A well-balanced diet and proper nutrition intake are the most convenient yet cost-effective ways of keeping diseases away. Diseases burden one’s health, and with age and time, this burden increases. Researchers study food and nutrition to help people live a healthier and disease-free life. 

Did you know that Japan has the highest life expectancy rate among all countries in the world? Eighty-four years for women and Ninety years for men. - Wikipedia 

Applied research on the connection between health and nutrition is still a vast topic under study by various industry experts. Innovation in the nutrition research field offers an easy yet effective solution to a healthier population and lower disease prevalence rates in the ageing population to increase life expectancy. 

Life expectancy means the average age a person lives up to, assuming the mortality rates remain constant. This rate differs as per the geographical distribution of the population, and a major reason for this is the different nutrition intakes in different countries. Let’s find out more about it and discuss the different nutrition research topics. 

nutrition research topic

How does Nutrition Affect your Lifespan?

As we grow, our nutrition changes accordingly, and it is no surprise that different age groups have varied nutritional needs. Foods play a major role in a person’s health and maintaining their immunity. Humans are busily unveiling the best dietary methods, heath routines and more to prolong our lives. 

Life expectancy is an important topic that piques the interest of the masses. So, here’s how food research can help increase our lifespan:

A Changing World

The world has changed in various ways, including our nutrition needs. Noe people are more inclined to diets and supplements than actual food consumption. Such practices are useful for meeting the nutrition needs of the current lifestyle. But, a healthy diet is more effective for longevity than any number of supplements.

Lean Is Key

A study conducted on Nutrition Research on Centenarians (People over 100 years old) at Boston University showed that most are lean, especially men. Another notable factor for longevity is beating obesity.

Drink Water

Most of us have heard this or heard this about multiple times a day. But it is scientifically proven that drinking plenty of water and a good diet helps flush out toxins, keeps you hydrated and makes the skin healthier.

Seeing Green

Eating green vegetables is very beneficial for detoxification and helps improve eyesight. Lutein is a type of chemical found only in green leafy vegetables that helps sharpen vision and slows down the progression of ageing eyesight issues.

The Big Picture

Eating healthy has many benefits, from reducing disease prevalence to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. When we eat well, stay hydrated, and manage our lifestyle-oriented stresses better, we will surely live longer and healthier. 

Limiting salt intake to less than 5g a day reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and hypertension - WHO (World Health Organisation) 

It won’t be overestimating to say that proper nutrition helps lead a better and healthier life. Various studies show that diet can effectively help attain longevity, and nowadays, more people are inclined to take up healthier choices. We’ll further assess such nutrition research topics in the section that follows.

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Why is Nutrition and Food Research so Important?

Nutrition is important for keeping alive, delivering our daily tasks, and for all life processes. But, nutrition study has more implications than just helping us learn the benefits of a good diet. Here’s why such nutrition and food research is important:

  •     Individual responses to food and nutrition are important to help each age group and individual understand their nutritional needs. Nutrition research helps determine the same and especially for patients in the hospital.
  •     Particularly, diets related to each age group are important for growth, repair and maintenance. Nutrition and health researchers have developed a standard diet for each age group that is beneficial for living healthier and preventing diseases.
  •     Such research helps us understand the role of diet and nutrition in health and maintenance. Attaining optimal body functioning is the goal when recovering from a disease and it is better defined by nutrition and diet experts.
  •     Nutrition researchers have developed several studies on the relationship between brain functioning and varied food cravings. Understanding a healthier body and choices will help consumers make informed decisions.
  •     Research on government food policies and population dietary needs help develop strategies for effective dispersion of food resources that meet the dietary needs of all ages. 

Did you know that according to WHO obesity rates have tripled since the 1970s? 

Nutrition is a multidisciplinary research field, such as nutrition, medicine, dietetics, etc. Researching food and nutrition requires input from all these fields. Regardless of the complexity of the research method, it is still important to address better lifestyle and nutrition choices to the masses.

factors affecting lifespan

What are some of the Nutrition Research Topics?

Here are the top 20 topics for nutrition research:

  1. What is a sustainable diet?
  2. What harm does dehydration possess?
  3. Benefits of adding carbohydrates to your diet.
  4. Are herbal supplements beneficial?
  5. Pescetarianism  vs Vegetarianism
  6. Important factors of infant nutrition?
  7. Are dietary supplements beneficial?
  8. How to plan your weekly menu?
  9. How to overcome hypertension with nutrition?
  10. Can antioxidants help prevent cancer?
  11. Study on trans fat vs saturated fat.
  12. How important is calcium in our diet?
  13. What is the paleo diet, and what are its benefits?
  14. How can a low-carb diet be harmful
  15. Is vegetarianism the way to go? Pros and cons.
  16. Are nutritional supplements beneficial?
  17. How do food sensitivity and food allergy differ?
  18. Are phytonutrients beneficial for our bodies?
  19. The adverse effects of overhydration on blood pressure.
  20. Do refined grains have the edge over whole grains?

Global life expectancy has increased over the past years, from 66% in 2000 to 73% in 2019 - WHO (World Health Organisation) 

There are several divisions - ethical food choices, geographical divisions, availability of resources, and lifestyle nutrition needs - in our nutrition choices, but such studies aim to improve the notion of nutrition and food at a population level. Doing so is important, so we make informed nutrition choices for ourselves and for the future.

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