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An exclusive accounts manager to track your assignment schedule, study the rubrics and ensure HD papers for each coursework module.

Free Revisions

Keep'em working and revising till you are fully satisfied. Five star rated Subject Matter experts at your service all the time.

Choose Your Writer

You are free to evaluate our on board team of best native Australian Experts and choose a writer to your liking. Heck Again! Change them anytime you want.

After Sales Support

You are entitled to a dedicated after sales support even after up to 72 hours of your assignment submissions.

Free Assignment Samples

Request our concierge services for FREE Assignment Samples to comprehend your assignment learning outcomes.

Exclusive Content Only

Your papers will include research references from exclusive digital libraries and flawless lexical writing.

Numbers Don’t Lie

The Exclusive Club Membership is by Invite Only. Limited Seats Available

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How do we ensure Rubric Centred Papers for Premium Members.


External Analysis

When the writer completes the assignment, it is then evaluated for external factors of the assignment such as the word count limit has been matched, the key points of the assignment question has been addressed and if the correct referencing style has been used or not.

Proofreading 1.0

Post External Analysis, the first team of proof readers will receive the assignment. The paper will be run through automatic grammar tools like Grammarly Premium and Paper Rater Premium. These online tools will check your assignment, analyse it with their database and suggest changes. The team makes the suggested changes in the file and clears it from the next stage of quality check.

Proofreading 2.0

We can only rely so much on the online tools. But the knowledge and skill of humans can never be surpassed by machines. Especially in a tricky area like the lexicals and grammar. Hence, a team of edified expert proof readers will assess your assignment with a careful scrutiny and make any changes that need to be done.

PhD Scholar Check

Though all the assignments are written by PhD and 5-star rated experts, we want everything to be perfect. That is why we have placed a dedicated PhD scholar team at a quality check station to grade your assignment for the content quality and to ensure tat learning outcomes are comprehensively justified in your papers. The PhD scholars will analyse if the key arguments are clearly explained, the references are used correctly and that the assignment solution presents a detailed research perspective and adeptly adheres t the Rubrics Index.

OK Tested

The final step of this quality check is when a team of experts check the formatting of the assignment. The formatting includes details like margin gap, the orientation of the pages, page number position and style, the font style, the font size, the alignment of the headings, the line spacing, etc. Once done, the team sends the file to your portfolio manager.


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About MAS Premium Club

The Premium Assignment club is a bespoke academic service made available to only our premium clients. As a club member you will be entitled to premium rewards, exclusive discounts and guaranteed HD Grades. Only the best academic experts will cater to your academic needs and YOU will have the option to switch your experts any time you want.

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