Engineering Science: Exploring Global Trends for New Material Testing

August 07, 2020
Author : Chloe Kirner

While material science covers a lot more than the topics of alloys and amalgamations, it also solicits a lot more effort than any other field. Today, material science finds applications everywhere. From sending a space shuttle to the international space station to developing diaphragms for speakers, material science carries the drastic potential to improve the quality of life. Thus, it comes with bright research prospects while guaranteeing ample opportunities in the sector. You would be surprised to know that the Australian Space Agency and E-mobility startups in Australia, UK, and around the globe have significantly recruited Material Science engineers in the last few years. The world is betting on Graphene as the future of electronics, and space programs and governments are heavily investing in finding an alternative to plastic.   

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Exploring Global Trends for New Material Testing

Let's Explore How Material Science is Changing The World


Graphene, one of the most expensive materials in the world, is analogous to a pencil that costs a dime. The wonder material inside the everyday pencil that helps us write is called Graphite. Graphite is also an abundant material in the world and a source of Graphene. Graphene is a sheet of Graphite that is one-atom-thick. It is almost weightless but over 200 times stronger than steel or aluminum. Besides, it carries excellent thermal and conducting properties to replace silicons in chip manufacturing and find applications in building reusable space shuttles. It dissipates heat and conducts electricity faster than any element known to man.  

However, producing Graphene is an expensive affair. There is no blade so sharp to slice one-layer-thick slices of Graphite to make Graphene. Thus, one has to refine Graphite through a chemical treatment to make Graphene.  


Don't bother the pronunciation, even the one who discovered the material couldn't get it right. But this eerily sounding element is not less than a wonder material for the world. It increases the efficiency of a solar panel of up to 66%. Right now, the average solar panel revolves around a figure of 16% efficiency. If we ever found a way to manufacture it efficiently, it 

could bring a paradigm shift to the world. 

What should all this add up to? Infinite and cheap solar energy! Who doesn't like that?  

Trends in Material Testing!

Tensile Testing: Materials are rigorously tested to determine their axial load. Materials like plastic, metals, or composite rubbers are the kinds of materials that undertake these kinds of tests. These materials are exposed to extreme temperatures to determine their tensile strength. 

Compression or Stress Testing

Materials are tested under massive loads and weights to determine their compressive tests. Materials like Concrete and the materials used for packaging are routinely checked for compressive strength. The limit of load and the time that it can sustain a load is recorded. 

Bend Testing 

Bend testing is an excellent choice when materials are needed to be tested for their ductility. This is alternatively known as flex or bend test. Materials are bent to their point of breaking and their value of ductility is determined. 

Bond Strength Testing 

Binding materials like super glues undergo bond strength testing to test their resistance against being ruptured. Medical adhesives and orthodontic materials often undergo this test before they are made available for use on humans.   

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