Communication is always strategic and cognitive manifestation in all the industries. When it comes to Nursing and Healthcare, the responsibility and caliber for communication mount up more as the field stands on the idea of strategic communication. In the premise of Nursing and Healthcare management, any of your job responsibilities come with a sense of duty to communicate with your clients. The words chosen for communication should be meticulous, relevant, and intelligent. Let us come to the subject code, CHCCOM005- Communicate and Work in Health Or Community Service, and discuss more about its assignment. 

What is CHCCOM005?

CHCCOM005 is the subject code for an interesting topic for the Nursing Students that is, Communicate and Work in Health Or Community Service. Let's get an overview of the topic bricks by brick. First of all, this topic deals with how a nurse can better converse with the clients in the health sector and various communities. Now the question comes, what should be the various tasks in this particular area? Let me answer it.

  • You have to talk about your position description. You may take help from your HR or in general any HR from the health department and hospitals. The position description can also be measured with the help of the various job portals, the Health Department, seniors, and colleagues.
  • You have to develop policies for several health campaigns and different scenarios. Policies should be well versed and directive. It should require a viable degree of health awareness and strategic communication.
  • Except for the above two, you have to write some words on how you are supposed to communicate with patients and your colleagues in different scenarios.

Before you start telling me about my tasks, please explain to me one simple concept, how to write a good Position description?

CHCCOM005- Communicate and Work in Health Or Community Service Assignment Sample As mentioned above, you need to know both the trend and knowledge about nursing to incorporate them into your Position Description. In simple words, the Position description envelopes brief details of several works you can be responsible for, in the health sector. Another important thing you need to keep in mind what amount of research you have made while preparing your position description. In the Position Description, a brilliant communicative language can help you more present your caliber and workability. You may require a nursing assignment writing expert’s help to prepare an ingenious Position description for your future uses. My Assignment Services is a student help portal for more than 10 years in Australia that can provide you with the top-notch Nursing Assignment experts for your assignment. Let's see some quick overview of the responsibilities in this profession that you have to demonstrate through your Position Description.

  • Reporting on patients' needs and problems
  • Administration of workload
  • Follow up of care regulations and standards
  • Work experience and cooperation in a multidisciplinary team
  • Treatment facilitation for emergency

Apart from that, your certificate of degree, diploma, and work experience will have to be attached here.

Can you please tell me about some proven strategies for Nursing Communication? Because I need to incorporate the idea in my Assignment

CHCCOM005- Communicate and Work in Health Or Community Service Assignment Sample2 Sure. Why not! Effective and Strategic Communication can be of many types. In most cases, we need to combine one with another. 

  • Personal Communication: it is always an important component to replicate how connected a nurse can be with a patient. Nursing Communication Strategies have more focus on building a personal rapport with the patient by knowing quintessential nuances of the mundane life of that patient. Although an important skill, many nurses feel short of, is the time. So another important measure to construct a base of Personal Communication is time management. The more efficient you will be doing that, the better you can build your skills in Personal Communication. A good nurse is always a good listener as a nurse's duty remains in addressing the problems of a patient and reducing both the physical and mental redress by harnessing through better talk.
  • Patient teaching: it is a two-way method as it involves both the teaching patients and learning from them. You need to develop a good communication strategy in understanding the subject's interest of a patient to prepare your ideas and information relegated to that topic. Some basic lessons you need to prepare for developing self-reliance, anxiety and trauma management, depression control, and some other relevant to mental health during treatment. You need to be a good listener in this case as you need to hear from a patient about some ideas and knowledge of any subject that the patient may have interest upon. The discussion must have to be interactive and for that, you will require to have some interpersonal skills along with a basic sense of general awareness.
  • Communication through technology: due to the advancement of technology, communication should be established and developed through the use of technology. There can be multiple ways of cultivating great communication with the patients through ICT (Information and Communication Technology). Informing about applications, playing games with the patients, showing pictures of the staff, and the hospital, showing patients education videos on the basic needs of patients' healthcare can be some different strategies to compensate for the communication gaps and save time. It can be said that the patient’s education function should be multimodal that means the education can be of verbal mode. Educating patients through technology may sometimes be hindered due to the language barriers through the voice control system. A nurse needs to be meticulous in understanding the need and comfort of the patient. Sometimes a small session on pictures, composition, and videos through a personalized small computer may seem to be helpful.

To incorporate the vast ideas about the communication strategies in your nursing assignment, you may have to have a professional approach towards that. Many viable reports from scientifically accredited journals, blogs, and books need to be cited and the task ought to be well assisted by an expert academician from the field of Nursing and Health Education. You can feel free to contact the nursing assignment help experts at My Assignment Services.

Can You help me in writing one answer from the scenarios where strategic but brief communication is required

Why not! You can get the complete and authentic assignment from our experts. Don't hurry! Don't panic! Take a deep breath and have a look at how an answer is written in this case. You can get yours too. CHCCOM005- Communicate and Work in Health Or Community Service Case Scenario If we come across this scenario 1, we find a painful and devastating situation for the guy who has lost his wife. Now, what should be the communication strategy as a nurse to prepare some words to help him get out of the situation? First of all, you need to initiate talking and that can stem from the very mundane talk. You can ask the person directly whether he requires any assistance. Instead of talking about his wife, you should start talking about some of his interests or you can help him by striving to participate in any of the areas of his interests. Another interesting strategy includes various motivational talk to help him emancipate against the challenges he is currently facing. The idea of motivation in the right way always works in that case. You may take the help of ICT to strengthen his participation and to activate the logical portion of his psyche. It may seem to be quite tricky but an expert can prepare an authentic communication strategy with ease.

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