What do you get when you cross an accountant with a Boeing Jetliner? “A Boring747.”

Hey, don’t hate us for cracking that joke! No matter how infamous would accountancy be as a career. It still got its pros and cons. This article is gonna be a good read for anyone that is looking to choose, accountancy as a career. You will get to know the insider knowledge and pros and cons of choosing this career for yourself.

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Finally, Let’s Get on to Discussing The Pros and The Cons of Choosing accountancy as a Career

accounting info Pros and Cons

Stellar Career Prospectus

Pause for a minute, and think of any business in the world that could run without accountants, book-keepers, and finance professionals. Can’t think of any right? That is because accountants are needed everywhere. They are high in-demand, and while being demanded, they are also well paid. Thus, accountancy as a career carries stellar prospects. The best part is, even though AI and Computers are replacing jobs all over the world, accountants would still be needed in heavy numbers!

Accounting is The Gateway to Entrepreneurship

An accountancy course covers a holistic overview of finance and asset management. Thus, once you graduate, you develop a holistic oversight of the processes. The acquired knowledge from the accounting program makes you a sound investor, business analyst, and entrepreneur. You can leverage the concepts to run your own company and take them to the profits. The best part, you would be able to note any discrepancies yourself if you end up becoming your boss in your startup! How good is that? Tell me!

It is an Ikigai Certified! Your Work Would be Intellectually Challenging, Secure, and fulfilling 

Ikigai is a Japanese method to find your calling! It advocates that a career path should be both intellectually fulfilling and financially rewarding. The third aspect of a career is its impact on the world. If your career also allows you to positively impact your society and the people around you, while still being financially rewarding and intellectually challenging, then it is the best career choice. Fortunately, accountancy checks all three corners. It is financially rewarding, intellectually challenging, and gives you ample room to do good for society.

Stellar Career Maneuverability and Flexibility

A course in accounting not only allows you to build skills necessary for accounting and financial purposes, but also helps you build transferable skills like analytical acumen, investment and risk analysis, delinquency management, portfolio auditing, and more. Thus, as the time changes, you can keep upgrading your skills and land yourself at positions like Risk analysts and, financial advisors and investment banking in the end!

Telecommute and Work in Your Tracksuit Pants

Accountancy is a job that can be easily done from home via a laptop. Most of the accountants are self-employed individuals that work from their own home offices. Now that the pandemic has shown everyone the importance of working-from-home, this is a vital point.

Cons of Choosing Accountancy as a Career

The Work Can Seem Dull

How many accountants can you name right now? If you don’t know the answer, I will spare you with the struggle, and there is a reason for that! Accounting is not a glamorous field. No accountant gets to become famous TV icons. But hey, glitz and all glam is not everything. Your daily work would require a lot of math and a lot of jumping with numbers. If math and fixing numbers seem good to you, you can get on the train and join the university to become an accountant. But then again, this is something that you would need to ask yourself. You would need to be honest with yourself and learn a few skills.

There is a busy season

Typically, accounting can be seen as a 9-5 job, but at some point of the year, it would be busy and you will need to face tight deadlines. The heavy lifting may start as early as the starting of the year and go one till the mid-year or the 2nd quarter of the year. Thus, long working days and weekends become a norm, as accountants try to work to get the finances of their clients in order!

The stakes are high and it is a lot stressful!

When you are shuffling with an organisation’s finances, the stakes are high and the stress comes along with it. Even a small mistake can have serious repercussions and this pressure can impact your overall mental health. You should consider this before choosing accountancy as a career. If you are not good at the positions of high-responsibilities, you won’t be a good fit for the job.

So Should you Become an Accountant?

Now that we have listed the pros and cons for you, you can decide it for yourself, if accounting is the career for you. See if the cons outweigh the pros or the pros outweighs the cons for you. If you are deciding to become an accountant, you might want to take a closer look and see how accountant assignment help experts can aid you breeze through your accountancy curriculum in college!

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