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Apple Inc.'s Marketing Strategies: UK vs. India - Assessment Answer

Executive Summary This project focused specifically on Apple Inc.'s operations in the UK and India while also examining its Global marketing and sales development methods. According to the analysis, Apple deliberately combines parts of standardization and adaptation to accommodate the distinctive features of these two disparate markets. While the brand image and product designs are essentially standardized, the corporation tailors its distributi…

MAPM8.700: The Contemporary Global Business Environment Assessment Answer

1.0 Introduction An in-depth examination of Tata Motors, a prominent subsidiary of the famed Tata Group group of companies, is provided in this research. Tata Motors, a major force in the automotive sector, is essential to the development of the group's international presence and reputation. In the next five to ten years, Tata Motors and the automotive industry will be significantly impacted by the strategic drivers that are the focus of this an…

SOE11444 Global Business Economics and Finance Assessment Answer

Evaluation of the Relevance of Financial Performance Financial performance refers to a company's success in achieving its key strategic goals and making a profit. Investors and analysts will frequently consider the Company's financial results when evaluating or contrasting a firm to others operating in the same industry. Investors are interested in a company's financial performance because it conveys much information regarding its health and pro…

Critical Review of Globalisation Essay Answer

Introduction Globalisation is a complicated and transformational phenomenon that has changed the world in different ways (Gulmez, 2017). According to Lee & Stensaker (2021), it alludes to the rising availability and reliance of countries and developments all through the world, as well as the strengthening of interconnectedness and relationship among countries, which rises above geological limits and impacts various parts of human life. The f…

Improving Staff Wellbeing Case Study Answer

Introduction Change management is defined as the systematic approach that deals with the transformation or transition of the firm’s processes, technologies, or goals. An action plan refers to a checklist or document that outlines the tasks or steps that need to be accomplished for attaining the set goals (Shulga, 2021). The report will provide insight into the action plan that is being developed for addressing the change within the organiz…

Impact of Digital Advertising Industry in India Assessment Answer

Introduction Notably, the outdoor display is deemed the ancient and most extensive form of advertising. OOH (Out-of-home) advertising has emerged from the unassertive outset as the oldest rock art in India, to being mainly billboards or external advertisements (Wilson, 2023). Digital advertising is deemed a fundamental part of digital marketing which originated between 1996-2005 in India. Nevertheless, the actual growth initiated in 2008 when in…

South African Counter-terrorism Approaches: A Comparative Study Assessment Answer

1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND The very idea of "terrorism" is difficult to conceptualise. This is especially true in the African setting, where, as will be explored by this research paper, the word "terrorist" was employed equally by liberation organizations and the government(s) they were fighting (Botha & Graham, 2021). Alex Schmid (date: page) provides five conceptual perspectives through which terrorism might be characterized. Terroris…

Organisational Behaviour Assessment Answer

Critically discuss the organisational design that has become more prevalent since the onset of COVID19 Organizational design is defined as the step-by-step methodology that is liable for identifying the dysfunctional aspects of the procedures, workflow, systems, and structure that realigns the firm to fit into the goals of the firm and plans are developed for executing new changes. It is the process to structure and execute the firm by taking a …

CSM80006 Engineering Project Management Assessment Answer

Cost of Excavation The trench is 0.5 meters wide and 1 meters deep overall, with a rectangular cross-section. The previous estimate results in a total volume of 1,025 cubic meters of loose soil that needs to be removed. It is stated that it will cost $45 per cubic meter to remove and dispose of the excavated soil. Therefore, the price of the excavation will be: Excavation Cost = Total Volume × Cost per Cubic Meter × $45 × 1,0…

PROJ6002: Project Planning and Budgeting Assessment Answer

Project Scheduling Original Gantt Chart Gantt chart is a useful tool to create and manage the project schedule. It helps to streamline the project as an interconnected set of tasks. It helps to ensure that each task can be completed through allocated resources within the time and defined budget (Heagney, 2016). In this given Gantt chart, one of the tasks with name “monitor user feedback” is ongoing but it is starting after the finis…

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