Nursing is a field for the empaths; even if you aren't one, your sense of duty to help the sick is what makes you fit for the job. Nursing is a field of vast popularity and prospect in Australia. If you are one such student pursuing nursing or a trainee, you might be familiar with the coursework nursing students have to complete. 

Fresher or a senior, the nature of your academic tasks keeps upgrading, and it becomes more challenging. Many wonder how to write a nursing assignment for it is a task that requires intense research and writing skills. Also, when you research, it gets quite difficult to find good academic resources. 

The global nursing and midwifery workforce includes 27 million personnel which makes up 50 per cent of the total healthcare population - WHO (World Health Organisation) 

If you've been through the same and face difficulty composing your nursing assignment, read forth. This blog will help you write your nursing case study, and you may refer to the attached nursing assignment samples to get a more in-depth understanding of the assignment task.

nurse patient assignment

What is the Format of a Nursing Essay?

Nursing students are required to write an essay as well. Even though it is an implied sciences field still, you won't be escaping the writing section anytime soon. A reflection essay is the task nursing students are often assigned. 

The best part of an essay is that the format consists of an introduction, body and conclusion regardless of the theme. Although you might have a basic idea of the format, still you must add other necessary elements like charts and tables related to the nursing procedure you learned. 

The introduction section includes a brief of the components of your essay. A clinical lab reflection includes a brief summary of the cases you came across in your lab session and what new clinical procedures and information you learned. The writing style is interactive and written in the first-person perspective. As a fresher, you may wonder how to write the body section of a nursing reflection essay assignment

For the body section, using a chronological approach might help the reader follow the incident or your study. A reflective essay may not be written in a specific order, but you must make it easier to understand for the reader to follow. Write an in-depth description of the medical cases, procedures, diagnoses, and concepts you learned in your clinical lab. 

The main purpose of writing a reflective essay is to reflect on what you learned and how well you perceived the concepts. Hence, the conclusion section is very important as it sums up all you have learned and the future scope or questions that arise. A reflection essay is an important nursing assignment. 

So now you have the idea of what to write, you can get on with your task. If you also need some nursing assignment topics or sample solutions, you may refer to the attached samples. 

Australia's number of registered nurses increased from 300,400 to 331,415 between 2016-19. - Department of Health, Australia

Nursing students are required to prepare case studies of the various cases they observe and read about. Case studies cost a higher grade as they are to be submitted in a proper format with all the procedures, medications, cure and final observation. Get nursing assignment help at affordable prices; just fill out the form.

What are the Steps for Writing a Nursing Case Study Assignment?

When you write a nursing case study, you must prepare yourself to research and compose effectively. Many students start writing before conducting thorough research or knowing the proper format. Consult your mentor with a drafted version of your research before writing it fair. If you wonder how to write a nursing case study assignment? So, here’s what to include:

Status of the patient

Demographic data

Patient’s basic information - name, age, gender, and insurance number (if required) - necessary for hospital records will be mentioned here.

Medical history

Prevalence of any medical condition, medicinal drug intake, and any recent injury should be mentioned, as it is necessary for the treatment process.

Current Diagnosis and treatment

Write about the patient's current diagnosis and treatment plan. Thoroughly describe the patient's medical condition - symptoms and observation - and the treatment plan - medical drug and procedure - that the patient has been advised.

Nursing assessment

This section is the most challenging one to write of the three. You may refer to the attached nursing assignment samples for guidance.

Vital Signs and test results

Define the patient's vital signs - pulse, oxygen levels, etc. Also, check for the blood test and scans reports that the patient was advised to take. Describe how these tests contribute to the patient's diagnosis.

Nursing observation

Besides checking the patient's vitals, nurses are assigned to check the patient's range of body movements and mental state. Describe the same in this section. 

Tip: When researching your case study, refer to your class notes, books, previous case studies, etc. Don't just rely on online material; explore various mediums for more comprehensive academic resources. 

Current care plan and recommendations

Nursing care plan

This section defines the patient's needs and potential risks to their health. A nursing care plan or NCP is a record of the communication between the patient and the nurse. The purpose of composing this document is to achieve better healthcare outcomes.

Current care plan assessment

Write an assessment of the current care plan. Define the clinical procedures and prescribed drugs and their effectiveness in the current care plan.


Suggest any improvements or alternatives that can be used to improve the current plan. How the patient's condition can be improved, and better healthcare results can be achieved. 

You will require many drafts for writing a case study. A research paper requires intense research and studying previous case samples so you understand the importance of such a report. Still wondering how to write a nursing case study assignment? Read forth to get some best topics to get started on your research paper.    

What are Some Topics for a Nursing Case Study?

nursing assignment topics

Here are the top twenty nursing topics that can help you brainstorm for choosing a topic for your case study, or you may pick one of these: 

Did you know that the first nursing school originated in India in 250 B.E. and only consisted of male students? 

  1. Analysis of nurse-patient ratio in Australia.
  2. Is blogging helpful for preventing burnout in nurses?
  3. How do we tackle communication barriers in nursing?
  4. Methods and procedures for administering pain-relief drugs post-surgery.
  5. Analysis of obesity in toddlers and children.
  6. Eating disorder awareness and treatment methods.
  7. The effects of radiotherapy on patient's mental health
  8. Why is cultural sensitivity important in a medical setting?
  9. How does pharmacology contribute to surgical nursing?
  10. What are some ways for nurses to effectively interact with the patient's family?
  11. Use of AI tools in monitoring patients' vitals.
  12. Surgical records scheduling accuracy.
  13. Current challenges in medication/drug administration.
  14. Humanitarian work is surgical nursing.
  15. Comparison and assessment of surgical nurses in two countries
  16. Rise of the demands of nurses during the Covid-19 crises
  17. Online medicare during pandemic restrictions.
  18. How do nurses care for terminally ill patients?
  19. Prevalence of PTSD in medical professionals? 

You can use these nursing assignment topics for research for your case study. Writing a case study can be challenging, and we discussed the format for the same. Still, you may find it difficult when composing the paper to discuss with your professor, mentor, or department senior for improvement in your writing and bridging any gap that may entail.

As a nursing student, you will be responsible for submitting case reports, reflection essays, clinical lab reports, and other such assignments. Researching can be challenging as you may fail to find good academic resources. Fill out the enrollment form to get free academic resources and affordable nursing assignment help.

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