Studying literature, analysing them and then writing a literature review is an academic activity that the students should know. Hence, they are taught how to prepare a literature review and analyse the literature collected. The literature review assignment help providers at My Assignment Services are here to guide you on preparing a literature review on dining consumption in the restaurant.

1. Select journal articles to be reviewed

Generally, if you are given an assignment of a literature review, then the assignment details specify the number of articles that you need to study for this review. In the assignment that I received, the details mentioned 4 journals articles to be selected.

Now, the most important thing to note here is that if the assignment details specify the parameters of the articles you need to choose, then, whatever happens, stick to those parameters.

The 4 research articles have to be selected in the following way -

a. Choosing the 1st article

  • Can be published any time
  • Should propose the theory (concepts of dining consumption in a restaurant)

b. Choosing the 2nd article

  • Should be related to the concept
  • Should be published recently
  • Should have quantitative research design (i.e. facts and figures)

c. Choosing the 3rd article

  • Should be related to the concept
  • Should be published recently
  • Should have a qualitative research method

d. Choosing the 4th article

  • Should be related to the concept
  • Should be published recently
  • Should have a mix of quantitative and qualitative research design

2. Introduce the topic

The first step to write the literature review of dining consumption in a restaurant is to introduce the topic. Tell the reader what dining is, what is dining consumption in a restaurant, a brief of the rise of dining out culture and end with the purpose of the literature review.

For example, “83% of the Australians eat out in a restaurant every weekend. There are a number of factors which need to be kept in mind so that the experience of the customers is satisfactory and makes them want to return. This literature review will analyse 3 of the factors that are considered to be primary - customer perception of authenticity, dining experience and customer satisfaction.”

3. Common themes

Reading the four articles will give you various inferences, results and conclusions. Between the four results that you have, you need to find out a relationship and a common theme. This common theme should be related to the topic in question. You need to, therefore, select those journal articles that will give you a common theme to discuss.

For example, “The research journals talk about the concepts of the dining experience of the customers in a restaurant. After reading and analysing them, it is evident that a customer is more likely to eat out more if he or she gets a satisfying meal every time.”

4. Different themes

Not only that, but the articles must also talk about separate topics and discuss them further. Therefore, there will be certain inferences that are the results of the paper. You need to catch them and write in your 1000 word long abstract.

A good literature review is the one which is able to identify the different results of the papers. You need not only focus on the positive outcomes of the study but also the negative ones.

5. Discuss the limitations of the study

There must be some questions that are left unanswered, some theories left untouched and some parameters unaccounted for. Therefore, when you are writing a literature review of the papers, you need to talk about the limitations of the study.

Tell what you feel was not complete, what was not answered by the author and what could have been explained in a better way.

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There are a number of ways in which you can write your literature review. You will find several formats here and there on the internet but the one that is needed to write the literature review of dining consumption in the restaurant is different. Hence, you can either connect to a literature review assignment help and get personalised guidance or send them your assignment requirements. You will get a 100% original and unique assignment solution.

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