The purpose of enrolling in a specific university program is to pursue a career in a field that interests you the most. Many students (especially international students) often enrol in a university program to build a career in a field that entails career opportunities and basically getting employment.

It is a practical approach to one's career and academics based on achievable and practical goals. You can plan for the objectives and have a higher chance of achieving them than expecting to make something out of your degree. Both approaches are reasonable and have different steps to achieve a fulfilling career.

The employment rate in the US was at 59% on average from 1948 to 2022, with the highest at 64.70% in April 2000 and the lowest at 51.30% in April 2020. - Trading Economics

Regardless of your reason for pursuing a certain degree, the chances of employment depend on your skills and if you plan to pursue a specialization. There are various courses to choose from in the US available across 5300 universities. But, what are the top courses in the USA that ensure employability? Read forth to know more about this.

Top Cources in USA

What degree offers more job opportunities in the USA?

When seeking a demanding academic program that is both your passion and guarantees you employment can be challenging. The most important thing is to weigh all your options before even finalizing your top picks. There are multiple checkboxes that a course must tick to meet such requirements.

Top university courses in the USA that guarantee a job are often decided based on job availability and career development potential. If you are a student who might be planning to pursue a graduate/postgraduate degree in the US, you should heed these popular courses that can help you make a decision.

  1. Engineering is amongst the highest-paying, sought after programs in the country. Specializations like computer engineering, structural, and mechanical engineering are in most demand.
  2. A medicine degree is yet another in-demand degree with a guarantee as the healthcare industry in the US is expanding the employment rates by 15% in 2019 - 2029, which entails over two million new jobs.
  3. Pharmacology is a degree based on the effects of medicine; hence there are a variety of sectors for employment, pharmaceutical manufacture, clinical trials, safety assessment, ect
  4. Pursuing a degree in Business Administration is beneficial for all professional sectors. It ensures great opportunities as the world's leading multinational companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, etc, are based in the US.
  5. A career as an information system manager is in great demand due to the ever-growing digital data; a Computer Science degree will help you become one.
  6. Accounting is one of the most extensively implied and sought fields around the globe. It is ranked as the fourth-most fastest growing sector in the US.
  7. A master's degree in Economics with analytical abilities and statistical expertise has great career prospects in the country due to the ever-evolving economy.
  8. A bachelor’s degree in Psychology in the US provides leeway for you to work in counselling at schools or hospitals. With a master's degree, you can even conduct research.
  9. Surprisingly, Criminology is one of the most popular degrees in the US; various opportunities are available with this degree, such as a defence attorney, crime scene investigator, professor, and even a detective.
  10. The Labor Statistics Bureau (BLS) has predicted a 5% employment increase in the Human Resource in 2018 - 2028. So pursuing this degree can also be beneficial for you.

Around 19.4 million students pursued a university degree in the fall semester of 2020. Out of which, 11.9 million attended university full time, and 7.5 million attended part-time. - National Centre for Education Statistics, USA.

These are the top ten courses in the USA that you can enrol into, the most sought after courses that can help you pursue your interests and enhance your employability simultaneously. If you choose to practice or seek employment while working, these courses offer internship options as well, so you can prepare yourself for the professional work setting.

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Trends are a necessary part of almost every professional/educational sector, basically our lives. The latest trends in fashion, food, books,ect decide our daily choices. On the other hand, employment or education trends determine the required skills that a student or a job-seeker must possess to get employed and have a fulfilling career. Here are a few of such trends that are ruling the employment fields:

  • Businesses will be defined by concerns about fair treatment and offering equal opportunities to each of their employees.
  • Notwithstanding the Biden government's vigorous effort, a large percentage of companies will opt out of a vaccine compulsion in favour of screening to keep their employees safe.
  • As flexible and remote work has become mainstream for skilled professionals, employee retention will begin to escalate.
  • Management activities will be automated, allowing managers to concentrate on developing a more meaningful relationship with the staff.
  • The technologies required for remotely working will eventually become instruments for measuring and improving productivity.
  • Some businesses will demand a retreat to the workplace to regulate and manage a blended workforce.
  • Organizations will utilize the health and well-being of their employees as the latest metric to know their staff better.

As per National Center for Education Statistics, there are far more than 26 million enrolments in a college or higher educational institute in the United States for the 2019-20 academic year.

In recent years the employment sector went through the most significant workplace changes in generations, and it's just going to worsen. The only thing that companies can improve is how the disturbances are varied. By 2022, CEOs will have to learn how to flourish in a moment of turbulence that affects their enterprises in many ways.

By pursuing any of the top courses in the USA, you will develop the required skills to meet such requirements in the workforce. The changing trends require skill evolution that you may have to work towards and put great effort into achieving.

Tips for College Freshers

How can I pursue a fulfilling career in the USA?

There are many definitions of achievement, getting good scores, working in your dream company, or buying something you dreamt about. All these are things that you work towards gradually. Yet, the only thing that should matter the most to you is your sense of purpose and satisfaction from doing something you love.

The chances of you getting into your dream might be thin, but it's not zero. You can start by setting small yet achievable goals, maintaining your GPA, practising a skill, getting recommendations, and working on projects that will help you in the future. Such tasks will help prepare you for your future professional life.

Allow the richness of what you love to shine through in all you do. Quote by Rumi

Also, make the most of what you get; regardless of the regrets, you may have to go through, focus more on what you achieved. In this case, you can start working elsewhere or studying a course than any of the top courses in USA; take it as a minor setback and hone your skills to make it far in your career.

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