Creating A Personal Action Plan To Implement Cultural Safety
April 26, 2019
Author : Charles Hill

The health care profession is a profession where the stakeholders have to deal with clients from every cultural and racial diversity. Therefore, ensuring that the health care service is culturally safe is primary for everyone. If you have the assignment to prepare a personal action plan for implementing principles of cultural safety, take the aid of management assignment help professionals.

1. Identify your goal

You have to think that you are a professional in the health care sector or are managing one and have to apply the principles of cultural safety. Therefore, you need to identify the goal of this personal action plan.

Your goals have to be realistic and achievable. If you decide that you will achieve a 100% culturally safe hospital in a month, that is not something that the professor is going to be impressed with.

For example, “In a month’s time, I will apply at least 3 of the 6 principles of cultural safety in my workplace and motivate the employees to abide them.

2. State your objectives

Note that the objectives are different from the goals. In the goals, you are defining what you are going to achieve at the end when the dust has cleared after the battle.

Objectives are your steps to reach the destination. Think of objectives as the strategies that you are going to apply for the completion of this personal action plan.

For example, “The objectives of this personal action plan are -

  1. To study and evaluate the principles of cultural safety.

  2. To identify the scope of applying them in the health profession.

  3. To define a process of applying the principles in the workplace.

3. Collect resources

You cannot prepare this entire plan by yourself and the professor knows that. They know that you would need the help of various other authors in a similar domain for support. Take your query to Google and search for journal articles, books and other academic literature.

Use them to form your arguments and use them as evidence. The professor wants to know that the resources you have collected are related to the assigned topic and actually have any relevance with your assignment.

Collect the resources as per the needs of the assignment. Read and analyse them to extract useful information to write on in the assignment.

4. Identify obstacles and their countermeasures

A wise king never seeks out war. And you never go to war before thinking beforehand the challenges and placing rectifications for them in place. Thus, you need to identify the challenges that can arise in a health profession while implementing principles of cultural safety.

Be realistic with the challenges that can actually arise in such a situation. For example, the employees may not be aware of the concept of cultural safety and are not very comfortable with the decision of the management body. To overcome this challenge, training should be scheduled to make the nurses and other professionals aware of what cultural safety is and why should they follow these procedures.

5. Method of evaluation

You have the goals ready, you have laid down the objectives, have collected the secondary literature and are now also aware of the possible challenges that you will be facing.

Now is the time to evaluate all that you have collected. For that, you would need to deploy evaluation techniques. Select the method of evaluation and provide justification for that. On the basis of the questions you have to answer and the objectives you have to achieve, define the type of evaluation you will undertake in this personal action plan.

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