Marketing is a subject that deals with the identification, anticipation, and satisfaction of consumer requirements profitably. It is a set of activities that consists of processes for the creation, communication, delivery, and transacting of offerings that are valuable for consumers, clients, and society at large. There are some key components of marketing that are often asked in marketing assignments. If you know these key components of marketing, you won’t really require marketing assignment help from the internet. So let us quickly discuss the key components of marketing.

  1. Market Research

    You have to do market research in order to create an efficient marketing plan. You should be able to analyze the market or industry and identify the target audience, the market size, and current trends in order to focus your marketing plan to give results.

  2. Target Market

    If you have figured out your target market, you will be able to identify your target audience concisely. The target market should be segregated into at least two different genres.

  3. Positioning

    You have to identify your brand’s position in the market. Consumer’s perception of your brand is very important. You can work towards changing the perception from bad to good or from good to better only when you know the position of your brand in the market.

  4. Competitive Analysis

    You need to carefully observe and analyze your competitors. Knowing the ins and outs of your competitors can help you make effective marketing and business decisions.

  5. Budget

    You need to develop a budget plan for your marketing activities. You have to analyze the cost of your marketing activities and the returns on investment to figure out which activity is worth doing and which ones aren’t.

Marketing Management as a Subject

Marketing is a vast subject. It encompasses various fields of contemporary and traditional marketing techniques. The application of marketing in the real world is huge. This is the reason why universities all over the world are putting special emphasis on marketing assignments. These assignments are devised to bring out the student’s understanding of different theoretical concepts, methodologies, and practical skills they have learned from undertaking marketing as a course. Assignments are an important component in deciding overall grades for students pursuing university degrees. If the assignments are poorly written, the chances of achieving high distinction at the completion of the degree go down. Often students are unable to give complete attention to these assignments. Also, the majority of the students attempting marketing assignments often are unable to complete them on time and lose out on marks for late submission. This can happen because of various reasons like multiple assignments at once, lack of time, lack of motivation, procrastination, part-time jobs etcetera. My Assignment Services has been providing impeccable marketing assignment help for almost a decade now. Our team of marketing subject matter experts is well-versed in university requirements and marking rubrics. They understand the value of original and error-free assignments. We also have a team of quality analysts dedicated to checking the assignments for the minutest of errors and plagiarism. We employ Plagiarism to check all assignments for plagiarism, as Plagiarism is a software recommended by universities all around the globe, to check an assignment for plagiarism. Take a look at the below sample of marketing assignments to understand how My Assignment Services approaches a marketing assignment.

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Assignment Task

WE ALREADY SELECTED OUR PRODUCT AND WE GAVE YOU PPT OF OUR PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Your task is to write an INDIVIDUAL report of no more than 2000 words on the second part of the marketing plan for the new product you chose for Assessment 1 from the website Changing the product will not be allowed at this stage. Your assignment should be an application of relevant marketing concepts learned until Week 12. There is no need to go into details about explaining marketing concepts, rather it should be an applied discussion in the case of the new product. You can use the example given on pages 77-81 in the marketing textbook as a guide. However, you are highly recommended to check other sources for examples of marketing plans.

Assignment Solution



Introduction Hublot Watch Company was founded in 1980, by Carlo Crocco, and the watches were designed with a gold finish, and use of natural rubber in the strap. Since, then innovation and fusion of different arts have become the key driving force of the company (Watches in Australia, 2017). The company is a renowned brand in the luxury wristwatch segment. Hublot Big Bang Blue is a limited edition exclusive collection of 100 splendid watches. The paper provides an overview of the marketing plan of Hublot Big Bang Blue Watches.

Steps in Writing a Marketing Plan A marketing plan can be described as a document that includes the advertising and all the marketing efforts planned by the company for the coming year. The plan will briefly describe the current marketing situation, and discuss the target markets, segmentation, positioning, and briefly describe the marketing mix to be used by the company so as to achieve the marketing goals. The marketing plan will include a situational analysis, which will describe the current situation of the company; it will include an analysis of the strengths, weaknesses challenges, and opportunities for the company or product. The situational analysis will also include the competitor analysis. The next step is describing the target audience. The target audience will include the consumers segmented as per demographics or any other characteristics. For the luxury watch segment, the target audience will be preferably the elite population and the higher middle class. The next step will discuss the marketing and financial goals, it is important to ensure that the goals are SMART (Binkley, 2009). The next step will include strategies and tactics. It will constitute a major part of the plan and will describe the strategies to be used by the company to achieve the goals, and also entail the tactics to be used to implement the strategies. Finally, the plan will discuss the costs associated with the implementation of the plan. Thus, the marketing plan will analyze the current situation and devise strategies to achieve the marketing objectives while managing the budget.

SWOT Analysis Strengths Hublot is a luxury watch company and innovation is the biggest strength of the company. The company designs and manufactures some of the most exclusive and classic designs, and the limited edition big bang blue watches are considered as priced possessions. The company is admired for the fusion of innovation with precious metals and articles (Binkley, 2009). Hublot has developed a niche market. A major strength of the company is its marketing campaigns and associations with the sports events which increases brand awareness and enhances brand image. A big product portfolio is one of the biggest strengths of Hublot Big Bang Watches (Watches in Australia, 2017).

Weaknesses The company does not have global visibility and the operations of the company are limited to some 40 countries worldwide (Yeo, 2017). Another major weakness of Hublot is that it does not use an aggressive marketing strategy to increase brand visibility as compared to other luxury brand watches.

Opportunities Hublot Big Bang Blue watches have several opportunities in emerging economies, with the increasing as the developing markets have shown positive signs for the luxury watch market. Moreover, Hublot can gain new markets by increasing virtual visibility and making its products online (Yeo, 2017). Moreover, Hublot's recent plans to increase the number of luxury boutiques will provide opportunities for expansion. Despite stiff competition, there is the absence of a monopoly in the luxury watch market.

Threats The biggest threat for any business is competition, and Hublot faces stiff competition from other brands like Rolex, Tag Heuer, Calvin Klein, and others. Moreover, the fake watch industry that produces copies of luxury watches and sells them at cheaper prices is also a threat to Hublot's Big Bang Blue Watch Company.

Competitor Analysis Hublot Blue Bang Watch faces stiff competition from other companies in the luxury watch section like Tag Heuer, Casio, Calvin Klein, Fossils, Timex, and others, however, Hublot faces cutthroat competition with Rolex (Yeo, 2017). Rolex is a renowned luxury watch company founded in 1908, and since, then Rolex has been focusing on designing innovative watches, that are exclusive in design, style, and provide a style statement.

Promotion The competitors of Hublot Big Bang Blue are big names in the luxury watch section. The biggest strengths of the companies like Rolex and others are that they have adopted aggressive marketing models, and have been associated with sports and other endorsements. However, recently, Hublot Big Bang has also started associations with sports and other events to increase brand visibility.

Product The product portfolio of Hublot is bigger than that of Rolex. The other competitors have been focusing on features like dust resistance and water resistance, Hublot has managed to focus on introducing better grip watch strips with the mixture of metal and rubber. Hublot has introduced many lines under the Big Bang name, like Big Bang Black, Big Bang Rose Gold, and the latest Big Bang Blue. The other product features are more or less the same.

Price Luxury watch companies have either adopted a competitive price model or a high pricing model. The prices of the Rolex and Hublot watches are more or less similar with very small or negligible price differences (Yeo, 2017).

Place While Hublot mainly operates through its own boutiques, Rolex and other brands have successfully established their stores in many countries worldwide and have increased their network by associating with other watch-selling companies. Moreover, other brands are available online on big online shopping sites like Amazon and Flipkart (Lankarni, 2013).

Mission Hublot’s Mission Statement is “Be First, Be Different, Be Unique” (Hublot, 2016). The company follows the mission statement and with the help of a fusion of different art designs some of the exclusive and unique collections in the luxury watches industry.

Marketing Objectives Marketing objectives can be described as SMART goals that are achievable and measurable. Currently, the company has not explored the developing economies; hence, it is important for the company to devise a plan for entering into the developing economies (Kaho, 2016). The following are 2 major marketing objectives of Hublot Big Bang Blue.

  1. To increase its virtual presence. The company will start its online operations, by giving exclusive rights to its limited edition collection to a particular online partner. Hublot can partner with big online stores like Amazon to exclusively sell its products. In next 6 months, Hublot should start its online operations. Later, Hublot can also start online selling from its own virtual stores.
  2. Hublot is the official timekeeper of the Football World Cup, and Formula1, and has been associated with some popular film actors for brand endorsements. In the next six months, Hublot must host some sports events, and associate as official sponsors of NBA leagues, so as to increase brand visibility and enhance brand image.
  3. Since Hublot only sells its watches through its own stores, it should also merge with certain other watch-selling boutiques to increase brand visibility. In the next 6 months, Hublot Big Bang Blue should be available in elite watch stores.

Financial Objectives The following three financial objectives are set that are to be achieved by Hublot Big Bang Blue in the next 6 months:

  1. A major financial objective achievable in 6 months is to produce a clear and realistic forecast. Due to aggressive marketing, the projections are generally not aligned with reality and hence, it is important to have clear and realistic projections that are achievable in a given time.
  2. Another major financial objective is to increase the current revenue by 2 % in the next 6 months
  3. Increasing the revenue via virtual selling, and online selling.

Marketing Mix It includes the 4 Ps of Marketing Mix which includes, the product, place, price, and promotion (H, 2017). The marketing mix of Hublot Big Bang Blue watches is as follows Product: Hublot is a luxury watch brand founded in 1980, since then, it has been using innovative techniques for the convenience of its users. It presents a great combination of design, classic looks, and the most efficient strap of a sports watch. It has a bigger product portfolio and mainly includes limited edition watches. Hublot Big Bang Blue is a 100 limited edition watches exclusive collection. Place: Hublot Big Bang Blue Watches are sold through directly through showrooms and designer boutiques. However, these watches will now be sold via authentic dealerships, and by partnering with online stores for launching the exclusive collection. Promotion: digital marketing will be used extensively, to increase the visibility and target young users who are creating a new niche market. Social media marketing through, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites will be included in the marketing strategy (Corinani, 2006). Price: The Hublot Big Bang Watches are premium priced and since they are limited edition watches, the prices are even higher.

Digital Marketing Communications Plan Objectives: The objectives of a place-specific digital communication plan are to increase visibility in the virtual space, by adopting different places like social media emails, and websites (Corinani, 2006). Hublot has a personal website and can use digital marketing to increase the number of viewers by first launching exclusive collections on the internet along with other campaigns. Moreover, Hublot can ask for suggestions to engage customers to improve their products and provide proper feedback. Hublot can also target social media, by including some contests or allowing the consumers to provide their feedback for improvements. Also playing social media games will increase brand awareness and loyalty. Hublot can also use emails for sending direct emails to its elite customer base and their contacts, about the launch of exclusive watches, and the events sponsored, and some elite customers should be sent passes so that they attend the events (Ghosh & Stock, 2017).

Action Programs to Achieve Objectives Marketing Objectives: To increase its virtual presence, Hublot Big Bang Blue Watches will partner with leading online stores like Amazon or exclusively sell online and launch some exclusive limited edition collections online, especially during some festivals or sports events. Hublot should approach Amazon to sell their watches online and by the next six months sign a deal. Amazon has an established network and it is easier to sell on already established networks than selling by establishing own networks. Also, to increase brand visibility, Hublot will also sell its limited edition watches like Big Bang Blue and other exclusive collections by increasing its reach with the help of authenticated dealers. Thus, Hublot can enter emerging economies through authenticated dealership selling. To increase brand visibility and sales, Hublot will engage in sponsorship activities to become global sponsor of NBA leagues. Financial Objectives: The best available forecasting tools and software will be used for forecasting realistic goals and projections so that the designed goals are achievable. Increasing brand visibility and extending selling practices by partnering with online stores and online selling along with increased authenticated dealerships will help in increasing the revenue and sales by 2% from the previous year. Using the digital marketing communication plan and increasing virtual presence, organizing online events, and sponsoring some online events will help in increasing visibility, and moreover, online selling will also increase revenue.

Implementation and Control of Marketing Plan The implementation phase includes ensuring that the action programs designed to achieve the marketing and other objectives are implemented properly. The implementation phase requires full support from the middle-level managers, so as to ensure that the programs are well executed. Managers must ensure that there is effective communication between teams for better flow of information. It is important to ensure that the resources required to implement the plan are available (Martin, 2007). The monitoring and control phase will allow the managers to monitor the processes and control the action programs and different activities associated with it. The managers will ensure that the employees undertake the action programs and ensure that all the steps in the implementation phase are well-executed (Martin, 2007). The managers should compare the actual values with planned values at every stage so as to determine the deviations which can be either controlled or an explanation for deviation can be provided.

Conclusion Hublot is a renowned name in the luxury segment of watches. It has been associated with various sports events and has even partnered as an official time partner in different sports events. The paper presents the marketing plan for Hublot Big Bang Blue, and recommends, that Hublot start its online sales and maximize reach by online selling and authenticated dealership.

References Corinani, M. (2006). Digital Marketing Communication. SYMPHONYA Emerging Issues in Management, 2, 41-61. H, B. (2017). Marketing91. Retrieved September 28, 2017, from Hublot. (2016). Hublot. Retrieved September 28, 2017, from Kaho, M. (2016). Chron. Retrieved September 28, 2017, from Lankarni, N. (2013). New York Times. Retrieved September 28, 2017, from 2017). Retrieved 21 August 2017, from Watches in Australia. (2017). Retrieved 21 August 2017, from Martin, D. (2009). The entrepreneurial marketing mix.Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal,12(4), 391-403. Yeo, K. (2017). Hublot Big Bang Blue Watch | aBlogtoWatch. aBlogtoWatch. Retrieved 21 August 2017 Ghosh, B., & Stock, A. (2017).Advertising effectiveness, digital video recorders, and product market competition. Retrieved 21 August 2017 Binkley, C. (2007, May 03). Style -- fashion journal: luxury goods without the luxury service; are upscale retailers losing sight of what draws their loyal customers? Wall Street Journal retrieved from https://search-proquest-com.Ezproxy.Cqu.Edu.Au/docview/399049633?Accountid=10016

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