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Ethics, professionalism, rules, and regulations, all are concomitant keywords that need to be kept into cognizance for the students of nursing so that they can proceed to the path of professionalism in the future. The idea of ethics, professionalism, and rules both in the theory and practical counterpart should be emphasized not by the nurses or nursing students but also by the health sector staff, doctor, patients, and community but, to be frank, the role of leadership is to be played by the nurses or the nursing students. All the Nursing Assignments reflect the idea of professionalism and ethics but they need to be presented critically. A yawning emphasis on evaluating case studies should be required to answer some general questions. Needless to say, to do the assignment, NURBN1001 Nursing Case Study elaborately along with a certain extent of ingenuity, you might want to hire an expert to assist you.

What is NURBN1001 Doris Case Study Nursing Assignment?

In this assignment, we can find a case study of Doris, a 79-year-old lady who lives with her 88-year-old husband, Peter. Doris has fallen and fractured her right hip, whereas Peter seemed to be ill while he took her to a nursing home. The nurse on duty could get to know, Peter is also a patient of dementia. But, indeed, Peter didn't talk about this problem with his general physician. The doctor made Peter sign on a blank page to get consent from Peter for the operation of Doris. But Peter's dementia entirely baffles the ability to understand the proposed procedure for Doris’ medical procedure. The nurse reported that in Doris' health chart but she had to be off duty. The doctor who was inspecting Doris had gone off as his scheduled time for the job for that day was over. But the junior doctor and other nurses who seemed to be unaware of the problem made a blunder by injuring another portion of the heap as they were clueless about the medical condition of Peter. Now there are some general questions regarding ethics, duty, regulations, and professionalism of the healthcare staff. In this NURBN1001 case study, you have to critically deal with the questions. Different examples and data and theories are to be incorporated into the assignment. If you find any challenges, then you should chat with our experts who have tremendous experience in preparing Nursing assignments. My Assignment Services is the abyss for all the Nursing students as they all can contact the milieu of professional experts if required.

Important topics to study for solving NURBN 1001: Doris Case Study

Here, some points are highlighted that you need to be concerned about.

  • Ethical, legal, and professional framework in nursing study
  • Application of the framework in the healthcare industry
  • Legal and ethical roles and responsibilities of professional nurses including responses during an emergency condition.
  • Method of managing information effectively from a legal standpoint.
  • Common law for nursing practices
  • Knowledge about professional regulation and nursing registration
  • Knowledge regarding professional regulations and rules in the field of Nursing.

Can you explain to me how ethics are to be followed in the Nursing pedagogy and how this is to be relegated to nursing professionalism?

NURBN1001 Doris Case Study Nursing Assignment Sample NURBN1001 Doris Case Study Nursing Assignment Sample2 Any field should have some professional ethics, required to be deployed by the professionals, Nursing is no such exception. This field directly deals with the care for someone's life and the sustenance of a patient's vitality so the responsibility gets doubled. Some basic codes of ethics are to be followed dully in the healthcare industry as the codes outline a nurse's commitment to respect, promulgate, protect, and ratify fundamental rights of people. In Clinical Management, Nursing Study and research areas, three professional frameworks are to be maintained. These are as follows.

  • Decision-making framework
  • Guidelines
  • Position statement

NURBN1001 Doris Case Study Nursing Assignment Sample3 The code of ethics precedes the relationship between healthcare and human rights. To recognize the significance of these codes means recognizing, respecting, and protecting the wide range of civil, cultural, economic, political, and social rights of human beings. Apart from all these codes develop a significant outcome in the medical procedures of the Australian Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders who have their own socio-cultural beliefs and freedom to decision-making in their mundane life. In constructing a bridge between health care and human rights, the nurses can widen their vision and keep the human rights protected for all so that there would be no exclusion, be it cultural, social or political. Apart from that, you need to have a solid understanding of the guiding framework. The concept of "self", "health consumer", "colleagues" and "communities" need to be clarified to maintain the guiding framework. The NURBN1001 assignment seems to explore a lot of things relegated to Law, Sociology, and Nursing Ethics. The interdisciplinary assignment model requires a detailed and integral study of health care and nursing management. You need a nursing assignment writing expert to save your time and the burden of research. Our experts have been proving work legally and ethically assignment help to students.

How am I supposed to relegate all these concepts aforementioned with the case study?

To build a relation between the concepts mentioned and the case study, a sensible, analytical, and professional study and perception will be required. You will have to explore some steps that could be taken in replacement for the steps taken by the senior doctor and the nurses. What can be the proper order to design a professional medical procedure for Doris? Where is the dearth in professional ethics? How can the rules and regulations be strengthened? To find the perfect answers to these questions, you may place the order for an original copy of your assignment prepared by our nursing assignment help experts.

Why Should I Hire a Nursing Expert for My Assignment?

There are many reasons. Some of them are mentioned here for your benefits. 24*7 access: you can contact us whenever you feel like it. If you are perturbed by the fear of deadline, and in the middle of the night, you have no companion to share with your problem, we would like to inform you that you can schedule a live chat with our experts anytime. We will prepare an ingenious assignment for you, and that too will be prepared before the deadline. A milieu of adept academicians: It is to advise always to a student that an adept academician with terrific expertise should be chosen instead of a freelancer. Our experts believe in academic integrity and good educational outcomes. We have more than 2000+ subject experts to deal with every nook of a discipline. Plagiarism-free assignments: Assignments prepared by our experts go though through 21 quality checks. Besides, you will get a Plagiarism report as a testimonial of authenticity.

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