sellers on the websites. Hence this modular feature should be well integrated into the application platform. There needs to be a separate expert section, where the fashion Industry experts will interact & suggest the latest brands. While developers will be focused on developing the app, the marketing arm of the L’Armoire should devise strategies which would be instrumental in distributing the app & thereby attract more visits & downloads. As per different researchers, the success behind any app is the combination of a seamless experience along with the right strategies to promote the app at the right time, place &right channels(Varshneya, 2013). The research has also revealed the areas of focus for the app, which highlights the fact that m-commerce sales through mobile app are set to increase by a whopping 43% by the end of 2020. As per the research firm, IbisWorld, the female clothing market has seen the second highest increase in sales in the UK Market when it comes to sales through the different e-commerce channels whereas the menswear section has recorded the highest sales percentage in the time period of 2011 to 2015. As per the estimate of the same research firm, the sales of Menswear through the e-commerce channels are set to increase by a CAGR of 14.3% globally(, 2016). As per the Digital marketing specialist, DigitasLBi, the buying behavior, especially for clothing & fashion wear, is influenced by various channels. In the year 2014, people used to take help of on an average of 2.8 devices for making a purchase decision, whereas now individuals are using at least 5 devices while making a purchasing decision(Mohr, 2013).

Analysis of Research/ Data

As per the research review & data collected, it is evident that there need to be separate five vertical modules & each module would be able to interact with each other seamlessly.

Application & Evaluation

The app modularity structure as perceived is shown in the figure below:

                   Fig: Modular Structure (A Designer Perception) of the App

The Strategies for Promoting the App

The app as described by the requirements should be an Online Platform that will facilitate buying, comparison, opinion gathering, blog writing, social media interaction, and expert interaction modules. However, the success of the app will depend on the willful execution of the strategies. At first, the focus should be given to the KPIs that are relevant to the APP market in the context of the industry & the segment in which the app needs to be opened. Before launching the app, it should be taken care that dedicated resources in the form of websites, servers, hardware & software are being allocated for the seamless experience by the users in their first use only(Fong, et al., 2015). Thirdly one should avoid being pulled in different directions and rather focus on the specific target market & segments as identified through the secondary research. A mobile marketing expert needs to be identified for being a successful launch partner. That mobile marketing expert should also be responsible for correcting the glitches & for maintenance of the app platform. The last objective should be to market the seamless experience of the users rather than focusing on the marketing of the app itself(Gazdecki, 2016). 

Academic students feel pressurized because of their assignment writing tasks as they are required to structure the assignments as per the university guidelines. Moreover, the assignments should always carry relevant and accurate information. Students seek project proposal homework help because they lack time to complete their university paperwork within the hand-in date. They contact our experts with a common request ‘do my project proposal assignment ’ because they know that our writers can make their assignment worthy of high distinction grades. My Assignment Services makes sure that all academic documents made by our experts are plagiarism-free and error-free. We also cater free revision service to our customers. My Assignment Services is regarded as the best project proposal assignment writing service as our expert writers provide top-notch help to students. We deliver students with highly organized and structured assignment solutions. Our primary focus is to provide high distinction grades to students in their academic paperwork. Do not waste your time and avail qualitative assignment writing help from our experts.


Bhardwaj, V. & Fairhurst, A., 2010. Fast fashion: response to changes in the fashion industry. The International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research, pp. 165-173. Cecilio, D., 2015. E-commerce is changing the fashion industry – it's time to catch up. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 6 June 2017].

Fong, N., Fang, Z. & Luo, X., 2015. Geo-Conquesting: Competitive Locational Targeting of Mobile Promotions. Journal of Marketing Research, 52(5), pp. 726-735. Gazdecki, A., 2016. 10 New App Marketing Strategies. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 6 June 2017].

Mohr, I., 2013. The Impact of Social Media on the Fashion Industry. Journal of Applied Business and Economics vol, 15(2), pp. 17-22. Pani, A. & Sharma, M., 2012. Emerging Trends in Fashion Marketing: A Case Study of Apparel Retailing in India. International Journal of Business and Management Tomorrow (IJBMT), 2(10), pp. 1-8. Varshneya, R., 2013. 4 Essentials for Successful Mobile Apps. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 6 June 2017]., 2016. 5 Upcoming Trends for the Digital Fashion Industry. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 6 May 2017].

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