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Advertising Campaign

Table of Contents


Advertising objectives.

Advertising campaign significance.

Creative strategy and tactics.

Selected media.

Target market

Advertising budget

Media placement

Evaluation of campaign.

Other factors.



Introduction to Bickford’s Premium Juice Products Analysis

Bickford is a popular company for its non-alcoholic beverages such as sodas, juices, cordials and iced coffee syrup. The natural taste of fruits promotes maximum nutritional benefits to the customers. It promotes the need of the body to manage the valuable asset (Bickford 2020). An advertising campaign is essential to share the core message of the organization and convince the customers to purchase its products. The theme of each advertising campaign is different for the company to support the organizational values and target the desired customers. A series of similar advertisements are approached by the company to target customers and gain maximum advertisement benefits (Jindal et al. 2015).

Advertising Objectives

The key objectives of advertisement for Bickford’s Premium Juice Products are:

  • To promote the sales of the premium juice range and increase organizational revenues.
  • To attract new customers and meet a competitive advantage in the Australian market.
  • To target young females of age 18 to 32 years to limit the focus of the campaign particularly in Victoria.
  • To manage the declining rate of juice products and build a strong USP.

Advertising Campaign Significance

The advertisement works through a pattern of emotional connection to impact the purchase behaviour of consumers. Through the use of an advertisement, an organization can create a need for its products and services among customers. It also involves the long-term association of customers with the brand. To achieve the targeted objectives, this advertisement campaign can promote brand awareness and nutritional benefits among customers to enhance the sales of the product (Anusha 2016; Jindal et al. 2015). Increasing health consciousness among individuals can help in targeting the specific customer market by the organization. Most of the females are health conscious with an increasing trend for fitness through natural products. Juice inherits several nutritional values with its natural products with no added sugar. It can promote several health-related benefits and fulfil the needs of nutrition in the body (Åkestam, Rosengren and Dahlen 2017).

The proposed objectives of Bickford’s advertising campaign are reasonable to meet the desired performance and attain competitive advantage. Individuals cannot carry fruit everywhere and eat anytime to get nutrients. Although the individuals can take Bickford's Juice at any time as these are easy to carry and help individuals to stay healthy and hydrated. The originality of the products and its taste, promote the sales of the juice products in Victoria.

Creative Strategy and Tactics

To target the new customers, more emphasis is required for nutritional values, natural taste and health benefits (Ansari and Riasi 2016). In the advertising campaign, the organization can target the customers through promoting a healthy lifestyle with the help of healthy juice. In the time of the global pandemic, a need for immunity boosting drinks is necessary which can be identified as the key aim of the campaign. Through the available nutritional values, customers can enhance their immunity and provide additional benefits to their body. Fruits are essential for individuals and it is a need for the body. Although the fruit juice range of Bickford provides all the essential benefits in a packaged form that can be easily carried by people. With a benefit of no added sugar, customers can focus on better health benefits with a similar taste of fruits. No preservatives are added in the juices to make it a natural fit for the young generation (Bickford 2020).

Different messages can be aimed through this campaign:

  • A great natural taste with no added preservatives or sugar promotes health benefits for individuals to boost their immunity.
  • Easy to carry bottles provide the same benefits as fruits then why do people need to carry fruits.
  • Health is the most valuable asset that can be maintained with maximum nutritional benefits and help people to stay fit and healthy.
  • Switch to a healthy lifestyle with Bickford’s Premium Juice range. Natural taste and benefits are guaranteed.

To meet the global fitness and immunity-boosting trend, a healthy lifestyle can be promoted by the advertisement campaign of Bickford. It will fulfil the needs of real fruits with an easy to carry facility.

Selected Media

A multimedia campaign is based on the planned programs that can be useful to use on different media forms to attract the target audience (Snyder and Garcia-Garcia 2016). For this advertising campaign, magazines, television and social media can be used to enhance organizational performance. Social media marketing will be used to target the young audience through different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Different posts and videos, the young audience will understand the benefits of juices. Magazines and Television will also be used for the advertising campaign as it will target the maximum audience and allow a higher sales benefit (Ansari and Riasi 2016).

Target Market

The target audience for Bickford's advertising campaign is female from age 18 to 32 years who are highly focused on maintaining their health. This customer segment works with the trends of a healthy lifestyle and emphasizes on immunity-boosting to manage their work and life. This campaign will be based on the population of Victoria.

Advertising Budget

The overall budget for the advertising campaign is $750,000. Distribution of the finances for each activity can be seen as follows:



Creative development


Media placement


Content marketing & SEO


Research and tools




Magazine advertising


Other expenses




Media Placement

This advertising campaign will be deployed in the market for 2 months. Through regular social media optimization and effective content, the target audience can easily take the benefit of the products and avail significant benefits. Based on different intervals, the advertisement will be shown to the audience that can create an image of a healthy drink. The advertising space for 20 seconds will be purchased on specific channels to broadcast the advertisement in Victoria. For Ad placements, a specific group can be targeted by the SEOs to manage effective advertising campaigns. Display ads are effective to target the specific groups that can extend the capacity of the media campaign.

Evaluation of Campaign

Effectiveness of an advertising campaign can be analyzed through the sales evaluation. It requires two measures to be taken place to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign. The pre-campaign test is necessary to observe the sales, product awareness and other conditions before the campaign implementation (Ansari and Riasi 2016). It can be based on a random survey to be conducted among customers wherein after the advertisement campaign another test is required for post impacts of the campaign. It will represent the increase in brand awareness among customers and promote organizational performance. It can also be done through the defined goals check which is identified at the beginning of the campaign. It comprises of a written strategy to evaluative the performance and feedback on the formative basis (Danaher 2017). To evaluate an advertisement campaign following measures can be used:

  • Define clear goals and objectives of the advertising campaign to manage the outcomes of the campaign.
  • Clear targets and time frame is necessary to be identified at the beginning that will be effective to compare later.
  • The post-measurement of the sales and brand awareness can be analyzed through a survey to identify the effectiveness of the advertising campaign (Ansari and Riasi 2016; Danaher 2017).

Other Factors

The advertising campaign must fulfil the regulations defined by the government. It needs to be truthful, fair and evidence-based. To protect the consumers and ensure fair trade in Australia, The Australian Consumer Law (ACL) governs the advertising practices. Other marketing activities must be effectively used for the advertisement campaign based on internal marketing, distribution of content and customer database maintenance. Website maintenance is also necessary to promote effectiveness among consumers and present a trustworthy product for their health benefits. Relationship marketing maintains loyal consumers and enhances brand reputation with most effective organizational performance. For regular interaction with customers, feedbacks are necessary to be taken by the organization through social media platforms (Ansari and Riasi 2016; Danaher 2017).

Conclusion on Bickford’s Premium Juice Products Analysis

It can be concluded that the advertisement campaign of Bickford’s Premium Juice Products will promote effective outcomes through planned strategies and nutritional benefits. Increasing health consciousness among individuals can help in targeting the specific customer market by the organization. Most of the females are health conscious with an increasing trend for fitness through natural products. With a benefit of no added sugar, customers can focus on better health benefits with a similar taste of fruits. The overall budget for the advertising campaign is $750,000. The pre-campaign test is necessary to observe the sales, product awareness and other conditions before the campaign implementation. The post-campaign test will evaluate the effectiveness of the advertisement campaign with a comparison to the outcomes of the pre-test campaign.

References for Bickford’s Premium Juice Products Analysis

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