In the firms of today, conducting research is one of the most important factors. Therefore, marketing students like you get MKTG5004 business research methods research proposal assignment so that you know how to identify the external and internal business environment and respond to that. And in your quest, your aid will be marketing assignment help providers at My Assignment Services.

Your assignment will be in the form of a report

The structure that you need to follow is -


I will explain to you all the sections and what you need to write in your MKTG5004 business research methods research proposal.

1. Introduction

This is one of the most crucial parts of the assignment because the professor is going to judge your entire assessment by reading this. Once you have decided on a topic of the business problem, you need to prepare the introduction of the MKTG5004 business research methods research proposal on the basis of that.

For example, if you are selecting the business problem as the communication gap in a virtual team, then your introduction will talk about the problem first. Why communication is necessary for a team, why virtual teams are needed and how is communication hampered in a virtual team. Do not forget to mention how the problem is relevant to the industry you are operating in.

You will also mention the research question(s) here in this section. They may be -

  • To see how communication is essential for the efficient working of a team
  • To see how communication is disrupted when virtual teams work on a project
  • To formulate ways to eliminate poor communication in a virtual team

2. Prepare your hypotheses

Every research has one variable component that you are aiming to find and a fixed component that is used as the frame of reference. You need to provide a relationship between both these components for your MKTG5004 business research methods research proposal.

For example, taking the above problem further, the variable component can be effective communication and the fixed component can be team efficiency. The relationship between these two will be your hypotheses for the question. You can opt for the hypotheses that “when the team communicates more effectively, the efficiency of the team increases.”

Once decided, you need to now apply various theories and principles to support your hypotheses.

3. Research methodology

MKTG5004 business research methods research proposal will ask you to mention what research methodology are you following. In this, you need to lay down your plan - starting from how you are going to collect the data to how you are going to arrive at a conclusion.

If you are taking the sample of only 10 teams in an organisation where thousands of teams operate, you need to justify your reason for selecting those teams only. Also, if you are selecting the procedure of data collection as an interview, you need to justify why the interview was a better option than a survey questionnaire and vice versa.

4. Define the contribution your research will have

The professor is not asking you to prepare this research because they want to test how long can you procrastinate for and then who submits the best MKTG5004 business research methods research proposal in a single night. No, everything has a practical application. If the research you are carrying out is not having any actual applications, then it is of no use.

Explain how your research will contribute to -

  1. The industries and the real world application of the research. For example, if you are able to crack the code of improving communication in a virtual team, you are going to be a million dollar baby soon.
  2. The second one is the academic use of the research. Even if you are able to solve a real-world problem, does your research adds value to the existing literature or not, that you need to identify.

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