10 Steps Toward Better Research

December 14, 2020
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For writing- research skills are the least taught skills as professors comprehend their students to know it or figure out a way on their own. More to it, they will handover the student to the librarian to utilize the resources present in their library and then students are left with nothing but Wikipedia or assignment writer to get their research itinerary sorted. But, here are the strategies or the steps to be followed by the students to up their game of research by finding the right resources, organizing, and utilizing them to the best use. You can follow the tips given below and for professional research assignments take up the best assignment writer in Australia like the writing experts from My Assignment Services.

Steps Toward Better Research

Scheduling Is The Key To A Research Paper

Start by acknowledging that you have a research paper and further devise a series of benchmarks that you need to achieve and stick to it. You will have to spend some time in devising what all material is present out there. What resources are available in your library, then proceed by selecting the proper material, read out the selected material, make notes of it, and start by putting all your points and materials together. After this, perform a second shift of research to clarify all the queries that you had in formulating your first draft.

You Can Start With Wikipedia But Do Not End With It

Wikipedia is an amazing source to start your research, you can go for the related keywords of your topic and browse through some relevant links that are suggested on the page. You can also take up some notes from the page because the ultimate goal is to find a comprehensive overview of the subject that you are writing on. Wikipedia is preferred by assignment writer because of its hyperlinked nature but by the time you are beginning your writing, better resources should be in your way, and avoid citing Wikipedia in your paper.

Keep A Research Question Skimming In Your Mind

When you have a collection of data, your thesis should be a result of your research but you should have a working thesis which is a question to answer while performing your research. Whenever you come across a new question, ask yourself a question that suffices its relevancy, and anything that seems relevant but is not a material that answers your questions, discard it for your research paper. It is always better to have a lot of background material but more than what is required will always lead to wastage of time. Get a few background resources and then concentrate on getting the relevant answer to your research question.

Do Not Flood, Handle One Bit At A Time

Don’t think that you can handle that your entire subject can be tackled at once. Get the knack of your subject, enough that you can create an outline of the pieces that you need to understand and then work on them one by one. While writing your first draft, you will find that the pieces are interconnected.

Make Use Of A System

Make Use Of A System

You should have a plan of organizing your collected data like you can make use of a one-subject notebook. You can use computer systems for better research and build databases that can keep the information and also tons of software can help you in organizing your data and notes. No matter what system you choose, ensure that all of your quotes or facts are somehow linked to your source so that referencing while writing becomes a facile task.

About The Bibliographies

Usually, the academic writer are not highly creative with their titles, you will get to know about the content inside from the title. You can jot down all the bibliographies and soon you will have a long list of links and books that you can use to make your research paper stand out from others.

Get To Know Your Resources Well

There is no harm in spending some time getting to know your resources both online and offline. Get a tour of your library to know which resource is where and their relevancy to your subject, you can also get connected with a research librarian to get to know the repositories and periodicals which will be widely used in the course of writing your research paper. Many universities have subscriptions to academic databases that are accessible to students online. And, these are best when you strike something relevant in the middle of the night and you can log in, get a few journals printed, and use them wisely in your research paper.

There Is No Harm In Asking For Help

Make the best use of human resources available for you similar to how you use your material resources. Most of the professors spend their break time waiting for a student to drop in and get their queries and questions clarified. All you have to do is be that student! You can take their help in evaluating your resources and how the materials can be put to best use. Also, make librarians your best friend because they are the ones who are the key to your best sources of writing a research paper and you can get in touch with your fellow students to get some help.

Always Carry A Notebook And Pen With You

Your mind will start churning ideas while you are in the process of writing a research paper and you might end up getting amazing ideas at the most irrelevant times and places like in a shower or while laying on the bed when you are about to sleep. So, it is always advised to carry an idea book where you can pen down ideas as soon as they strike your mind. Jot down all the ideas that come your way so that your research paper is not devoid of an amazing segment.

Try To Keep Your Content Up To Date

It is completely fine to use older materials but you should always keep a check on the date of publication and try to utilize the materials that are not more than 10 years old. Here is a trick you can Google the name of researchers whose work you find relevant but the availability of the work is of old courses. Try to get to their homepages and check if you can find some new work on that particular field. YOu might find some books or research work that has been published lately by that research scholar and that can be a valuable addition to your research paper.

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