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NURS2010 Fundamentals of care is a popular subject among nursing students. Different universities offer this course under their nursing degree or on-campus nursing training program. This course aims to impart skills, knowledge, and practical training required by nursing professionals to provide appropriate patient-care for recovering patients in the hospital. For example, the fundamentals of postoperative care, techniques to manage different acute illnesses, and some acute cardiovascular conditions like myocardial infarctions and some respiratory syndromes. Thus, enabling nursing students to effectively plan and manage a variety of acute illnesses in the hospital. However, to achieve the learning outcomes, professors often subject the student to clinical assignments and written assignments tasks like Nursing essays, reports, and presentations.

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<h2 id=What is The Fundamental Role of Nurse According to NURS2010 Nursing Fundamentals of Care?

The primary responsibility of the nurse is to provide care to the people of all beliefs, faith, and ethnic background. However, there are some key functions that a competent nurse is expected to perform. These functions include:

  • Precisely monitor and record medical symptoms and history.
  • Collaborate with seniors, doctors, and the hospital’s team to ensure delivery of the right treatment.
  • Establishing robust communication between stakeholders like doctors, family members, and lab technicians.
  • Ability to administer and deliver different drugs like IV injections, oral pills, and solution or colloidal suspensions.
  • Know-how to operate medical equipment like vital monitors, ventilators and emergency crash karts.
  • Know-how of performing basic diagnostic tests like x-ray, drawing blood, and blood-pressure checkup
  • Ability to provide, holistic support to the patient and family members

What are the Fundamentals of Providing appropriate Nursing Care?

Mentioned below are three primary concepts of nursing necessary for a nursing student to be familiar with. These concepts are the fundamental concepts of the program and can help draft a nursing student to write nursing essays and other assignments.

The four concepts of nursing are namely; Holistic care, Environment, Health, and Nursing

Holistic Care

The first concept of Nursing advocates that nurses should not only limit themselves to the physical care of the patient. To aid the recovery and address the stress of a patient battling an illness, nurses should extend psychological support that may include social, physical, and spiritual aspects of care. It also advocates that a nurse shall help patients to preserve their cultural practices during their stay at the hospital. This can reduce stress or trauma and promote healing in patients. Additionally, understanding a patient and their behavior can also give nurses an edge over planning and diagnosing their conditions time-to-time.


This advocates that people with different economic status and different levels of healthcare respond differently to a treatment. This is because people at economic levels are exposed to a different level of healthcare. A person having regular access to quality healthcare and routine health checkups can be diagnosed early with silent problems like cancer and leukemia. However, for those with irregular access to health-care, nurses can play a key role in observing and noting signs of serious diseases like cancer. Thus, nurses can provide a holistic environment for patients with irregular healthcare in hospitals. A comfortable environment, accurate tracking, and quality care can help all kinds of patients recover better.

Diagnosing Secondary Complaints

Health is the fundamental concept of nursing and thus, nurses should be continuously aware of the status of their patients under care. Generally, nurses focus on a patient’s primary complaint, but they should also pay an equivalent focus on the secondary symptoms as they can complicate or hinder the path of recovery. For example, older women seeking treatment for an acute disease have a higher chance of facing an adverse or minor side-effect of a particular medicine. Thus, it becomes imperative for the nurse to recognize the signs of side-effects and convey the same to the doctors to help alter the patient’s treatment. Additionally, a patient might also have an undiagnosed underlying condition, that nurses can diagnose by observing and looking for early signs of diseases.

What Is The Significance of Culture and Ethics in Nursing?

Being able to inquire about a person’s culture, religion or beliefs helps resolve any cultural pain to the patients along with their ailment that they are seeking treatment for. Nurses can facilitate patients to execute their daily rituals or follow their routines according to their culture.

Ethical Principles in Nursing Care

Nurses should always respect the right of the patient to make their own decisions and to contemplate the risk involved with a particular procedure that involves suturing, cutting, or insertion of needles inside their veins. Thus, it is the duty of the nurse to keep their patients involved with the risks involved with a particular procedure like IV injections, wound suturing, or removal of surgical staples. It is only just to allow people to take the driver seat in deciding what should happen to their bodies during their stay at the hospital.

Religious Issues

Some cultures and religious issues may coincide with their treatment, like planning their diet, or refusal of medical procedures like blood transfusion based upon the religion. While it is the duty of a nurse to respect a patient’s religious boundaries and sentiments, it is also her duty to keep-them well-informed about the need for procedure and any contraindication associated with refusal of the recommended diet or treatment.

NURS2010 Fundamentals

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