The Australian Aboriginals are a group of indigenous people of the mainland of Australia and many islands including Tiwi Islands, Fraser Island, Tasmania, Hinchinbrook Island, and Groote Eylandt but do not include Torres Strait Island. The Australian Aboriginals are encompassed with many distinct people developed over the past 50,000 years. This blog is about the impact of western systems and structures on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. You will learn about the different factors affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and their cultures.

Understand the term Aboriginal Australians

Ann Sulaiman, ex-professor (Indigenous Research Dept., Charles Darwin University) and an assignment help provider, has lectured in which she gives a new perspective based on traditional, urban, and Indigenous descent to categorize Aboriginal Australians. However, the term " Aboriginal" has changed from time to time and place to place with the importance of self-identification, family lineage, and community acceptance. Now, we are going to talk about the effects of western systems and structures that affect the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.

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Impact of European Settlement on Aboriginal Culture

From the time of the European invasion, government policies related to Australian Aboriginals have been developed and brought into action by non-Aboriginal people. Reconciliation, assimilation, self-determination, and protection are the few policies implemented for Aboriginals for their good. These policies have an impact on the Aboriginal culture of Australia. A few of them are illustrated below: The Continuing Impact of Settlement: It is an alternation of policy even when it addressed the problems raised in the past. The disadvantages like loss of cultural land are still experienced by Aboriginals. The availability of Western education, medical skills, and technology has increased contact with Anglo-Australian and the outside world. The increase of satellite communication and televisions in rural areas has somehow added pressure on the life of individuals. Effect on Traditional Authority: It has been noticed that the Aboriginal customary rules and traditional authority are affected markedly by dispossession and settlement process. The key reason behind the disruption of traditional authority is deeper as compared those due to alcohol or mass media influences. The unknown Aboriginal customary laws are one of the most important factors too. Granting of land rights was seen as a revival for Aboriginal culture and tradition along with the outstation movement. European contact has indeed influenced Aboriginal society, culture, lives, laws, and their places in their community. Analysing Current Disadvantage: The degree of past separation and dispossession is all around archived, yet it is still more progressively tough to evaluate its effect on current neediness and inconvenience among across the board and different Aboriginal populations. Insights over poverty and disservice are deficient and a hesitance to gather and keep statistics distinguishing Aboriginals as different groups. Additionally, insights will help us to show the side effects, not causes, and assumptions that the result of outside elements can be termed as external factors on Aboriginal populaces.

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Aboriginal Development Commission, 1983

The Aboriginal Development Commission surveyed in June 1983 where they found that 6003 Aborigines were under the waiting list of housing organisation and an additional 2000 houses were about to house fringe-dwellers.

  • As per the 1981 census report, about 12.5% of Aborigines never went to school.
  • The Aboriginal unemployment rate is three times more than that of the non-Aboriginals.
  • Average life expectancy of Aboriginals is lower as compared to non-Aboriginals in
  • Also, the Aborigines are more in criminal statistics of Australia in terms of the rate of imprisonment and conviction.

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Impact of Colonisation on Australian Aborigines Culture

The Australian colonisation has an overwhelming effect on Torres Strait Islanders who are living in Australia for thousands of years. Before the British settlement, 500+ Indigenous groups were inhabited in Australia. The Indigenous cultures were developed over 50000 years ago which makes them the curator of the world's ancient living culture. Each Indigenous group used to live in a close relationship with their land.

Dispossession, Disease, and Conflict

It's assessed that the Australian Indigenous populace was decreased by 90%. This sensational populace decay was because of the following reasons:

  • New diseases were introduced in Australia
  • Procurement of Indigenous lands
  • The brutal clash between colonisers and indigenous

The prompt result of colonisation was an influx of plague illnesses like measles, smallpox, and flu that spread rapidly and eradicated a large number of Indigenous groups of people. Governor Arthur Phillip announced that smallpox had killed about 50% Indigenous people in Sydney within 14 months of its First Fleet.

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The Impact of History on Indigenous Lives

If we talk about Aboriginal dispossession history, then it is important to know the current relations between Aboriginal and Non-Indigenous. Aboriginals living in Australia experience some important impacts related to service delivery. They are: Living Skills Someone has truly said that life skill is a sense of security. Empowerment drivers such as education, recovery, culture, and employment include the concepts and philosophy of Living skills. The indigenous knowledge is important because it develops sustainable agriculture, conserving the environment, and assurance of food security and its protection manages the traditional lifestyles and practices. People living Emotional and Social Wellbeing The word emotional and social wellbeing are used among Australian Indigenous people to explain the emotional, social, cultural, and spiritual wellbeing of an individual. Indigenous peoples are emotionally affected by service delivery. As a nursing student, you would be given numerous assignments on this topic. To score well in these tasks, you can use our academic service, nursing assignment help. Experts are available 24*7 to provide you support with assignments on the emotional and well-being of Aboriginal and Torress Strait Islanders.

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