Stuck with your biology Assignment? No need to worry about it! Here, you will get the best professional biology assignment help in Canada for different branches of biology. Biology is an important aspect of medical sciences. It is just because of this study the treatment of diseases has emerged and life expectancy has increased. Biology is a vast subject that incorporates the evolution process, studies about living organisms, the need for such organisms, the study of the human body, etc. However, the study of plants known as botany and study of animals is known as zoology. My Assignment Services has experts from both the fields and even more. No matter your biology assignment is based upon which concept, we provide our help for every concept including photosynthesis, reproduction, survival of fittest, and far more.

Biology Assignment Help Canada

Just like the career is coveted so is the subject’s principles are deemed of high-regard. Your career in the medical profession like under forensic science, oceanography, plant pathology, or in genetic fields is totally dependent upon biology grades in your academia. With My Assignment Services, you can easily get the best learning outcomes out of your biology homework. To provide you with well-researched and perfect solutions, My Assignment Services remain active 24x7.

We have a team of 2250+ Ph.D. scholars, 1350+ subject matter experts, and subject-specific retired professionals who make this platform as a one-stop solution for biology homework help in Canada. Also, we haven’t started solving biology assignments from past 2- or 3-years but we are simplifying biology assignments since 2010. Our writers have a strong foundation in biology and are well-versed with each topic coupled with marking rubric, referencing guidelines, and in-text and end-text citations of every university in Canada. The end result would be with perfect structure and format as per the given instructions of your department.

Biology Branches That We Cover Under Our Biology Assignment Help Canada


It deals with the study of plants and comprises of distribution, classification, genetics, ecology, structure, economic importance, and physiology.

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Molecular biology

Molecular biology experts define it as the study of the structure and function of macromolecules. They also termed it as one of the toughest branches of biology that requires professional help.


Zoology is a branch of animals that deals with the study of animals. It is considered as one of the most difficult branches in biology. Seek our biology homework help in Canada for stellar grades in Zoology.

Zoology Assignment Sample


Anatomy consists of the organic structure of humans, animals, or other living organisms. Our biology assignment help in Canada for anatomy is best-in-class and up-to-the-mark.


Microbiology deals with the study of microscopic organisms. Bacteria, archaea, viruses, and protozoa are some of its examples.

Microbiology Assignment Sample

Cell biology

The biology homework experts define cell biology as the study of body cell structure and its functions. No need to go anywhere for cell biology assignment help, contact us to get high-quality assignments.


It overlaps with the environment also. The study of ecology consists of the interaction of the organisms and the environment (biophysical) that corroborates both biotic and abiotic components. Our ecology assignment help is multi-dimensional in nature that covers the aspects of biology as well as the environment that further let you win HD grades.

Ecology Assignment Sample


Basically, cytology is an interesting subject as it involves the study of the structure and function of animals along with plant cells.


Embryology as the term “embryo” suggests, deals with the prenatal growth of gametes, fertilization, as well as the growth of embryo and fetus.


Evolution is the study that refers to the heritable traits transformation of biological populations over generations (consecutive).

Evolution Assignment Sample


The study of enhancing the population by a method of controlled breeding to blow up the case of alluring heritable traits. For the best eugenics assignments services, contact us, and get a boost in your academic performance.

Exobiology or Astrobiology

Exobiology or astrobiology deals with the feasible nature of life on space or on several planets. My Assignment Services provides you with biology homework help in Canada for exobiology at very inexpensive prices.


It is also termed as microscopic anatomy or microanatomy. It basically deals with the microscopic study of biological tissues.


What all it deals with is the study of hereditary deviation, genetics, and genes in organisms. Students in Canada frequently ask us for biology assignment help in Canada for genetics. Worry not! You have landed in the right place.


It deals with the living organisms’ formation and the relationship between their structures.

Paleontology and Physiology

Paleontology deals with the analysis of fossil animals and plants while physiology deals with the mechanisms and functions types that act within a living system. We have the industry experts to provide help with biology assignment in Canada for physiology and paleontology.


It deals with the study of viruses- their genetic material, etc. You can seek biology assignment help Canada from professionals who are capable enough to draft out a top-notch assignment on virology.


Experts of biology assignment help, Canada defines taxonomy as the study of recognition, classification, and nomenclature of organisms in a systematic manner.


Oncology is the study of cancer. The terms and terminologies in this branch are significant to remember while writing any biology assignment.

So, these are the branches for which students seek out biology homework help with us. Additionally, there are a lot more than these fields for which we provide our biology assignment help.

What Are the Key Theories in Biology?

There are four important theories that you should remember while making biology assignments as referring them wins you HD grades.

The cell theory

The cell was discovered by Robert Hook. The cell is the fundamental unit of life that arises from the already existing ones. Basically, the cell theory consists of the explanation of the working and functioning of cells. Three scientists named; Matthias Schleiden, Theodor Schwann, and Rudolph Virchow were the minds behind this theory. The earlier cell was understood in its simple meanings but today it has gone deeper that includes the study of DNA, its energy flow, etc. Now don’t delay your assignments, take biology assignment help, Canada from us.

Natural Selection and evolution

Charles Darwin was the first one who had developed the natural selection theory to give the world evidence that proves the natural selection evolution theory. The key focus of this theory is that the species are being produced in large numbers. Moreover, they are further filtrated by their abilities to survive in the specific environmental conditions and bring in the heritable traits that help them to improve their survival rate.

Gene theory

George Mendel conducted the study of this theory on pea plants. It was also known to be the first perception of gene theory. It focused on the transfer of traits from one generation to another. The conclusion that came out is that gamete is the reason for the transmission of characteristics and the theory is proved to be a unit of inheritance. Also, later on, new findings are added. Our biology homework help in Canada focuses on the best learning outcomes from each theory used in the assignment.


Homeostasis is defined as when there is a change in the external environment the internal body condition remains constant. It involves an in-depth study of the nervous system and the endocrine system. Also, it includes pressure, electrolyte, pH balance, and others.

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