How Our Project Management Assignment Samples Will Help You?

How Our Project Management Assignment Samples Will Help You?
May 10, 2018
Author : Amy

Nowadays,project managementis regarded as a very high priority as all companies or organisations, whether small or large, are at one time or another involved in implementing new undertakings, innovations and changes etc. – projects! These projects may be individually diverse, however over time, some tools, management techniques and problem-solving approaches have proven themselves to be more rewarding than others in bringing projects to a successful end.

Where did Project Management come from?

The development of project management has always been in parallel to the development of general trends in worldwide economics. From globalisation in 1990’s to velocity in 2000’s to the edge of a new decade in which the world maybe has to face an economic recession, projects have seen drastic increment. These projects have come into the picture with the aim of bringing the former speed of the world economy. This also underlines the importance of continuous learning and development of project management capabilities in university project management students. These students when step in the corporate teams in a fast-changing world will be able to work collaboratively in defining plans and managing complex projects by synchronising team-oriented tasks, schedules, and resource allocations. Do project management assignment samples help these students to learn about all the aspects of the subject? Are students able to tackle any practical situation in a project with these assignments? How should a student know before writing these assignments?

Characteristics of a project

Every project has a discrete and definable commencement and conclusion. Also, a project’s management would require tailored activities to support all its characteristics, like:
  • Consists of temporary activities that have predetermined start and end dates.
  • Makes use of restricted resources.
  • It has a single goal or a set of goals.
  • All events are to be realised to develop a single and new output.
  • Usually has a proper budget.
  • Usually, a project manager is responsible for coordinating all activities.
Project management process includes the following stages: planning, initiation, execution, monitoring and closing. Different industries have also developed specialised project management templates that are specific to the unique needs of their respective fields. The templates make project planning efficient and easily repeatable from one set of deliverables to the next. On the basis of these, models are designed to handle projects on a regular basis and to ensure that the processes run continuously. Project management assignment sample To follow this, one such method called agile project management came into existence and took over Waterfall project management. Professors assign questions that are based on the methods that agile project management uses.

How Agile Is Better Than Waterfall Project Management?

Agile project management is an iterative process focused on the continuous monitoring and improvement of deliverables. At its core, high-quality deliverables are a result of providing customer value, team interactions and adapting to current business circumstances. Unlike Waterfall project management, a more traditional method, agile project management doesn’t follow a sequential stage-by-stage approach. Project management assignment sample Instead, phases of the project are completed in parallel to each other by various team members in an organisation. This approach can find and rectify any errors in the project without having to restart the entire procedure. Agile project management provides more flexibility in error detection throughout project stages, resulting in consistently fewer errors than Waterfall, which can only test bugs during developmental stages. You can see a number of Project management assignment samples on the internet, some are based on in-depth concepts of agile project management tools, like Scrum, Kanban, etc. Project management assignment sample online

What are these tools now?

Agile project management uses a set of narrow-focused tools.
  1. Scrum methodsfocus on the empirical feedback loops to adapt to the complexity and unpredictability, typically found in software development. Decision making is based on observed results following short intervals known as sprints.
  2. Lean methodology focuses primarily on the continuous improvement of processes through waste elimination. Waste is the root of unprofitable activity and consists of defects, overproduction, transportation, waiting, inventory, motion and processing.

How Can We Help?

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