What is an Executive Summary?

An executive summary is a short and concise document generally required for engineering, science and business reports or proposal. In academic reports, executive summary is often referred as an abstract. Executive Summary is the summarisation of long proposals and reports in such a manner that the end user can be acquainted with an elaborative and long body of material, without having to read the entire proposal or report. Executive summary plays a very important role as they serve as the initial interaction between writers of the report and the end users (decision makers, potential customers, or peers)

Objectives of Executive Summary

The objectives of preparing an Executive Summary are as follows:

  • To provide brief overview of the entire report so that end users (Executives and Managers) can read the executive summary without the accompanying proposal or report.
  • To facilitate the reader with a quick understanding of the information.
  • To convince the reader that it’s important for them to read the document.
  • To provide brief, complete, self-sufficient and specific information that is understandable on its own and without the accompanying report.

executive summary

Now that we have covered the objectives of writing an executive summary, let’s take a look at how to write an Executive Summary.

Given below are a few points that will help you write a precise and coherent executive summary:

1. Use your own words: An executive summary should always be written in your own words. You are required to write in formal writing style without using too many jargons. The aim of your executive summary is to relay your information across to the end-user in a clear way.

2. State Purpose of Report: You have to clearly state the aim or purpose of your report. For example, “The main purpose of this report is to...”

3. Describe the procedure used by you: The analytical process or methodology that you have used to process the data should be clearly described.

4. Provide results of the study: You need to provide the readers with the result of the study. Major findings may include a lot of sentences.

5. Provide the recommendations: If you are asked to recommend a solution or a change, you need to incorporate your recommendation in a clear way so as to inform the readers.

6. Keep your summary concise: You need to edit out the minor or irrelevant points to make your summary as precise and brief as possible.

7. Avoid redundancy: Keep your executive summary free of unnecessary words or sentences. Double check it to ensure there are no grammatical or spelling mistakes, and structure your sentences and paragraphs.

8. Use formatting to highlight the message: Use bullet points and subtitles carefully to highlight your message. This helps the readers to skim read your summary.

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