Nowadays project management is one of the most preferred disciplines for students willing to study in Australia. It has been seen that project managers are always in great demand no matter what the industry is. Of course, there are different undergraduate, postgraduate, doctorate level courses to be a qualified professional and rewarding career. Students pursuing project management at Laureate International Universities undergo many units and assignments. PROJ 6002: Project Planning and Budgeting assessment are where students are asked to answer assessment 1 which is divided into two different parts, i.e., discussion activity and Scope and Time Management Plan. As per our project management assignment writing experts, this task is assigned by the CFO where you are required to develop cost and quality management plans including all the information given. For example –


Background of the PROJ 6002: Project Planning and Budgeting Task

Being a student of Laureate International Universities, it is mandatory for all the students to successfully complete the PROJ6002 task. Before writing the assignment, you must understand the basic details of the assessment.

  • It amalgamates and integrates the entire peripheral baselines and plans right from the process of planning. Being a writer, you have to prepare a Project Management Plan as per the selected case study.
  • You must remember that your Project Scope Management should involve all the required processes to make sure that the created project encompasses all the work. To manage a project scope you must define and check what to include and what to not in the project.
  • Project Time Management is prepared to have control over the processes need to complete the project on time. Thus, it is important for a writer to have a planned time management skills as it is a process of developing procedures, policies, and testament for developing, planning, executing, managing, and controlling the project effectively.
  • Focus on effective scope management as it has always been a key factor in deliberating project success. You must understand that the failure to interpret a client's problems accurately will lead to a misleading scope of work and additional effort and rework will be required.

How to write PROJ 6002: Project Management Individual Assignment?

As we have discussed above that this assessment has two parts i.e. Discussion Activity and Scope and Time Management documentation. Now let’s read more about the best approaches to write a project management case study assignment.

PART A – Discussion Activity

Schedule Management –

How are the ways in which a change in project scope can affect the project's calendar, and how should a project manager convey these variances to stakeholders systematically? Explain few examples based in this case study in order to support the discussion.

The Correct way to answer the above question

Students can start the initial discussion in about 500 words and 250 words for each comment or feedback. In case, if you need help in ‘PART A’ assessment, My Assignment Services is available with a pool of management assignment experts to assist you.

PART B – Scope and Time Management Plans

In this section, you are required to create a management plan for the Project Management Plan on the basis of information given in the case study.

Case Study Sample;

Case Study Sample

For assessment 1 Part B, you are supposed to develop a time management plan and project scope for the case study. While writing this assessment, you must focus but not limited to the given components:

Project goals and objectives

In the case study, you will come to see that St. Dismas is a medical organisation established with an aim to provide health care services to needy patients. It is a non-profit organisation whose main goal is to focus on the outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation of injured people. But now, it has been seen that there is a significant decline in patient’s admission and thus Board members come to a result to bring certain strategic changes at the workplace.

Example –


As per our project management assignment experts, the key objectives are –

  • Enhance medical facilities.
  • Refine and upgrade the draw a better sketch of St. Dismas health care organizations.
  • Enlarge the health care campus.
  • To provide immediate medical service to patients.
  • Enhance the revenue level.

Project Scope Statement

A project scope statement can be explained as a tool that outlines the constraints and deliverables, and key success factors. In this assignment, you must prepare a well-written scope statement that clearly defines the barriers of a project. Moreover, you can refer to the below-given snapshot to generate ideas to write PROJ 6002: Project Planning and Budgeting assessment PART B project scope statement question.

Project Scope Statement

Work Breakdown Structure

In project management, a work breakdown structure is a deliverable-based breakdown where projects are broken into various smaller components. The objective of WBS is to minimise the activities which are complicated in nature. Being a project management assignment writer, you must have to analyse the case study and structure WBS.

Project Schedule

The project schedule is the most suitable technique for board members and other departments as well to identify the activities which are going be to be done in a given time period. In other words, it can be explained as a communication tool that reflects critical tasks concerned with project delivery.

Project Schedule

Hopefully, the above-given information is helpful for students who are unable to understand PROJ 6002: Project Planning and Budgeting assessment. In case, if you need further details or help contact My Assignment Services.

How Do Our Project Management Experts Document Your Assignment?

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