Follow These Useful Tips for Scoring A Grades in Your College Essays!

Follow These Useful Tips for Scoring A Grades in Your College Essays
July 20, 2020
Author : Kristy

You have come so far and stayed so long! When you are writing an essay, you can not afford mistakes no matter how small. Your writing style, arguments, and knowledge shall all be well represented in the essay. If you’re not a born talent towards writing essays, then here are our top tips for you to draft the best essays with the standards that match your qualification. However daunting this may sound, you can always go for essay writing help providers like My Assignment Services to help you with any kind of essay that you might need. 

A lot of effort is required when you are writing something academic, especially an essay. You have to make sure that you answer the essay questions in a way that it can bear you great marks and the knowledge it intended to pass. There are some tips that will apply to any essay you write and you can twist this advice based on the subject and requirements.

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Comprehend the question and its objectives

This is such a simple tip but mostly ignored. Students always struggle to see what’s right in front of them. Spend enough time understanding what the question is asking you. Find out the objective of the essay and the outcomes that you are required to achieve. Every word used in the essay will decide what the flow and outcome of your essay will be.

Plan and schedule

Once you have comprehended the topic, make a schedule to stick to. Set up mini-deadlines for each part of the essay and try to finish the work within that time frame. It is less overwhelming when you are supposed to complete small chunks of work within close deadlines than to do a huge essay on one deadline. You can keep timeframes to understand the topic, research about the topic, mapping out the structure, collecting the relevant information, articles, and resources. Leading to segments like, actually writing it, proofreading it, and then finally submitting it. It will keep you calm and organized without having to deal with last-minute panic. 

Plan and schedule


Yes, there can’t be enough stress on the fact that you need to do your homework and research right. You can not just start writing whatever seems right to you. Spend a good chunk of time collecting the related data from reliable sources. Read through the articles and blogs regarding the essay topic. It will help you in outlining your essay the right way. Further, it will help you in selecting the right format for your essay, based on the information it needs to cover, and the template followed in the industry. 

Structure and the flow

Once you have done the research try outlining your essay with the help of sticky notes so that you can easily move the information as and when you need to. Consider the template you are going to follow, and organize your thoughts accordingly. Structure your research into segments and headlines.  

Plagiarism check

So many times we end being inspired by some content on the internet and use it unintentionally in our documents. It is important to have a plagiarism check done on your essay to make sure that it does not get rejected on the basis of a line or two being copied from any source. The last thing you want is to work hard on your essay and then be rejected based on a percentage of plagiarism. 

Maintain academic integrity and standard

Your essay shall scream its high-quality academic content. Make sure that the language you use is academic and fits well with the subject at hand. Also, ensure that academic integrity is maintained throughout the essay to make your essay more credible. There shall be questions about your efforts and knowledge when you submit your essay. 

Be your own critic

The more mistakes you point out, the less the evaluator will find in your essay. You can be the only one who is completely honest with yourself. Don’t skip on mistakes thinking that the evaluator won’t notice, because he/she will! Go through your entire essay multiple times to ensure that nothing goes without scrutiny. The future of your doctorate depends on the mistakes you let go of. 

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Review and Edit

Your work is not done when you finish writing the essay. It is done when you review it and make sure that all the necessary edits have been made. Ensure that you proofread your essay so that there are no language and grammar mistakes. 

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