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BSBRES801 Initiate and Lead Applied Research Assignment Answers
July 18, 2020
Author : Jacob

What according to you is the biggest problem faced by a country? If I was to research about finding the solution to your problem, it will be called ‘Applied Research’. It is conducted to find solutions to the problems at hand and solves the day to day problems that you and I face in our respective society. For the purpose of writing the BSBRES801 assessment, students are expected to understand, initiate, and lead applied research.

Some of the major examples for Applied Research would be:

~ How to improve customer retention in a supermarket?

~ How to improve one segment of the business while also reducing the cost of it?

~ How to keep up the morale of the employees in the company?

During the course of this BSBRES801 initiate and lead applied research assessment, students are expected to conjecture the knowledge-based and the skill set required to conduct applied research. It would include the experience of planning, conducting, and reporting on the applied research. The results would then have a major impact on the business strategy and its outcomes in the company. Our experts, who provide applied communication assignment help, have described the answers to a few questions which will give you an idea.     

BSBRES801 Task 1: Written Questions

This assessment will also help the students learn about how a strategy has to be created to initiate and lead applied research. The techniques that can be used to conduct the research and how to analyze and review the results of the research. The purpose and intention of conducting this research can vary based on the requirements of the company or individual.

Applied Research Assignment Answers

The assessment is divided into two parts:   

Task 1 - Written questions

Task 2 - Construct and use applied research techniques

Task 1 includes the following questions that are to be answered by the student:

Applied Research Assignment Sample Applied Research Assignment Samlple 2 Applied Research Assignment Samlple 3

The following key points will help the student in task 1:

Communication and it’s different methods:

In today’s world especially when we are at our homes and working from our living rooms. The only thing keeping companies and organizations alive is Communications. The right exchange of thoughts and ideas is important to make any communication effective. 

Some of the effective ways of communication are as follows, irrespective of the purpose of the communication.

  1. Written communication

    • Anything, when communicated in written words such as memos, planners, minutes, articles, announcements, etc, would come in the category of written communication.

  2. Verbal communication

    • In verbal communication, you exchange your thoughts and ideas through spoken words. It is usually done when face to face or via verbal communication devices and software. 

  3. Non-verbal communication

    • In non-verbal communication, you express your views and thoughts without actually using words. You use your body language to express your feelings. 

Did you know that you communicate 55% through your body language, tone of voice, and facial expressions?   

  1. Visual communication

    • Visual communication is said to be the most effective way of communicating. The retention rate in visual content is higher than any other form of communication.

Role of technology in collection and analysis of data collected

The entire data that you will be collecting for the purpose of your applied research could be collected electronically to save time and costs. In times like these where a pandemic prevails, we are not left with choices. The student has to research the methods of collecting data electronically and explain them. Some examples of collecting data online would be - From focused groups, Interviews, Social Media Surveys, etc.

Once the data is collected the student is supposed to mention the ways in which he/she would be analyzing the collected data.

Furthermore, the students are expected to have thorough research on the legal policies concerning the applied research. The multiple techniques of demonstrating the found data are also to be mentioned. The task might feel overwhelming but that is what we are here for. You can assign your assignment to My Assignment Services. 

Task 2, however, is divided into three parts: 

  1. How to create an applied research strategy?

  2. Utilizing the various applied research techniques

  3. Presenting the collected analysis of the data  

The proper strategy has to be created in order to conduct applied research. The students need to follow multiple steps to creating the perfect strategy:

  • Identifying the objectives and the goal of collecting the data through the research.

  • Understanding the procedures and policies for conducting applied research.

  • Stating the process of collecting the data and then analyzing it.

  • Complying with the code of conduct while conducting the applied research.

  • Constructing the strategy of execution of the applied research.

  • Considering the right tools and resources required to initiate and lead applied research.

Researching and utilizing the various applied research techniques

Various applied research methods are - Interviews, Surveys, Questionnaires, Data reporting, Observation, Focus Groups, and more. The students are not only required to understand the methods but are also expected to research which method would suit their objectives the best.

Presenting the collected data

Once the data is collected based on the above-mentioned techniques, it has to be presented in the matrix that aids the purpose of the research and is easy to understand. The right presentation and analysis of the research will be the final nail in the coffin for the hard work done. 

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