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For starters, you get up to $50 discount and a host of guarantees, when you choose an MAS Certified Expert to help you with your assignment work. The guarantees are backed with the ingenuity of our service and proud insignia “10 Years Excellence Badge” in academic writing.

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We only charge a nominal fee of 7% to connect students with top-tier experts. Enjoy premium professional services at a fraction of the standard prices.

Lit Academic Resources

My Assignment Services Certified Experts team not only comprises PhD holders but also talented graduates who have high accomplishments and mastered academic writing. They are well-versed with all types of scholarly texts - descriptive, analytical, persuasive and critical.

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MAS certified experts always deliver beyond what is expected. Their superlative intellectual skills and quality have rewarded them thousands of Five Star ratings by students worldwide.

Guaranteed Learning Outcomes

Do you want to develop transferable skills that will help you become further employable? Enrol into our highly engaging and interactive conferences, workshops, and seminars, which are globally attended by scholars, professionals and even the general public.

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We understand that you want to be heard. Claim this opportunity to chat with real experts to obtain friendly advice from our team.

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Have a query on your assignment order? We will respond to it bang on. Our expert will keep you updated with the progress of your assignment work via the student portal.

How Do We Hire MAS Certified Experts to
Deliver Phenomenal Service Experience?

We strive hard to hire subject matter specialists who have a strong base of principles of science and scientific methods, extensive knowledge of their areas of specialization, who are sufficiently motivated to learn continually, and handle new challenges every day.

Profile Scrutiny

We cross-check their portfolio with our predefined eligibility list. Extra points are rewarded for technical and non-technical scholarly projects. Only the most talented, passionate and accomplished candidates qualify for further rounds.

Sample Evaluation

The most-recent academic work of the candidates is assessed, which allows us to understand the level of diction, terminology, and phrases used.

Personal Interview

The most-recent academic work of the candidates is assessed, which allows us to understand the level of diction, terminology, and phrases used.

Reference Checks

We read through the reviews from their past clients and colleagues and see what it’s like to work with them

Written Test

It comprises two components. Section One examines their English language competency and aptitude in research. Whereas, Section Two includes questions purely from their subject expertise.

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