A research proposal is regarded as a coherent and concise summary of a document or proposed research. The research proposal usually set out the significant issues or questions which are intended to address. The general area of study has to be outlined in which main research falls that mainly refers to the current state of knowledge demonstrating the originality of the proposed research. A research proposal is considered to the document which proposes a research project in the academia or sciences constituting a request for the sponsorship of the research. The evaluation of the proposal is mainly done on the basis of the potential impact of the proposed research, cost and the soundness of the plan proposed for the research to be carried out.

Steps Involved In Writing A Research Proposal

The proposal planned by the researcher must demonstrate the complete understanding of the topic along with the sound research ideas. There are steps certain steps involved in writing a research proposal which every researcher must include:

Step 1: Determining the general topic

This is the initial step and easiest one as the research proposal will be linked to the overall topic of the project.

Step 2: Prepare a Literature review

literature review sample The research proposal of a researcher or a scholar is unimaginative without the review of literature related to the main topic of the research.

Step 3: Identifying the gap in the literature review

The main purpose of determining the gap in the literature review is to understand the studies or the research which are already been done and then identify the evident gaps in it. This will further open the opportunity to consider the body of knowledge in the subject area.

Step 4: Identifying the problem and framing the problem statement

It is important to voice the research question. This can be restated in the form of sentence in order to make it understandable in a better manner.

Step 5: Making a great introduction

This is the initial and the most essential part of the proposal as it has to be designed to capture the mind of the reader. It is usually recommended to write the introduction in the last which is logically fine because once the entire thing is researched written and proofread; one can have the clear picture of the main topic and its outcome.

Step 6: Formulating the clear hypothesis

The goal of the thesis is mainly set in the hypothesis section which has to be clear and easy to understand making the project easy to carry out.

Step 7: Determining the research design

research design sample It is necessary to outline the design of the research for the proposal. It is advisable to describe at least two or three possible alternatives giving the reason for proposing that particular design.

Step 8: Determining the sample size as well as the characteristics

This section includes how many people have been included in the study and what are their attributes which can make them suitable for the study.

Step 9: Determination of the data collection

This part of the proposal describes the methodology of collecting data for the research to be done. For example, if the researcher is performing quantitative analysis for the research, then a questionnaire survey can be used by him and for qualitative analysis, one-on-one interviews can be used. The reader must be aware of the research methodology which is to be utilised in it.

Step 10: Research assumptions

The research proposal must consist of the basic assumptions for the thesis while working on it.

Step 11: Explaining the procedure

The reader must be aware of the procedure one is going to opt for writing the process. This will require you to explain what will be done and how this will be included in the framework of the research.

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What Should You Ensure and Avoid While Writing a Research Proposal?

The Dos

  • Clear and precise communication of work.
  • Spotlight the concepts and methodologies which are involved in it.
  • Listing the specific, achievable and concrete objectives.
  • Formulation of the suitable research objective.
  • Verifying the accuracy of the data to be presented.
  • Facilitating the evidence and supporting arguments in order to reinforce the findings.
  • The paper must be filled with scientific terminologies.
  • The track for bibliography and references must be maintained.
  • The paper must be proofread as many times as possible.

The Don’ts

  • It is essential to be honest with the readers, hence, do not misrepresent yourself.
  • Do not include redundant information that cannot answer the question.
  • Do not stretch the paper unnecessarily with irrelevant information.
  • The information must be completed and not absurd and incomplete.
  • Do not overdo the word limit otherwise, it will give the impression that the researcher does not follow the guidelines.
  • Too many generalisations must be avoided.
  • The writings must not be written in a vacuum as findings must support the cause.
  • Citing Wikipedia must be avoided and reliable sources must be used for citations.
  • Do not plagiarise the content.

Additional Tips by a Research Proposal Writing Expert

  • Conform to the instructions
  • Before drafting the proposal, mention the information into points
  • Know and understand the audience
  • The first few sentences must be impactful
  • The title must be clear
  • Emphasising on the multidisciplinary aspects
  • Make your research feasible
  • Understand that nothing is set in stone

How to Overcome Your Challenges in Writing Research Proposals?

The quality of the proposal mainly depends on the proposal writing and not only on the quality of the proposed project. The researcher must avoid treating the proposal as a final document or a binding document; it must be treated in a flexible manner in order to plan an exciting project that the researcher would like to pursue. Students will quite often face numerous challenges in preparing their research proposals. The two best options to overcome them include seeking help from online research proposal writing help and reading research proposal samples and examples. At My Assignment Services, there are hundreds of qualified experts who can help you with writing research proposal assignments. If you have a query on research proposal writing in any subject like, Accounting, law, and nursing, simply chat with them for only 5 minutes, and you’ll certainly have answers to your problems. An accounting research proposal is a document that describes the intended research. An accounting research proposalis the best way to get your desired success, if you want to know more about this service please don't hesitate to call us.

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