University professors generally want to know from the students what an Executive Summary is all about.  Its definition is simple but writing a precise summary of a report can be a challenging task. An Executive summary is a critical section of your report or assignment, which is produced for the purpose of displaying an entire document in a clear-cut and condensed manner. This is done so that when professors read it, they get all the important information about your document, without having to go through it all. Thus, the main motive of this blog is to provide you with a successful Executive summary format, which can guide, and enable you to write a flawless and to-the-point briefing of academic documents. It will not only help you get high scores but also, you will save time and effort that can be utilized for other important tasks as well.

Executive Summary vs Abstract: Know the Basic Differences


Students often get confused between an Executive summary and an abstract. That is okay, and we will help you to know a few basic differences between them. But, let us first understand how they are similar in nature. The purpose of both, the summary and abstract are the same, i.e., to provide a precise understanding of your entire document in a short statement. Also, they are placed at the beginning of a write-up, which means that they are independent elements and do not form a part of their main body. An abstract is usually short in length, which could be only up to ten lines long. It is generally used to provide an overview of a medium-length academic document for a reader. This enables him to quickly ascertain the document’s purpose. An Executive Summary, on the other hand, is comparatively longer than an abstract and covers a little more than one page. It is a highly condensed form of your entire work and is used in full-length documents.

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Steps for Writing an Executive Summary for a Report

An academic write-up such as a report, is a long document that comprises of large sections pertaining to a topic. To help a reader easily understand it in a short and accurate manner, an executive summary is written to deliver the same purpose. But how do you draft a perfect summary that keeps him interested in studying it until the end? To answer this question, we have listed a few steps that have successfully guided hundreds of students in writing their business report executive summary. These steps together become a universally acceptable format for your summary:

  1. Start With the Subject Matter and Define: for what purpose you are writing this report. You can also write what it provides a reader with apart from its purpose. An essential way to start a summary is to briefly about the background of the problem.
  2. Methods of Analysis: In this part, you will talk about the most appropriate methods that have been used in the analysis of your report. There can be more than one method, but they all must aim towards a report’s goals.
  3. Findings: Next, you will show a few key findings from your analysis. Try not to copy them straight from its main body. Simply paraphrase them in a condensed form. You will understand this better after reading the Executive summary template provided below.
  4. Problem Solution: In the previous section, you must have found out various challenges and problems to your topic. So, to address them, you will define a few appropriate measures and solutions to counter those concerns.
  5. Recommendations and Conclusions: The second last part of your summary shall include a writer’s point of view of his recommendations apart from the problem solution. You are free to write anything, provided that they are relevant to the problem.
  6. Limitations: You can end an executive summary with recommendations and conclusions. But some students also prefer to add a few limitations to their report at the end of their summary. Just three to five lines will prove sufficient for this section.

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Executive Summary Sample

To help you better understand the above steps, My Assignment Services brings you a sample of an executive summary. It will give you a clear vision of what a summary should look like. Moreover, you can also follow these steps, even if you have already written it, and still want to improve its effectiveness. With the help of this sample, we are sure that you will be able to produce an excellent grade level of work that should easily fetch you better grades and improve your academic performance. This summary is written to find a connection between work design and employee innovation. Studies show that there is a positive relationship between employee innovation and task performance. It is written exactly as per the guidelines of the student’s university. Once you read it, you will understand that it follows all the steps mentioned above in a clear and concise manner.

Executive Summary Work design is referred to as the process of defining the way work will be performed and the tasks that will be required in a given job. The purpose of this report is to find a relationship between work design and employee innovation. An array of studies has shown a positive relationship between employee innovation and task performance. However, the traditional view of task performance focuses mainly on what is within an employee’s work description, without taking into account an employee’s non-explicit contribution to an organization. This report follows the understanding that CERA is looking to free the potential of their employees and allow innovative employee thinking within and beyond their work descriptions. There is therefore a need to redefine the work design in the various departments within CERA so as to foster innovative thinking. This is a work redesign. This report will take a look at the work redesign options available to CERA, particularly focusing on Rachael Amaro’s drafting department. This report finds that the mechanistic approach is best suited for Rachael’s drafting department, because it is the most relevant approach, making it the best suited for ensuring employee innovation in Rachael’s drafting department.

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You can ask an Executive Summary Report Writing Service to assist or provide you with well-written academic documents. My Assignment Services is an affordable place where you will find such assistance. We have a dedicated team of academic experts who write such summaries for students across various colleges and universities in Australia. They follow all the steps properly, stick to the format and guidelines of your report, and deliver top-quality executive summaries to your doorstep. Their work is 100% authentic, plagiarism-free, and content-error-free. To get a flawless Executive Summary for your reports, you can contact our team via phone and email. They are available 24*7 to assist with academic issues.  

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