The unit CHCECE024 is based on the skills and knowledge educators must have to develop, implement and analyse the academic learnings of foster children’s learning and academic development. Studying this unit is especially important for educators working in various child education sectors.

Foster care is a responsibility that must be well received and practised with utmost dedication. In the chcece024 unit, you will learn to compose the curriculum and materials to monitor every step of children’s education that supports sustained overall collaborative learning.

Studies by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) show in 2019-2020, over 174,000 Australian children were under child protection services or out of home care, making it 31 per 1000 children.

Students have to collect data through various resources to monitor and evaluate children’s curriculum-based and extracurricular learning through verified strategies. Also, ensuring that the marking criteria and evaluation in the curriculum are based on learning experiences that abide by the service protocols.

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what are some of the issues aboriginal students face

What is Service Philosophy, and How Does it Influence the Curriculum Design?

Service philosophy and curriculum design are important FAQs for students who seek chcece024 assessment answers. A declaration of philosophy guides every part of the service’s functioning. The goal and values under which the organisation operates are outlined in a signed affidavit of the service philosophy. It must also contain all the statutes of the National Standard Framework, the concerned National Laws, and the government approved framework of the institution.

It aids educators in examining the company’s learning approach, growth, and welfare when used in conjunction with the Certified Education Model. It serves as guidelines for all aspects of a service's functions and processes and a framework for rules and statutes.

The latest edition of the service philosophy must be in action for all services and periodically revised by the national education board. The service philosophy should be hed in the induction of new employees, and the enrollment and recruitment of new families is an effective means of expressing it.

Out of all the children in foster care, almost half of the country’s indigenous children population (over 40%) is under State care.

Kelso Lawyers, 2022

The objectives and characteristics of service are shaped by a well-written service philosophy, which plays a significant role in curriculum planning. It helps build a consistent self-evaluation practice and ongoing progress, whether it’s an educational brand. The service philosophy assists stakeholders in addressing issues such as the sort of child care necessary, educational scopes for children, and the curriculum’s impact on children.

Conducting a chcece024 case study will help you plan the curriculum that can be well implemented and covers all the required knowledge that the student must possess at a certain grade. A centralised curriculum helps provide educators with a verified education program that is dependable and can be used by multiple institutions. Still, there are various scopes for modifying a curriculum; we’ll discuss that in the next sections.

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How Will You Reflect the Philosophy, Policy, and Procedures in Your Curriculum Planning?

The curriculum design process is based on decision making for the basic learning areas, the necessity of learning them, and a structure to align the teaching and learning operations. The current curriculum must be referred to decipher the need for modification and available materials. For general education purposes, the syllabus to be implemented for each subject is often centralised based on the national curriculum guidelines. Such practice is called a broad curriculum framework.

The current policy for foster care in Australia emphasises children’s association with their birth families whenever possible. Children are placed in-home care centres developed to help them reunite with their families. - Government of Australia

In schools, the development of courses and evaluation plans for different subjects falls under a broad curriculum framework. In classrooms, the detailed planning of learning concepts, respective classes for each subject and lesson chronology are major parts of a curriculum planning process. A curriculum must elaborate the concepts with an action plan since learning is incomplete without knowing the implementation; an education activity is considered aimless if it lacks practical implementation.

Also, for curriculum planning, some various concepts or ideas may be a debatable topic in the curriculum. Such areas require different approaches that can be used for including it in the program, like including it partially or creating a new curriculum. When seeking chcece024 assessment answers, the concept of service philosophy, curriculum planning/modification, and how educators can deal with the various school situations are most frequently asked and part of the case study you will have to conduct.

Identify the Methods that Can Enhance a Curriculum?

Programme improvement is based on existing terms of the curriculum and requires changes suggested by the teachers. Adding teaching activities to the curriculum is a common way for teachers to improve it. The upgrades are designed to assess and educate sufficient previous knowledge before a new assignment. To suit the requirements of students, teachers might employ a range of learning resources and approaches, such as interactive learning.

Curriculum alteration is different from curriculum improvement; it is a more drastic change to the existing curriculum structure than an upgrade. Adjustments include content changes, theoretical difficulties, learning objectives, teaching methods, and bridging the existing curriculum for students' active participation in the learning system.

According to Australian National University, Over 70% of children in Australia (aged 15 to 18 years) reported having symptoms of worsening mental health during the Covid crises in 2020.

The recent socio-cultural trends have influenced the curriculum changes due to the inclusion of various cultural groups and the modification of knowledge to fit society’s current ideas. For example, women’s rights in the eighteenth century are different from the same concept society's current dissimilar changes must be made in the education curriculum as it is the basis of education.

You can also refer to the attached assignment sample and chcece024 case study to learn more about these concepts.

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