“Am I the only one to see this elephant in the classroom?” The ease with which your faculty assigns essay assignments and let me not even start with the obscure creativity that the instructors at Arab Universities deploy, with the limited choice of Essay Topics. It naturally confuses and in some cases, even causes anxiety in university students. “Contrary to the belief of your teacher, writing an Academic Essay is a complex assignment especially at the Graduate and Post Graduate level of education.” You are not the first one or the last to search the internet for top-rated essay writing help in UAE and don’t blame yourself or Google, if you end up finding no useful information.

Again! Stop asking Google about Essay writing tips for UAE students.

Academic essay writing; like everything else has evolved too. A quotidian mistake by UAE scholars in approaching an essay assignment is that they, even today, seek out to write an essay in its classical form. Focusing much on research and the word count will invariably lead your argument to go astray and eventually the central topic of your essay will be lost somewhere between your findings and reasoning. By the time you will reach to creating your essay conclusion statement; in all probability, you will be lost too. Last Minute Essay Writing Hacks

Essay Topic First; Research Later. Just try it once.

Allow me to enlighten you my friend; Times have changed and so have the learning outcomes of an essay. UAE universities follow a western approach in imparting higher education and as it is with the west; colleges in the Arab world too now seek contemporary writing that although sticks to the academic format and cites evidential research which should be linguistically eclectic and contains a unique defending statement. Academic essays are measured not only on your research and rebuttal but also on your bona fide evidence, writing skills, language competence, the format of an essay and the references you cite to support your evidence must be clear and concise. Rather than jumping a few guns; stay put and first invest some time in deciding, “What will be a good topic for your essay”. Recent essay topics which I have proofread and edited include some quirky ones too:

  • Support the existence of Gold-Rush at Dubai Souks with historical evidence.
  • Impact of falling real estate prices in the middle-east on the luxury brand market.
  • What happens when AI (Artificial Intelligence) supersedes Human Intelligence?

Scout your mind for your areas of academic expertise. A good essay topic can be something that you feel strongly and are knowledgeable about.

It’s your Essay and Your voice.

In the end, learning the objective and grade potential of every academic essay boils down to the thesis statement of your essay and choosing a wrong essay topic will push it into an unfixable space. Don’t just rely on representing the research rather portray your point of view. An original argument is a priceless commodity when writing your academic essays; be it reflective, narrative or any other form; like un-plagiarized writing your ideas too, must be original if you wish to score distinction grades in your essay assignments.

What should be the length of an essay introduction?

I keep receiving tweets and comments from students on my social profiles asking “How many words do I need to justify my argument?” “How long should my essay be?” The most common one being, “In how many words should I conclude my beginning”. The answer to this is subjective but as the popular adage goes, “Well begun is half done”. If you are writing a non-descriptive essay of say, 5-6 pages; keep your essay beginning compact within two paragraphs. However, for reflective writing of 10-12 pages, you need to devote at least the first two pages to your essay introduction, to clearly represent your concept and then begin with the literature review, a reasonable argument and eventually spread your conclusion statement expansively because as I mentioned it earlier, your essay inference is the thesis statement and THE most important part of your essay.

Essay Writing Tips_Quote

Remember, the Simplest Opening Statements for your Essay are also the best ones.

Read this essay's opening statement aloud: ” The contrast between human thoughts and actions prevail in abundance. Mankind’s general apathy towards their surroundings is now an accepted prevalence, which could easily lead to unbecoming of the society and is seemingly becoming common human nature”. What would you change in it? The words read fine but the entire opening lacks the core point. What are we talking about, War, Human Rights, or Climate Change? It is unclear and thus just a good sentence is not enough to hook your reader rather open your essay with a clear purpose of your argument such as this: ” The contrast to the human thoughts and actions prevail in abundance. The utmost pride we take in the natural beauty of our planet has not stopped us from degrading it. The reefs all around the world are dying including the Great Barrier Reef and desertification of earth is happening at an alarming pace. Climate Change is a real problem and as a civilization, if we continue to ignore the scientific evidence, our future will all but cease to exist as we envision it. There! You have it. It is easily fathomable that both essay opening statement examples are curated creatively but it is the latter that reflects the message of Climate Change. The very beginning of your essay should intrigue your readers with words and present your core concept with utmost clarity. The concluding statement should revisit the various facts and evidence that you have provided in your essay and then chart a robust and a defendable conclusion even if it is contrary to the popular beliefs.

Last-minute Essay Writing Hacks

These are tested and tried methods, something that I use myself when scholars seek me out for online assignment help in UAE.

Ration the Research for your Essay:

Here’s the problem. You wanted to start your essay last week but couldn’t. Now your assignment deadlines are almost there but you can’t afford to compromise on the research. And this is the Solution – This is the time to awaken your reading skills. Skim through multiple essay samples and research data and only read the abstracts and conclusions. This will aid you in understanding a popular methodology and usable evidence for writing your essay.

Create an Essay Outline

Write it on a piece of paper and stick it on the wall. A conventional essay format goes like this:

  • Opening or Essay Introduction (including Hook and Thesis Synopsis)

  • Body Paragraph of your Essay (literary pieces of evidence or Sub-Thesis with topic Sentences)

  • Conclusion (Including your final argument and thereafter easing out)

  • References and Citation ( APA, MLA or Harvard)

Write Essay Conclusion, When Everything Else is Done

Prepare your conclusion to persist. It is common knowledge that writing a good essay introduction and conclusion is often the hardest part. Here, I would like to again emphasize the importance of concluding or Thesis statement. It should be a comprehensive summary of your quoted research but most importantly it should develop a raging curiosity in the reader’s mind that compels them to think about your side of the argument long after they are done reading it. Still, have questions about how to write a powerful essay? Leave your queries in the comment section below and I will try to address them promptly. You may also contact essay help experts in UAE with My Assignment Services to clear any doubts. Be good and write better.

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