A student, professor, doctor, scientist, or business owner needs to perform some form of research in their daily lives. From googling random information on the internet to composing a comprehensive comparative study, analysis is considered a form of research. When your teacher, friend, or boss asks you something, and if you don't know the answer, you find the information on the internet, analyze it, and then answer the question with your findings.

Collecting relevant data, analyzing it, and sharing the results are the main steps involved in the research process. Similarly, business research is gathering relevant and detailed information on all the concerned areas of a company to maximize sales and earnings for the company. The paper with all the collected data, research findings, conclusions, future scopes, and other discussions is called a business research paper or a business report.

Business research can be done on any area for the business from sales to survey all are included in it. When people perform business research, it means posing questions to key areas to spend money for increasing profit, earnings, and market share prices. Such research is important to initiate a discussion about various decisions for the business.

Conducting Business Research

What is the Purpose Of Business Research?

Research doesn't conclude when you've collected all the necessary data—presenting the data you ordered and the related information in the proper format. Research results can be shown in many ways, but a research paper is one of the most detailed and easy-to-understand formats. Structure for a research paper comprises a purpose statement, gathered information, research observations, and conclusion. Such a document helps companies decide which products are profitable and vice versa.

Types of Business Papers

  • Quantitative research paper research: Quantitative method is a type of research that involves all the data in numbers. Statistical methods and computation is involved in analyzing data for quantitative analysis.
  • Experimental research paper: It is usually based on a hypothetical or real theory for analysis for empirical research. Such research methods are useful in determining the scope and need for a new product. It helps companies understand the behavioral traits of their consumers, which can be profitable for the company. For this method, a survey or experiment is conducted by the company's researcher regarding the new product or to know the user demand and usage style for their pre-existing products.
  • Ethnographic research method: It is one of the most challenging taxing research methods, but the results are accurate. The ethnographic approach is one of the least used methods as it is time-consuming and very expensive. The researcher observed their target audience naturally and disengaged to collect data. This method is useful for understanding various communities and cultures, challenges, or other instances that can happen.
  • Case study research method: This is one of the most used and crucial methods for business research. They are used by the marketing operations department in a company to increase its sales. Case study research is conducted to analyze customer satisfaction reports, challenges faced in marketing, and the relevant solutions. The motive of using a related case study is to decipher customers' good and bad experiences. This method is also useful for companies for showcasing the good qualities and the profits of their product to a new client.

These are some of the few prominently used research methods for composing a business research report.

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A step-by-step Guide to Write your Business Paper

When you compose a research paper, it is important to follow a format to make your writing more detailed and functional. Research with more practical value is better than paper with relevant information but is in disarray. Follow these following steps for composing a good business research paper.:

  • Thoroughly researching the topic: This is the most important step in composing a research paper, for it lays the groundwork for the research. Researching is done to collect all the relevant data for the theme and plan a purpose statement. A purpose statement should be composed before writing the paper as it decides the course of action for your analysis and conclusion.

Business research areas that have been exhausted or limited information available to support the analysis shouldn't be used. You should avoid such sites or mention them vaguely in your research.

  • Refine and rectify the data to be used: In this step, you must correct the data to make sure it's accurate for use as it's deceiving to use incorrect or exaggerated data. Also, summarise your research points and eliminate all the extra data unrelated to the theme. After this step, you can start with the writing part of your research paper.
  • Compose a thesis statement to make sure it matches the data and the theme of your research: For a thesis statement or a purpose statement, you should summarize all your research's main points. Your argument should be worded in a compelling and captivating way. Ensure the idea is to the point and doesn't contain too much description. The purpose of the statement is to put forward your arguments effectively but leave enough to be figured out in conclusion.
  • Draft the research outline: This is the step where you compose the first draft of your research paper with all the data and supporting arguments. At this point, the main theme and course for the report must be clear. But, this section is different from the purpose statement. Write all the arguments, analysis, and conclusions regarding the collected data articulate.
  • Write the conclusion: You must include all the arguments and observations made in the research paper for the finale. Rearrange or summarize all the research data and information in a logical sequence to compose a concluding statement. Future scopes and developments that can be carried out shall be included in the conclusion.
  • Write the introduction last: The introduction part for the paper should be written later as it will change throughout the writing process. It should be composed later to avoid continuous drafting. You should outline all the research background, highlights, and the major points for the research in the introduction section. Also include the methodology and the medium used for analysis in the introduction.
  • Referencing: All the information used for the paper should be cited in the correct format. Many citing formats, such as APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, etc., use the one fit for the research theme.

Here’s a Business Research Paper Sample

Strategies for Intel Behaviorism Theory

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