The University of Alaska has now come up with its breakthrough Anchorage program which is expected to pave the way for quality legal education in Alaska. To address the problem of the declining trend of fewer and fewer pupils choosing a collegiate study in law, the University of Alaska has now forged a significant academic partnership and training associated with a university in Oregon to impart high-quality legal education to its students. This will provide the students in Alaska with exciting opportunities to create a career in the field of law. Through the Anchorage program, Alaska students gain law education options under a partnership with the renowned Willamette College of law which is expected to open new avenues of legal education in the state.

If you are a law aspirant in Alaska, there has never been a more exciting time for you. The academic partnership between the University of Alaska and Willamette's University College of Law will pave the way for quality legal education for students in Alaska where the avenues for legal education up till now were largely limited. According to this partnership, the students of the University of Alaska who qualify for the academic requirements will secure an assured admission in the Willamette University’s College of Law in their J.D. program. 

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The Objective of the Partnership

The objective of the partnership is to help the students gain access to high-quality legal education in Alaska, which is at par with the quality of education in the other parts of the world. Till now, it has been a significant challenge to get the students to access quality legal education as Alaska did not have eminent law schools or institutions offering high-quality legal education. However, with this robust partnership between the two renowned institutions, more students will be encouraged to pick law as a profession.

In fact, up till 2021, Alaska did not have a law school at all. This has caused a challenge at many levels. Not only did the lack of local avenues for legal education discourage students from choosing law in future, but it also forced law aspirants to move to other parts of the country to get a law degree. With the Anchorage program, students with aspirations to study law can now directly gain admission in the prestigious law school without any barriers if they meet certain educational criteria.

Financial Grant Through Anchorage

The students who are chosen for the program will also be eligible for a $10,000 renewable scholarship for each year of remaining enrolled and for each year of remaining in solid academic standing at the Willamette College of Law. The program is also available for students studying at the University of Alaska Southeast.

This partnership is an extraordinary opportunity for the students of the University of Alaska as well as their alumni to secure admission into the Salem-based Willamette School of Law. if you have the aspirations of building a fruitful career in law. Through this partnership between the two eminent institutions, the students will now have a clear trajectory to achieve their legal ambitions. 

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The Admission Criteria

As of now a 4+3 Direct Admission criteria has been divided for the students of the University of Alaska to migrate to the Willamette Law school. This criterion allows students studying in graduate programs at The University Of Alaska as well as its alumni to gain direct admission to Willamette Law if they meet certain educational credentials. When a pupil has secured the required credentials, they will be provided with direct admission into the Willamette School of Law. 

The other more important feature of the ANCHORAGE program is that the students are also provided with financial help to fulfill their ambitions. through the financial aid, it will become relatively easier for Alaska students to gain law education options under the partnership.

Each student selected into the "Anchorage" program will also be given an admission scholarship of $10,000. This amount will be completely renewable and will be renewed for every year for which the student remains enrolled at Willamette Law school and continues to achieve the minimum qualifying grade for the renewal of the scholarship.


The idea of the partnership was the brainchild of Bruce Botelho who is a renowned academic and also the former Juneau mayor and community advisor to UAS. he remarked in one of his observations that the Willamette University College of Law was a popular choice of an academic institution for a generation of Alaskan attorneys who have gone on to become eminent and successful lawyers.

Thus, he remarked that through the anchorage program, the age-old relationship between the Willamette law school and Alaska could be cemented further. Many legal professionals are of Alaskan origins. Besides, the direct admission program also ensures that there is sustained development of professionals who are associated with the region of Alaska:

Pupils with an earnest interest in the field of law are inspired to finish 4-year graduation at the University of Alaska and secure direct access to the Anchorage association with Willamette Law school. Based in Salem in Oregon, educationist Leah Straley provides more information and academic guidance to students interested in achieving a legal education, aiding with understanding the requirements of a legal career and law schools as well as in acquiring the required skills for law school. 

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