Top Benefits to Do PG Course in Marketing

August 24, 2020
Author : Olivia Moore

Amidst this pandemic, Corona, produced by Grupo Modelo, has gone viral for its similarity with the novel COVID-19 virus A.K.A CoronaVirus. The company immediately used the opportunity and converted its negative publicity into more sales with marketing and well-planned PR activities. This is smart marketing.

Why Study Marketing? Settling the Debate for Once!

Contrary to popular belief, products on the shelves of the store don’t sell themselves out. “Build and they will come philosophy” is outdated and only fits in the utopian dreams now. It’s not the product’s features, it is not the value of the product, and it is not the availability of the product that sells it these days. Right marketing to the right people sells products and generates profits for the company.

Good marketing educates customers about the products, but smart marketing makes them feel smart about their purchase decisions. Smart marketing coupled with ample education can change the way consumers perceive a product.

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Is Marketing For You?

A marketing degree can open doors for you in your career. It comes with bright prospects as it is one of the most in-demand jobs today. The skills and techniques that you will learn while studying marketing may help you pursue a career like marketing analysis, PR, and Advertisement, as well as help you acquire entrepreneurial acumen. A PG in marketing would also make you competent in consumer relations, communications, and management.

However, Marketing isn’t for everyone! Though it seems like a rewarding career option, one needs a combination of several personality traits and characters to make things work. You’d need to be:

  • Self-motivated and highly agile
  • A team player and comfortable working with people from different backgrounds.
  • You should have an eye for the detail
  • A meticulous planner with the ability to execute last-minute changes smoothly
  • Ability to lead when needed and follow when necessary
  • Up-to-date with market trends, and the ability to understand consumers
  • Must have an interdisciplinary skillset

If the above-mentioned information, spurs your interest, then marketing might be the right career for you, and a PG in marketing could be the right option for you. However, if more than 50% of the above-mentioned traits deter you away from the subject, then you might rethink your decision to pursue a marketing degree.

What are the Perks of PG in Marketing?

Why do PG

Stellar Earning Potential!

As mentioned earlier, marketing is one of the most in-demand skills in the 21st century. But besides just being in-demand, marketing professionals are also highly paid and well-fed across the globe. The median salary of marketing professionals ranges from 50 USD per hour to 68 USD per hour at competent firms in Australia, the USA, or the UK. This kind of wage is far beyond what teachers, artists, and psychologists get.

Even the entry-level jobs in marketing would pay you 60,000 USD annually. A mere bachelor’s degree in marketing can get you on your foot, but a PG in marketing would take you far beyond!

Versatility is a Given, Along with Fulfillment

A post-graduation in marketing would set you on a path of sailing through a wide array of job-profiles. Marketing professionals are in-demand in every spectrum of corporate and advanced advertisement jobs. For example:

Here are some career options for you after a PG certification in marketing!

  • Copywriters
  • Public Relations Representatives
  • Brand Managers
  • Event Planners
  • Marketing Assistants
  • Market Research Analysts
  • Social Media Managers
  • & More….

A pg in marketing would give you an edge over your competitors and help you hold a foot practically everywhere in the world. If versatility excites you and you are a go-getter, then a PG in marketing would be the best choice for you.

You’ll Find Personal Enjoyment

If you end up pursuing a marketing career, chances are that you would end up falling in love with your job. Marketing professionals all across the globe find fulfilment from their jobs and go on to lead a healthy work-life. Though the PG certificate in marketing is demanding, you would get ample opportunities to find work-life balance in your life.

Some fulfilling Opportunities in The Marketing Field Include:

  • Managing social media for brands
  • Designing, ideating and innovative advertising campaigns around a new product
  • Analyzing the demographics, target audience and data to ideate strategic campaigns
  • Collaborating with individuals
  • You get to explore ideas and meet interesting people every day
  • Opportunities to represent your brand in front of personalities and men in power
  • Easy 8-hours a day, five days a week.

Opportunities to Engage in Enriching and Multidisciplinary Program

A campus post-graduate program in marketing comes with lucrative perks. It allows you to participate in stimulating lectures, webinars, and co-curricular activities. Interacting with competent individuals on campus expedites your learning and provides you with ample opportunities to aggrandize your exposure.

The PG certificate program allows you to invest yourself in case studies and directly get mentored from the industry experts. You end up accruing a diverse range of skill set and a go-getter personality by the end of the program. Additionally, you get to participate in tens of thousands of industry campaigns like successfully running live FB campaigns and receiving certifications from Google.

The capstone project would allow you to take real industry projects and innovate, ideate, and aggrandize your competence in marketing. This is the part that is hard to accrue without a PG certification in marketing. Only the individuals that have access to high-quality inputs from industry experts at the campus, and all the tools to practice with, get the opportunity to become seasoned marketing professionals.

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