What Are the Current Issues In Nursing Career?

March 28, 2022
Author : Keith Morris

Nursing is a career that can be both rewarding and demanding. If you’re pursuing a nursing degree, you might be familiar with nurses’ various challenges in the industry. From long shift hours to career hazards, the challenges in this field are many, yet it is a gratifying career. Hundreds if not thousands of students enrol in the nursing program every year.

It requires utmost professionalism and dedication to the field to keep up with the busy schedule. Nurses are like the backbone of the healthcare industry as they provide hospitals and healthcare facilities with the assistance needed to monitor patients 24/7. They are the bridges that connect the doctors and patients. Tending to the patients’ overall condition and recording their health progress is the role that nurses fulfil daily.

But, what are the impacts that the current socio-culture trends have on the healthcare industry and the nursing profession? Let’s discuss some of the challenges they face due to the changes in society and how nursing students can avail themselves of the benefits from such changes.

nursing trends in 2022

Nursing Trends in 2022

Trends are a recurring part of the changes we witness in our society, culture, and time. It is a part of the modernisation of various aspects of society and is also responsible for the evolution of technology. An innovation that was just a trend someday has the potential to become the next big thing.

In honour of the pivotal roles nurses and
midwives serve in care provision, the World
Health Organization has named 2020 “Year
of the Nurse and Midwife.”

Similarly, healthcare has changed a lot over the years, with the latest technologies, new procedures and dedicated departments like chaplaincy, microbiology, ect. Trends may be short-lived or revolutionary, yet we can’t help following them. The healthcare industry has evolved through the years, and the new age technology in the sector has gone through drastic changes; here are the top trends of 2022:

Online Nursing Courses

Since the covid crises, all the academia shifted to online mediums. Both students were forced to learn online from the most theory-based courses to courses requiring practical skills. Online nursing courses are the need of the hour so students can get an education and graduate despite gaps in effective practical learning.

Employment Rate Growth

Due to the covid, demand for healthcare professionals increased rapidly, especially the shortage of nurses, have given rise to new employment opportunities. The increase in demand for nurses will keep increasing in times to come as various hospitals already lack employees regardless of covid.

Increased Salary

According to U.S. News & World Report news surveys, nursing was ranked the thirteenth most in-demand profession worldwide. There are several reasons for the same, but an increased demand resulted in increased pay. Hence, nursing has become one of the most sought professions; especially travel nurses get paid hourly/weekly.

Chat/Call Healthcare Services

Another trend pushed forward by the covid as the paranoia of infection resulted in people seeking relief through online mediums. The lockdown forced people to do things from the safety of their homes, and chat/call healthcare services were of great relief for people.

Holistic Care

Nurses who pursue holistic nursing associate with the sick to encourage overall health improvement and wellbeing. Such nursing practice is based on the idea that the patient’s physical, societal, mental, and spiritual well-being are connected. Such attributes combine to create unique individuals. It also aims at providing custom care by addressing each individual’s personalised needs.

Health Informatics

In today’s world of medicine, technology is ubiquitous, and digital dependence has accelerated during the covid crisis in 2020. Nurses nowadays use a variety of technology-driven ways to improve their productivity, such as Electronic Documentation to monitor medical histories and AI Beds to improve healthcare placement.

These are a few of the technological and social trends needed of the hour or the basis for future trends. Other nursing trends like cost-effectiveness in healthcare, geriatric nurses and late retiring age for nurses have also been in practice for a while now. These current issues in nursing careers are beneficial for the healthcare industry and students who plan to enrol in the nursing graduate program.

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What is the Most Relevant Future Trend in Nursing?

The notion of healthcare is continually changing. It is perhaps clearer in nursing when technological advancements, state rules, and the latest medical procedures have combined to transform the way patients are monitored. The current issues in nursing careers are the basis for the trend yet to arrive.

The capacity to assist people through the new changes in the industry is crucial for professional nurses, including those with a postgraduate degree as the healthcare system prepares for a scarcity of experienced nurse managers. Knowing what healthcare trends are most likely to influence the development of nursing is necessary for this rapidly changing sector.

One should never miss a chance to encourage a
practical start, regardless of how tiny, because
something as small as a mustard seed takes
roots in the natural circumstances. Quotes by
Florence Nightingale, a famous nurse who lived
during the Victorian era.

Health informatics is also a growing sector as nurses are required to have technical skills to keep up with the requirements of monitoring and managing patient records on cloud services. Also, AI-nursing does not equate to robots replacing nurses; rather, artificial intelligence induced devices and softwares introduced in healthcare.

Roles requiring doctorates are among the expanded leadership prospects. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for professional nurses such as nurse anaesthetists, midwives, and practitioners are predicted to grow by 31 percent in 2014 - 2024, bringing 53,000 occupations to the industry.

What are the Latest Reforms in the Nursing Industry in Australia?

The Ministry of Health has also vowed to form a major stakeholder’s committee to help produce a Nurse Practice ten-year strategy, including one, three, five, and ten-year milestones. This strategy proposes a series of measures to resolve national registered nurse workforce concerns and improve nursing quality care for Australian citizens.

Many of the cleanliness and sanitation
procedures utilised in nursing theory may
be traced back to Florence Nightingale.
She also influenced the nurse’s outfit,
notably the hat.

The scope for advanced practice positions is clarified in professional nursing guidelines. Nurses, organisations, customers, and legislators now have a better knowledge of what registered nursing means in the Australian context, which helps to ensure national uniformity.

Additionally, giving comprehensive national strategy directives to enhance Australia’s rising maternity healthcare system, allowing for changes under current practice, research, and worldwide advancements. The maternity care system is moving to become more female centralised, so the demand for midwives is rising. The current issues in nursing careers are resolved and reform by the government to change the education system.

job opportunities in nursing

Current Issues in Nursing Career: Trends in the Education Sector

Various nurses aim to switch their profession as teachers while still practising; they can do this by enrolling in an online master’s program. Students can become used to online education and successful distance learning approaches due to technological improvements in the education sector. In the past few years, innovations in internet communication technology have contributed to the growth of telemedicine. Future nurses must be digitally sophisticated since data systems and innovations provide organisations with improving efficiency and uniformity across the healthcare networks.

The rise of variable job opportunities for nurses like travel nursing is the most prominent trend in the healthcare sector. Due to demand and the financial perks of travel nursing, many students aim to pursue the same. Travel nursing is becoming extremely prevalent. It allows nurses to travel across places with the highest medical needs while earning money. Initial nurses can explore clinical options while senior nurses can give their skills in times of crisis by being travel medical assistants. Nurse educators are also in high demand.

A phd in philosophy in nursing is a study
doctorate, or a phd in nursing care is the
current highest title in nursing and is accessible
to all nurses worldwide.

Along with nurse navigation, these are some of the most popular trends in the nursing field. Nursing navigators assist patients in navigating through the healthcare system by applying their medical training and managerial and professional skills. We can conclude that nurses are now required for more skills than just communication. They are required to have technical skills, and more experienced nurses can travel around the world to provide healthcare and leadership.

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