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The term Engineering is derived from the Latin words ingenium, meaning "cleverness" and ingeniare, meaning "to contrive, devise". Our experts share the opinion that, it is an extremely broad subject that encompasses a number of more specialized fields of engineering, like chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, marine engineering etc. Each in itself is very complex. Hence, the assignments pertaining to such subjects would also be challenging. That is the reason why students would require assignment help. Engineering assignments vary from a 500-word essay to a 20000-word long dissertation. Assignments in the subject of engineering could vary from a dissertation to an essay. This is where engineering assignment help comes into the picture.

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A Sample Question Solved by One of Our Engineering Assignment Expert Writers at My Assignment Services

Question 1: Choose a material for ALL of the applications below and explain your choice. In explaining your choice, relate the properties the application requires to the mechanical properties of your selected material. You can select a different material for each application:

  • Car Bumper Bar of a family car;
  • Floor of the passenger cabin of a commercial jet plane;
  • Window latches for a house near the sea;
  • A fuel tank for a car that uses hydrogen as fuel;
  • The crushing surface of a jaw crusher which is used to grind ore.

Answer: (Please note, this is only a part of the entire answer and not the entire answer itself)

  • Car Bumper Bar of a Family Car - The material suggested for car bumper bar is plastic, of ABS / PC ABS type that is blow molded or injection molded. The main purpose of a car bumper bar is to absorb shock or impact when the car is running at a low velocity. Plastics have the characteristics to absorb shock or load and minimize the impact of the effect and as well as they have the capacity to nullify or absorb the effect. (Materials for Automobiles, 2011)

Answer: (Please note, how our engineering assignment expert writer has answered this part of the question. It is crisp, to the point but addresses the entire question in detail.)

  • Floor of the passenger Cabin of a Commercial Jet Plane – The material suggested for this part is Rigid Polyurethane (PUR) Foams. This material has structure of closed –cell type that provide high – quality insulation performance and also possess the physical properties that enhance interior design of the plane. Some of the highlighting features of Rigid Polyurethane (PUR) Foam material are – higher temperature insulation performance, sustainability, reduction in air leakage, good sound barrier, and best performance in higher temperatures etc. (Elastopor and Autofroth Rigid Polyurethane (PUR) Foams, 2011)

Answer: (Our Engineering assignment help in Australia adheres to all the university guidelines and student requirements. As you can see, our writer has provided references for each part of the answer. We believe in a strict policy of no plagiarism and hence deliver to you original, unique assignments.)

  • Window Latches for a House Near the Sea – The material suggested for a window latch for a house that is located near the sea is stainless steel. One of the main reason for choosing stainless steel for this purpose is because it is rust resistant and corrosion resistant and also has a longer life when compared to latches made up of iron material. (Locklatch, 2017)

Sample Questions which are Dealt with by our Engineering Writing Services in Australia

Question 1: Carry out research or speak to a building surveyor (one who has also done development assessment) and ascertain what development/ building control legislation is relevant to your jurisdiction. Present this task as a list of the legislation under the headings of statute and subordinate legislation. You must use the correct form of legal referencing in your answer.

Question 2: Present a brief written account (200 words maximum), using an example to assist your explanation, about how you would use the main piece of building legislation listed in task 1 in your work as a building surveyor.

Question 3: Write a research proposal addressing the following

  • A research problem statement and objectives
  • Create Management questions (or Research questions or investigative questions) aimed to resolve or provide information aligned with the three objectives
  • Propose Research Design
  • State the sources of secondary data you would access to begin this research; why?
  • State the method of primary research method you would use; why?
  • Provide suggestions about how the information gained will be used to address the problem
  • Once completed, how will this information be presented to the management team? (Hint: Outline the structure of your group report).

Engineering Assigment Help

Job Titles

Our engineering assignment experts at My Assignment Services have compiled a list of job titles that one can obtain in the filed of engineering:

  • Entry Level Engineer
  • Frontend Engineer
  • Validation Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Design Engineer etc

Be it any field of engineering, we are among the top in providing quality help with engineering assignments online. We provide top-quality assignment help! We are one of the best engineering assignment help in Australia via live expert sessions.

Career Paths in Engineering

According to our writers at My Assignment Services, who are subject experts, there are a number of exciting opportunities to explore in the field of engineering:

Why do Students Require Engineering Assignment Help?

According to our panel of experts, students often wonder that, “I wish someone could do my engineering assignment” due to various reasons like:

  • Students find it difficult to complete various assignments in all the subjects. They often find it tough to meet the deadlines.
  • Students are not able to comprehend all the engineering assignment concepts which are mostly technical;
  • Most of the notions of the chosen area are too complex for students;

My Assignment Experts has engineering assignment experts with PhD degrees, thus, they can do any assignment, no matter tough it looks like!

  • Online Assignment Help

  • Custom Essay Help

  • Dissertation Writing Guidance

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3 Reasons Why A Career As An Engineer Is So Good


As a student aspiring to become an engineer, you will never fall short of options. There are plenty of fileds in which you can not only just pursue a specialization course but also a super-specialization course. For example, you can specialize as a mechanical engineer and super specialize in 'Nano Technology'. If you come across any difficulty in these assignments, always remember our engineering assignment writer will always help you out.

Immense Growth Opportunities

As an engineer, you will have plenty of growth opportunities says one of our experts. How? Well, most companies invest in their resources and provide them with time-to-time training and mentoring programs that will help them upgrade their knowledge and skills.

Different Opportunities

Our help with engineering assignments provides academic assistance at My Assignment Services means that everyday is different for an engineer. They work in different terrains like urban, rural, mountains, etc, enabling them to work in challenging, and diverse work environments.

7 Employability Skills to Become a Good Engineer

Our experts at My Assignment Services explain the various skills required to become a good engineer:

1. Problem-solving Skills

This means breaking down a complex problem into smaller, simpler parts, and finding solutions for it accordingly. It means to apply your knowledge of various subjects to arrive with a feasible solution. We are the solution of all your “do my assignment” queries.

2. Communication and Interpersonal Skills

This means you should be able to communicate effectively. Additionally, it also means to be able to comprehend instructions and act accordingly.

3. Intiative

Our help with engineering assignments opines that you should be willing to take the lead role and complete tasks without much interference from the supervisor.

4. Self-Motivation

This is one of the key factors to becoming a good engineer expressed by our expert at MY ASSIGNMENT SERVICES. You should be self-driven to perform tasks and achieve goals.

5. Negotiation Skills

You should My Assignment Services the gift of the gap. You should be able to put across your feelings as well as be able to understand the feelings of others and be able to decide on a suitable outcome. We are the solution to your “who can write my engineering assignment” queries.

6. Numeracy

Plays a very big role in the field of engineering. Numeracy refers to the ability to being able to use data and mathematics in order to support your evidence.

7. Teamwork

an engineer can never work in isolation. Hence, you should be able to gel well with the team and work as a whole.

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Here is a brief list:

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How can My Assignment Services Assist in Engineering Assignments?

Our qualified team of professional writers only refers to peer-reviewed journals. This means that each and every source used as a reference is authenticated. Therefore, at My Assignment Services, we provide exclusive help with engineering assignments for students. We also understand the importance of time and know how to work under strict timelines – we meet every deadline; no matter how short or how stringent.

To make sure we have delivered what we have promised, we provide you with a 24/7 chat option, which means, you have got a chance to converse with the expert assigned to your project round the clock who will guide you with all your assignment-related queries. We also possess the option of tracking your assignment order, where you can know the real-time status of your assignment orders and when it will reach you.

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