Nurses are the backbone of the health care sector. They are a huge support to the doctors, patients, and their families. Patients interact with the nurses the most in a hospital setting, even more than the doctors. The nursing profession is the second most impactful in society, right after the soldiers in the USA.

It is a profession that requires one’s utmost dedication and passion for helping others, a noble profession per se. The individuals working in the field know it can be very harsh with long working shifts, no fixed shifts and many end up having an early burnout. Yet, still, it is a fulfilling field where you can feel elated to be working in the field.

Did you know that Florence Nightingale (a British woman) changed the hospitals' sanitisation procedure, food preparation, serving and treating wounds to prevent infection spread? Her contributions to the profession were huge.

All high school seniors planning to take up nursing as their major; must be aware that there are more than 900 nursing courses across 2600 universities in the USA. The requirement for nursing staff in the country is very high, and it has increased exponentially during the covid crisis.

If this doesn't convince you to pursue nursing, then read about getting a guide on nursing study and why you should opt to study in the USA.

Nursing in USA

Is nursing a good career in America?

In most countries around the world, nurses are considered trustworthy, appreciated, and well respected. They are necessary for the orderly functioning of the healthcare system. They are responsible for monitoring the medication dosage and progress of the patients, supporting patients going through emotional and physical pain, and bridging the communication between the patient's family and the doctors/management.

In the U.S., there are over 4 million registered nurses, which makes it one in every 100 people is a registered nurse in the country today.

The medical industry faces a critical shortage of skilled registered nurses in the U.S. The is prevailing for the past few decades. According to the American Journal of Medicine, the shortage of nurses will continue to rise till 2030; based on the current circumstances, it is crystal clear. Also, the ageing population has resulted in chronic disorders in the generation - the shortage will be realised in the future.

Nursing study is the need of the hour in the country, but other perks registered nurses enjoy. Twelve hours shifts for three days a week, the opportunity to get added bonuses for working overtime, job security and of course, nurses make upto $65,000 yearly, and a specialisation entails even more. Besides, The nursing staff have a rather lasting effect on the patient's experience in the healthcare sector. So you get to save lives and improve the patient's quality of life.

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What Are the Benefits Of Studying Nursing?

Here’s your guide on nursing study, why the field is in demand and why you should choose to pursue it in the U.S.:

Job Security

There's always a need for nursing staff in healthcare; even the top hospitals are understaffed at most times. So as a nurse, you will have job security and fair chances for growth as well.

Career Development Opportunities

Nursing requires various skill sets, and developing new skills (especially related to information technology) will help enhance the growth horizons of your career. Pursuing a speciality in the nursing field will provide you with further opportunities to enhance your career.

Did you know that according to USNews' 100 Best Jobs ranking 2022, Nursing ranked at #1 for the best jobs in the healthcare sector and #2 for all work profiles?

Great Salary

No matter the work sector, you will expect a good salary, and the nursing profession comes with a great salary, for that matter. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a registered nurse makes around $70,000 a year, and one with a nursing speciality study makes over $180,000 per year.

Travel Opportunities

Travel Nursing has been in the trend for a while now, and due to the covid crisis, the need for healthcare workers increased manifolds. Travel nurses bridged the gaps in the healthcare system. Hence, it has become the next big trend in the field of nursing; you will get to travel and get work in different locations.

A Sense Of Purpose

Everyone wants to find their purpose in life and the chances of feeling elated in your work are lower than many expect. But, nursing is a profession that offers a sense of greater responsibility and purpose; you will feel a sense of accomplishment every time you see your patients progress.

Affordable Online Courses

Various online nursing programs have emerged due to the lockdown restrictions. Many of them are very cheap; Tallahassee Community College offers the same at $2,570 per year, for example. You will get the same educational opportunities right from your home, and it's affordable; such an opportunity is rare to come across.

These are the perks of pursuing nursing study in the U.S. are many, and you will get added benefits in the form of placements and scholarships. Yes, of course, the challenges that you might face in nursing don't get any less; you will have to work a long shift, get off days as per the requirement of your workplace, ect. Yet it will be worth the while when you can change someone's life through your services and skills.

nursing specialties

What Is the Most Rewarding Thing About Being a Nurse?

Nursing is a field that many take up for the sake of a good salary package, but as you work, you will understand the feeling of touching people's lives with your skill. Though medical skills are acquired, a nurse's empathy is still something you're born with. It required pure passion and dedication for helping others to pursue nursing studies.

A quote that best describes a nurse’s job is - To lose yourself in serving others is the best way to find oneself. Quote by Mahatma Gandhi

If you want to make a difference in the lives of others in need and thus the world, nursing is your thing. No two days are the same for a nurse as you will be challenged every day because of the new patients you meet and the new individuals you will come across. It is a challenging yet rewarding field.

Whether it is rewarding or challenging, a well-paid job or a worthwhile career, however you may want to perceive it, nursing is a field that many pursue to guide the nursing study every year. You can be one of those and start a new chapter in your life by enrolling in the nursing program in the U.S.

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