Introductions are often the first impression or the last, depending on how good or bad it goes. But, introductions are the hooking factor for a written piece, the description of what to expect and, obviously, the thesis statement. It is that one section that decides how far the reading will be read.

We are apprentices in the craft of writing, and no one has attained the title of a master. Quote by Ernest Hemingway

An argumentative essay requires a well written and effective thesis to hook the reader and get them intrigued. Your writing should get the reader wondering about your theme and the following content. Some essays need more than just a glance at the body content in the introduction. You have to put forward strong statements and questions.

Read forth to get stellar introduction examples and how you can compose an effective introduction yourself.

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What Is an Argumentative Essay?

You must've been writing essays for your whole academic career and come across various essay types. Still, an argumentative essay is a vague essay format as it contains descriptive and comparative elements. Such an essay uses facts and logical explanations to convince the audience to support a certain argument.

Though argumentative essays focus on convincing the reader of an idea, it relies greatly on apparent facts, statistics, and studies. Against popular belief, argumentative essays are not written assertively or aggressively. The only argument here is the supportive evidence that the writer has to research and compose a stellar introduction.

Tip: There are usually five major parts of an argumentative essay claim, a supportive argument, evidence, antithesis, and disapproval/agreement. You should cover these all to make your argument more convincing.

You may as well recognise an argumentative essay through a rather laid back writing style where the thesis is more supposed than obvious. Usually, a strong negation and focus on the opposing claim are there. For instance, "the colour of the setting sun is red" is a perfect thesis for composing an argumentative essay. It is, in fact, not true and has various possibilities; it's more complex than one-dimensional.

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5 steps to start an argumentative essay on strong note

What Are the Different Parts of an Argumentative Essay Introduction?

The entire argumentative essay is based on how you present your argument; the structure is very important, even structuring the introduction. The structure of such essays is quite different from other essay types; you present a hook, a claim/antithesis and an introduction to the claim. All these have to be done in limited words, so it gets complicated, but here's how to do it:

Did you know essays were first introduced by French philosopher and writer Montaigne in 1571? He would write short philosophical moments and name them 'assai', the French word for an attempt. Now, it has turned into the 'essay' we know today.

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The Hook

The purpose of a hook is to grab the reader's attention at the beginning of the essay. It is only a sentence or two, yet it must be effective. Usually, a hook can start with a question, but you shall avoid asking a question for an argumentative essay. Rather use a quote or a statement that's relevant to the topic. You may refer to the introduction examples to get insight on the same.

Background Information

After the hook comes the relevant information that the audiences must know before reading your content. It is important to present the information to let the readers ease into your argument. Just offer the necessary information and present your claim. Avoid adding information in the introduction. Another useful method is to present the necessary information with a counterclaim. Such a method might come in handy for a few topics, but you must write your content as effectively to keep the audience interested.

The Claim and Evidence Peek

The introduction is only worded in a paragraph or two. You presented your claim/counterclaim. Then next comes the introduction to the evidence you are presenting in your essay. Unless necessary, don't add facts or information in this paragraph; save it for the body section.

These are the three main parts of an introduction for an argumentative essay. You may add any relevant information or fact to the introduction. But it is advisable to save all the evidence for the body section as those are what the essay is based around.

Parts of an Argumentative Essay Introduction Example of Argumentative Essay Example of Argumentative Essay at My Assignment Services

Argumentative Essay Introduction Examples

Argumentative essays have multiple styles and formats of presenting an argument, yet the basic format of an essay remains the same. Hopefully, you may use these few examples of the claims and counter-arguments for your next argumentative essay.

  • “There comes a time when humans will perceive the murder of a man equivalent to the death of an animal.” Quote by Leonardo da Vinci
  • Animal rights is a highly debatable topic globally. One focuses on the animal testing issues and the other on the need for such tests and how to make them ethical.
  • Should arguing be allowed in sports? We've seen hockey players push each other, and soccer players obstruct the opposition player. Healthy competition or unhealthy competitiveness, what should be allowed?
  • Are artificially engineered crops dangerous to the population? Highly engineered crops can be the saving grace to the human race and may end hunger globally. On the other hand, it also deprives the future generation of the taste of natural food resources.
  • The role of ethics in journalism. Do journalists need to present the entire fact and argumentative to the public or filter it out to make them relevant and trending? Every citizen has the right to know the facts and truth of everything in the country. Some news corners may be sensitive (ware, covid death rate,ect) and can cause more political distress.

Tip: For an argumentative essay, the resources have to be verified. Verify your resources and quote them correctly in your piece. Plagiarism may take away from the effectiveness of your essay.

So, this is how you can write a stellar introduction for your argumentative essay. The examples contain the claim and the counterclaim. You may use just one in the introduction. In the body section, you will present both sides of the argument to help the reader understand and decide.

Your writing should be convincing, don't bombard the reader with a pile of information. Present both sides of the argument effectively and support your claim with visible proof. You may also present an ending statement to your essay to get the reader wondering. The aim is to put your claim in the reader's mind convincingly.

An argumentative essay will require you to research intensely, and it is one challenging essay form to compose. It is often difficult to find the right resources for your content. Get essay writing help from professional academic writers at pocket-friendly prices. Fill out the enrolment form and get free access to our vast digital library.

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