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Microbiology of Bacterial Respiratory Infections Assignment Answer
July 21, 2020
Author : Ellis Smith

Microbiology is a medical sphere that studies various microorganisms, being single-celled or multi-celled. A common microbiology assignment given to students is the one which focuses on the questions with various diversification and structure of bacteria. Assignments on respiratory and microbiology are the essential components of the nursing sector and many other medical courses offered by paramedical departments and medical institutes.

what is microbiology

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Case Study on Respiratory and Microbiology 

Case Study on Respiratory and Microbiology Case Study Sample on Respiratory and Microbiology Case Study Sample 2 on Respiratory and Microbiology

Respiratory Diseases that Contribute to the Pathophysiology of a Patient

First things first, what is the pathophysiology? Well, the pathophysiology is a convergence of pathology with physiology and is the study of the physiological imbalance or physiological disorders due to a disease or an injury or a result of an abnormal syndrome. Below are a few respiratory diseases that contribute to the pathophysiology of a patient. 

Sore Throat

At the beginning of the respiratory tract infection, a patient would suffer from sore throat, irritation or pain. The sore throat in most of the cases is caused by prostaglandins and bradykinin actions in the upper respiratory tract on the sensory nerve endings. 

Nasal Congestion

One of the subsequent symptoms of respiratory infection happens to be nasal congestion. The nasal congestion is for like first week symptoms and the mechanism of the same depends on the relation of the venous sinuses in the nasal sac epithelium. 


Rhinorrhoea is a watery nasal secretion that happens due to continuous sneezing and is counted amidst the first few symptoms of respiratory tract infection. This issue is because of plasma and glandular exudates with cellular factors such as plasma cells, goblet cells, and neutrophils. The pathology of rhinorrhoea infections usually entails the influx of polymorphonuclear leukocytes. 


Another major infection at the early stage of upper tract respiratory infection is sneezing and it has a great impact on the pathophysiology of a patient. The watery nasal secretion, sneezing is a reflex mediated by the trigeminal nerves and result in streaming the nasal epithelium.


One of the most common and clinical symptoms of respiratory tract infection is a cough. A cough happens to contribute to the pathophysiology of a patient and safeguards the aspiration of food and fluids into the airway as well as scours the respiratory tract of mucus. 

Malaise and mood changes

A patient’s quality of life is decreased when associated with impaired psychomotor function. The symptoms related to respiratory and microbiology disorders may result in malaise and mood changes. Mood changes in such patients may also be a result of cytokines on the central nervous system. 


60 per cent of the patients that suffer from respiratory tract infections have headaches and which is why it is counted amongst a common early symptom. 

Things To Keep In Mind While Respiratory and Microbiology Assignments

There is no denying the fact that microbiology assignments on Respiratory and Microbiology seem to be different and difficult as compared to other spheres. There is a specific format and referencing style that needs to be followed, which sometimes becomes difficult for the students to comprehend. Moreover, a certain approach and language tone is to be followed that you must not neglect. Below are a few things to keep in mind before you start with your microbiology assignment:

What To Follow:

  • Your idea should be substantiated by scholarly theories or literature

  • The answer should be in content to what is asked in the question so thoroughly understand the requirement of the task given

  • The citing should be from authentic journals

  • Referencing style should be appropriate

What to Avoid:

  • Writing answers without having an understanding of the subject matter

  • Ignoring the word count assigned to each question of the microbiology case study

  • The citing is either unreliable or taken from out-dated literature

  • The referencing style is not proper as well

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