The international conglomerate and technology giant Hewlett Packard Enterprise declared its training and academic association with the UCN or the University College of North. The eminent institution has prominent campuses in cities across Canada. The university has been selected by Hewlett Packard for its exceptional technological infrastructure and distinguished emphasis on technical training and trade exposure. The innovative HPE Nimble DHCI technology will be the centre point of this tech training imparted to the students. Students and aspirants are extremely excited about this opportunity.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

The university college of North has selected this particular university for imparting tech training to their students because the application has widespread usage and is rather straightforward and simple as compared to other contemporary tech applications in its category. The ambitious project has come to be called the INTERN project or the Information Technology Readiness North (InTeRN) Project. Being touted as one of the most pathbreaking academic and training associations, the project has been initiated to train hands-on future-ready professionals who are acquainted with the multifaceted aspects of contemporary technologies.

The HPE Nimble DHCI Technology

The HPE Nimble DHCI technology also delivers the specific training needs of the tech training curriculum of the UCN. It is also straightforward to manage, control and customize the software application. It is also extremely simple to access the system which makes it a suitable choice for tech training in a laboratory environment. With this innovative new age technology, University College of the North Sets Students on Path to Success with Technology from Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Another important reason for selecting this software application over the others is that the HPE Nimble DHCI technology has been employed by major conglomerates and corporations across the world. In terms of its offering, the technology offers superior levels of efficiency and simplicity of use. Its popularity among corporates and educational institutions stems from the fact that the technology has seen a 250 percent revenue growth in the previous year despite the worldwide slowdown brought about by the pandemic. The company Hewlett Packard has also announced that the tech application is still recording constant momentum.

It is estimated that as many as 2000 students studying in the University College of the North will be able to benefit from this tech association. learning through the program will help them learn the actual skills required to make it the tech industry of today and meet the rigorous requirements of the contemporary industries. As much as 70 percent of the total student population is indigenous. There are two campuses of the UCN. The university also boasts of 12 well-equipped regional training centres.

The courses have expansive and all-encompassing tech education curriculums. The training programs are inclusive of standard university programs, trade exposure programs as well as courses that are offered through the online module. Providing combined education through these modes of study, UCN has been able to put forth an exceptional and exemplary academic model that meets the demands of contemporary academic needs.

The HPE Nimble DHCI technology training provides for a scalable solution that can be installed and maintained easily. Also, compared to the other tech training programs the Nimble program has a track record of minimum downtime and provides a superior student experience to students. The program removes inconsistencies and complexities involved in software training and makes it extremely simplified for students to understand the profundities of the technology without substantial experience.

Here are Some of the Manifest Advantages of Using The HPE Nimble DHCI Technology

The program eliminates complexities: with its breakthrough DHCI technology, the application removes the requirement of performing multiple steps. This makes the application simple to use and less time-consuming.

The program ensures the implementation of a reliable environment. The technology is an innovative technology that provides a secure and trustworthy ecosystem for developing SBOS or system-based outcomes. Guaranteed availability: the program also ensures guaranteed access and availability of the technology to the students. Since the software is widely used by some of the most important software giants around the world, the students must be guaranteed access to the application.

Superior performance: gaining increased popularity among companies and large-scale business enterprises around the world, the HPE Nimble DHCI technology provides a background for creating future, ready tech professionals. The application is characterized by next-level performance and efficiency.

Simplistic management: the controls and tools in the software application are straightforward to use. These characteristics greatly reduce the total time taken in performing complex functions thereby increasing the utility and usability of the program.

The Distinguishing Factors of The INTERN Program

There are several reasons to demonstrate the uniqueness of the INTERN program. The program is one of its kind and has been designed to acquaint the students with the essential elements of the modern-day information technology industry. The focus of the project is also community development with certain very specific development objectives. The program focuses on the emancipation of women and on eliminating the societal barriers associated with women's education in the realm of information technology. The program also aims at combining the modern-day IT curriculums with traditional knowledge of rudimentary technologies. The program also focuses on providing the students with practical and usable skills required in the modern-day world.


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