Aiming for the dream Universities abroad on clearing IELTS (The International English Language Testing System)? Next, it’s time to chart your second course of the journey, getting a proper substance of purpose (SOP) drafted for coursing your academic dream journey ahead. Little do students know that a good SOP qualifies for a good admission and sometimes even compensate a bit if the academic scores on GRE/GMAT are a little less. Our SOP writing experts will now talk about the common mistakes made by most students in this blog.

Keep Yourself Away From These Mistakes While Generating Your Sop

Never Plagiarise An Sop

Never mistake an SOP to be a plagiarised content picked up from online content written on several websites. The university professors are extremely qualified to identify plagiarism content picked from available literature online for completing an SOP. So any content rehashed from the net is not likely to suffice the requirements for completing one. It has to be genuinely written -- about what is the substance of your purpose -- for making it to the university abroad. Plagiarism usually occurs when you’re in a hurry and have insufficient time to write the SOP. To avoid this from happening, you can take help from our SOP writing expert who will draft an entirely original SOP within a couple of hours and send it to you as and when required.


Never Use Technical Knowledge To Complete An Sop

Never use technical knowledge for completing a deserving SOP. A Masters Degree in Technology or Arts abroad calls for a narrative. The language used should remain narrative, it should relate and explain to someone who’s understanding you merely by what is present in front of him in the form of a written narrative other than a technical explanation of the purpose of your visit.

For example, avoid writings like, “ It is the best business school in Sweden, actually the whole Nordic region, where my technical knowledge will grow interacting with international students in a global set-up, necessary to thrive in a cosmopolitan world.” Such statements need to be avoided, as the content is lost for being loose in its narrative. Use a few technological details, in a case seeking admission in a technical college.

Never Leave Stories Unquantified

Never leave stories unquantified. Ensure to qualify all the important details about your life and career in your statement of purpose. Try making the copy look-up using numerical. Any SOP qualifies only after answering a few sets of questions mentioned in the application form.

Here’s an example of writing work experience in an SOP:

For writing quantified content you need to avoid mentioning: “I worked as a Data Analytics Software Engineer just after college as an intern for gaining experience.”

What should be written instead is, “I worked as a Data Analytics Software Engineer for 18 months in the XXX organisation, where the first 3 initial months were spent interning, after college, in my first professional opportunity. Here, I trained in understanding the concepts of Data Analytics on the job. After which my next three months were spent specialising in it after my Bachelors.”

However, in case it becomes too hard to understand or follow mentioned directives to generate your SOP, get in touch with an online expert doing the same, providing SOP writing help to students.

Don’t Generate A Story

Don’t generate a story, instead, be the humble ‘you’ self stating the intention of studying in the university and why other than presenting a hypothetical story with wrong facts and nothing to substantiate them later. False facts are a true case for rejection. It makes an individual lose an opportunity for being in the university by a year. The safest way is to stick to facts generated in a narrative form in the SOP.

It is the SOP that does the talking for you in a written format portraying the persona you hold. This is easily achieved by mentioning past experiences with the present-day requirement chartering the future goals through the academic course that you are about to pursue. All of it is a road-map of self.

Never Forget To Portray It In A Conversational Manner

Never forget to portray yourself conversationally, conversing in a formal tone even in the content used. Sounding casual kills the purpose and so does being over-friendly while completing a self-written SOP. The purpose is to create an image of the individual for the person reading the copy. And the best way to initiate is to begin your journey from childhood initiating it with a quote that suits your being, mentioning the life skills and attributes you acquired in your journey moving on to college where you gained perspective and may have come around goals that you perceived earlier as easy. Lastly, and most importantly never fail to mention the job you aim to seek with the course duly completed followed by future aspirations and the placements that you intend to seek after completing the course.

Never Forget To Talk About Your Problems

Never forget to talk about your problems. A perfect self is a miscommunication, as no individual is error-free. It is always nice and looks complete when problem areas have been mentioned. It could be your loss, a medical condition, any depression, anxiety or trepidation that you have been witnessing needs mentioning to make the copy more qualitative and genuine. Being positive at all times is an impossible scenario. A bit of negative in you highlighted only balances the personality copy.

Proofread Every SOP Writing, Expert Suggests!

Never leave your copy without proof-reading and editing the content for generating a balanced error-free statement of purpose. Selecting correct adjectives and jargons are extremely essential for generating a good copy. One cannot seek to be a perfectionist, but a copy can be perfected with proofreading and editing it at least three times so that grammatical mistakes and punctuation are not visible in an official document followed by a report to ensure it as plag free.

Remember, a quality SOP opens the academic gates abroad for achieving future goals. Therefore, never be in a haste to complete the copy. The information is compiled by our top SOP experts who have been writing SOP and personal statements for students across Australia and the USA. If you need help with any SOP, do get in touch with the experts at My Assignment Services. We’ll help you out with all your queries!

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Frank Barnes

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