NURS6900 Introduction to Research in Health Care
June 22, 2021
Author : Keith Morris

There is no doubt about the fact that research is of indispensable importance in any domain. Research helps in evaluating the efficacy of the existing technologies for individuals and society. Research also aims at developing better, more innovative technologies to create better mechanisms to solve the problems faced by individuals and groups of individuals. In this blog, we will be discussing the historical perspectives of research.

As far as the research groundwork in the medical field is concerned, it is important to understand how different rules and regulations about healthcare diverge or overlap. We shall also delve into the complex definition of healthcare research under the stringent federal regulations concerning health care data. This article will also shed light on the quality improvement initiatives taken by governments and institutions to develop high-quality tools and instruments that can aid the health care initiatives of the government agencies.

The federal regulations also draw a clear distinction between health care research and other health care initiatives that employ health care data. Research and development is an important aspect of the NURS6900 Introduction to Research in Health Care. Therefore, the survey data and sample data collected from individuals availing of health care in the country are extremely important. This data forms the basis of the research findings derived from the health care sector. 

factors shaping the future of healthcare

What Is the Federal Definition of Health Care Research?

Under various statutes and regulations, research is defined as the systematic study and evaluation done to develop or supplement the existing generalized knowledge about a discipline or subdiscipline. This systematic examination may include methods and procedures such as testing, evaluation and development of generalized knowledge. Such research includes the evaluation of biomedical factors as well epidemiological studies. The behavioural, social and economic factors are also considered, both at the micro and macro level for federal research.

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials make up the very foundation of the NURS6900 Introduction to Research in Health Care. One of the most important forms of healthcare research, clinical trials constitute the administration of medications and pharmaceutical inventions to patients in a controlled environment under controlled circumstances. This is the best way to determine the clinical efficacy and strength of medical innovation. However, the importance of clinical trials has significantly reduced in light of the growing significance of data science. Data analysis is the process of analyzing large volumes of raw data to make logical deductions and to be able to derive important and actionable information.

With the advent of data science, it has become easier to find out information about the efficacy of certain technologies and medical tools/equipment. Therefore, the reliance on clinical trials for finding out first-hand information on medical innovations has greatly reduced, especially in the case of old technologies. This is a very important development because a large amount of research is done in the field of the development of old innovations. Usually, there is substantial user data available for such old technologies. This data can be used to derive important information about the products and their use.

healthcare data sources

Recognizing Patterns of Occurrences

An important objective of health care research is to recognize patterns of occurrences of various diseases and medical ailments. Research and groundwork done on the available data dump can help medical professionals and researchers in determining the causes and frequencies of occurrences. This helps in determining the external and environmental factors that cause the rise in certain diseases. 

Determining the Natural Disease History

The natural disease history, its evolution from its preliminary stages as well as important information about its incubation period and onset can alsohelp the health care workers inproviding better health care and treatment to the affected persons. The natural disease history also includes information about the susceptibility of persons who have shown early occurrences of the disease. Therefore research and development play an important role in studying rare diseases for which a wide range of data is not available.

Finding Out More About Diagnostics and Treatments 

It is an important aspect of healthcare research. One of the most important purposes of health care research is to find out more efficient and fast ways of determining the pathogens and disease-causing bacteria that cause the disease in the first place. Also, it is important to find new and innovative ways to treat those diseases through effective treatments. This requires diagnostic procedures.

Like any other domain, research and groundwork are extremely important in the health care sector as well. Every year, health care companies and pharmaceutical companies invest billions of dollars in performing research and investigation to invent and develop superior health care technologies that can bring about actionable change in the healthcare ecosystem around the world. The purpose of health care research is also to determine the efficacy of the existing health care innovations, tools and equipment including medications. 

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