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Guide to Business Studies Dissertations
August 08, 2020
Author : Jess Healy

“Procrastinate, Panic, write, and repeat”. Does the aforementioned phrase appropriately describe your experience of writing a dissertation? If your answer is yes, you would be glad to know that you are not alone at all. In fact, thousands of business studies students availed of our business dissertation help because they found their experience of writing a dissertation as too overwhelming. 

Writing a dissertation is an overwhelming task. Not just because of its sheer length, but also due to the amount of research one needs to put in to write a coherent thesis. Generally, students invest 7-8 months of time writing their thesis or a dissertation report. Business students invest their time conducting market research, drawing references from numerous case studies, and meticulously articulating their findings and research in their own words. 

Even after meticulously articulating findings from academic literature in their own words, one needs to include formatted references in their research thesis or dissertations while also satisfying multiple criteria in the marking rubric! 

Writing a dissertation is a daunting task, and it’s very obvious why students look for business dissertation help. But hey! You have been looking for dissertation help and that is right here. You would be glad to know that experts at My Assignment Services would write well researched, properly formatted, and a high-scoring dissertation for you. Avail our dissertation help and get your dissertation written by an expert at pocket-friendly prices.

Here are Some Quick and Easy Tips From Our Experts to Help You Nail Your Dissertations

Usually, writing a thesis or dissertation report is allotted as a final year task to conclude the years of education or a degree. You must have been familiar with essays and report writing right? Well, a dissertation is just like a longer version of an essay or a report. In fact, the dissertation would mark as the longest academic piece that you would ever get to write. But how does one even go on to write a dissertation?  

ultimate dissertation writing guide

Must Haves For a Stellar Dissertation!

  • A concise and clearly objective and aim of the dissertation. 

  • Include detailed and meticulously infatuated arguments. 

  • Should include in-depth analysis and critical reflection

  • Should include properly formatted and quality references 

  • Should be well structured and formatted with headings and subheadings

Here is a Previously Written Dissertation by Our Experts that Provide Dissertation Help 

Previously Written Dissertation Sample by Our Experts Business Studies Dissertation Sample

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Dissertation Writing Quick Tips

Now that you have understood all the ingredients of the dissertation. The next is to include the ingredients that would make your dissertation shine while satisfying the academic criteria of your marking rubric. 

But the first step would be to precisely understand what the questionnaire is soliciting us to do? Understanding questions properly would not only help you articulate academic texts but would also considerably shorten your time of selecting a research topic. Thus, Selecting a coherent topic would be the first step to writing a stellar dissertation! You should ideally be selecting the topic that you have an understanding of. If you are a business student and business law is one of your strongest subjects, then you should decide your dissertation topic around business or corporate laws. 

Body Of Your Dissertation

  • Abstract
    An abstract is a powerful, short, and self-contained description of an academic thesis, essay, or report. 

  • Acknowledgments
    Your dissertation should include due credits to the people that helped you research, provided you guidance, and facilitated resources for you to come up with research. Generally, this section includes acknowledging the guidance of your professors and teammates if any. 

  • Table of Content
    This section simply contains the headings and 1 line description of the forthcoming contents. 

  • Introduction
    A summary of your dissertation would go here. You would need to precisely describe the problem that your dissertation aims to discuss and provide hints to the methodologies used to derive the results of the dissertations. 

  • Main Body
    This section discusses your research in-depth. It includes an explanation of the problem that your dissertation aims to solve and discusses all the methodologies and techniques that are leveraged during the research. 

  • Conclusion
    Clearly conclude the results or findings of your research and leave a satisfactory answer to the research question. You may summarise the work in the conclusion and include any recommendations for the future work on the topic. 

  • References
    While writing an academic piece, you would need to cite the literature that you referenced during your research. There are multiple formats to reference like MLA, APA, Harvard. Our experts are all experienced with all the styles of references and can write a well-referenced and dissertation for you. 

A Bonus Tip to Remember 

A dissertation aims to gauge the knowledge of graduate students. Thus your research should cover in-depth arguments and also quote popular or established pieces of literature to bolster one’s research. Only quality references should be included in the research. Literature references should be critically appraised to gauge their quality of research and methodologies. Referring to non-peer-reviewed journals or the journals that follow faulty or biased methodologies of research might negatively impact your research. Structure your research to make it coherent before submitting it for final review.

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Jess Healy

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