NRS83002 Mental Health Across The Lifespan Assessment Answer
July 20, 2020
Author : Keith Morris

Like most nursing assignments, the NRS83002: Mental Health Across Lifespan requires you to use an excellent array of peer-reviewed literature. To support your arguments, you need to refer to reputed journals that can offer high-quality evidence. By integrating these with a clear critical analysis and demonstration of concepts, nobody can stop your assignment to snatch an HD grade from the professor.        

In this blog, we will discuss how to write the NRS83002 assessment answers and cover important topics such as Developmental psychology and sociology, family therapy and genogram, and more. In case you are looking out for a few details and a bit of help in writing NRS83002 assignment, then scroll down and read on. 

psychology assessment

“Once you start making the effort to “wake yourself up” – that is, be more mindful in your activities – you suddenly start appreciating life a lot more.” – Robert Biswas-Diener

An apt statement by Robert Biswas Diener! Everything is in mind and once you wake up yourself on your own, there is no looking back. To define what mental health is, we would like to quote the definition by the World Health Organisation (WHO) that says, “Mental Health includes perceived self-efficacy, subjective well-being, competence, autonomy, self-actualisation of one's emotional and intellectual potential, intergenerational dependence, among others.” Now coming on to what psychology is? Well, it is a branch of science that assesses the mental state and process, as well as examines how the same would affect the behaviour of a human.

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Developmental Psychology and Sociology

The father of developmental psychology, Jean Piaget, is the one who discovered this concept. The field of developmental psychology where one learns about ‘how’ and ‘why’ the behaviour of human beings fluctuates during their entire life. The field was originally all about the changes in infants and prepubescent children, but over the due course of time, it is now expanded to be inclusive of the entire lifespan changes including adolescence, adult development and ageing. 

Now coming on to developmental sociology, it is the study of the reasons for the economic change in the society and its relative consequences. Developmental sociology is where the investigation related to practices and processes of social change is taken into consideration. 

Below is the chart of Erik Ericson’s (American-German Psychologist) 8 Stages of Human Development, which describes what psychological crises occur at what stage and at what age during the entire lifespan of a human being. Take a look:

mental health assessment sample

Common Mental Health Conditions Found In Children And Adolescents 

Another important unit that needs to be covered under the assignment is the common mental health problems found in children and adolescents. Below mentioned are some of the most common mental conditions in the view of the children and adolescents:

  • Mood disorders

  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder

  • Schizophrenia

  • Anxiety disorders

  • Troublesome behavioural disorders

  • Stress-related disorders

Family Therapy And Genogram 

A genogram is a famous procedure that the therapists use while delving into family therapy. It is a tool that offers comprehensive information about the family’s interpersonal relationships wherein both the past as well as the present factors are taken into consideration that impacts the prevailing situation.  

In a genogram, one not only gets inured to the medical history of a particular family but it also talks about the relationship across generations. Genogram also helps in identifying the hereditary patterns and psychological factors, which have a major role to play in the current state of affairs. The Bowen Family Systems Theory says that a family acts as an emotional unit. According to this theory, an individual is assessed when he is not in isolation but is in connection with his/her family. And not just that, Bowen also states that an action of one member of the family has an impact on the action of the other. 

Mistakes to Avoid During Psychology Assignment Writing

Below are the mistakes suggested by our psychology assignment help experts that you must avoid as and when you go on to write any psychology assignment:

  • A proper format of an assignment is to be followed right from the introduction to heading to paragraphs to in-texts and so on. 

  • Follow the correct asked pattern to mention the references and bibliography. 

  • Always take references from peer-reviewed journals, scholarly books, Government websites et cetera. 

  • You are not supposed to give your personal opinions or judgements unless asked in the question. An assignment should be professional and has a balanced solution, so one doesn’t have to be biased in any case. 

Here are a few psychology assignment topics that our experts have discussed lately:

mental health assessment sample 2

mental health assessment sample 3

mental health assessment sample 4

Get a More than Just the Solution to the NRS83002 Assessment

The NRS83002 Mental Health Across the Lifespan assessment task might seem daunting as it requires a paramount level of dedication as well as deep research on the subject matter. The NRS83002 Mental Health Across The Lifespan assessment is not only about writing the answers to the questions asked but you also need to deliver a presentation to your professor. In addition to this if you want your assignment to acquire the due approval, so your paper has to be very convincing.

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