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Mechanical Engineering is a branch of engineering that focuses on turning energy into motion and power. Any practical device you see around you moving has required a mechanical engineer to design it. Automation is something we rely heavily on in this day and age and, therefore, there is an increasing amount of material to understand and be able to apply if one wishes to be successful in the field of mechanical engineering. Online assignments and homework in mechanical engineering often challenge the understanding of students, and with swift deadlines approaching, there is inevitable pressure and stress felt to become proficient in a short amount of time. However, easing the pressure is something we at My Assignment Services take pride in, and the quality and efficiency our team of experts work with mean you are sure to receive great results through our Mechanical engineering assignment help.

Mechanical Engineering Assignment Sample on Fluid Mechanics

Here is a sample assignment question on fluids mechanics, one of the most important topics covered under mechanical engineering programme.

Mechanical Engineering Assignment Sample on Fluid Mechanics

As per our experts, the above question can be solved by making certain assumptions like:

  1. Incompressible
  2. Continuous flow
  3. The flow is steady and laminar
  4. Effects of viscosity and friction are neglected
  5. All body forces are neglected

Engineering mechanics assignment experts suggest that the given details must be noted in the first place to be well-informed what is to be calculated and what method would utilise the given information. In the above question, they list down the data and also prepare a control volume diagram as shown below:

control volume diagram

Using the data, firstly the flow rate in the sectional 3 (Q3) is calculated and then the area of the section 1, 2 and 3 (A1, A2 & A3) are calculated. For the second part, they make use of continuity equation, Q=VA=constant, in order to find the velocity. Next to this, student is required to find the external forces in the x-y direction, and thus make use of Momentum Equation in the same coordinate (i.e. x-y coordinate).

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The grader is more concerned about the logic that you used or approached in order to solve the question than the answer that you have calculated. Therefore, one should always be clear with the concepts so that the solution could be appropriately attempted and could reflect your knowledge in the unit(s).

If you think that you are unable to fetch the right amount of information for your solution, let our mechanical engineering assignment experts at My Assignment Services know. They will explain the exact method by writing the entire assignment in a full-fetched professional manner.

What Does A Mechanical Engineering Assignment Consist Of?

The discipline covers many aspects of mechanical work like generation, transmission, conversion and use of mechanical and thermal energy, and also includes the design, construction and operation of devices and systems. The vastness of the course in itself comes as a challenge before their assessments do. You will be required to have acquired skills, knowledge and experience in structural mechanics, fluid mechanics and thermodynamics and develop novel solutions through engineering design and systems and control.

Similarly, in its engineering mechanics assignments, students are required to frame effective solutions to the questions posed such that it meets the requirements of the task and helps them get good scores (major motive of writing an assignment).

Here are some of the topics that our Mechanical engineering assignment experts have encountered frequently appearing in the assignments.


This is one of the widest unit that has a number of sub-topics. It offers next level challenge to the students while covering the questions on the topics like:

  1. Concepts of heat, work, energy, temperature and pressure.
  2. Properties of pure substances
  3. Steam tables
  4. Phase diagrams and their use in thermodynamics problems
  5. First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics
  6. Carnot cycle
  7. Gas power cycles
  8. Vapour and combined power cycles
  9. Use T-s diagrams for power cycle analysis
  10. P-h diagrams in refrigeration cycle analysis
  11. Simple combustion processes
  12. Renewable energy such as solar, hydro, wind and biomass, and their use in heating and electricity generation
  13. Environmental benefits of renewable energy


The unit that brings questions and question marks on the face of the student is fluid mechanics which deals with continuum analysis of fluids. The topics that our engineering mechanics assignment help services are capable of covering, are:

  1. Volume analysis through Navier-Stokes equation.
  2. Flow similitude, vorticity, circulation, stream function and velocity potential
  3. Boundary layers and its use in drag and lift evaluation
  4. Fluid turbulence
  5. Compressible flows and its applications
  6. Fluid acoustics
  7. Computational fluid dynamics
  8. Environmental fluid mechanics
  9. Wind energy


Mechanical engineering requires a systematic method of capturing design requirements, and tools for ideation, estimation, and decision-making so as to ensure effective and efficient mechanics. Engineering design helps in accomplishing the results. Our experts can perfectly help you with:

  1. Designs using CAD
  2. Detailed designs of machine elements like bearings, shafts, fasteners, welds and gears
  3. Engineering graphics and solid modelling software
  4. Conception, construction, and testing to produce engineering drawings
  5. Limitations of costs, sustainability, and human factors
  6. Rules of standard compliance


This unit deals with the study of analytical methodologies that are used in the strength and stiffness assessment of engineering structures and components. Students are required to know how to translate real-world forces into abstract form for engineering modeling for a wide range of common problems found in industry and also gain knowledge of the relationship between analysis and design. If you are not able to crack the questions on solid mechanics’ modeling philosophies, let our mechanical engineering experts know.

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To complete the assignments on Systems and control, it is highly required to be well-equipped with knowledge about mechanical, electrical, fluid pressure devices and elementary control systems. The unit captures the study of the nature and behaviour of simple components, processes, and subsystems. Avail of the mechanical engineering assignment help services from us and relax with any level of assignment.

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