You might have come across several articles and blogs on SOP, CV or a CDR. However, LOR is something which many of the students hear very late in their lives. A letter of recommendation (LOR) is a pivotal document that is required for the admission application.

With this, the admission committee in different universities gauges a candidate, in terms of interpersonal skills, character, and behaviour. If you want to know what a great LOR consists of, then you are at the correct destination.

My Assignment Services has in-house learned LOR writing experts who have guided students with every element of a LOR and helped students get to their favorite college abroad.

In this blog, we will be giving a deeper insight into the world of LOR and demonstrate the perfect way of how to write a great LOR and secure your ticket to college admission.

But before we proceed, have a look at the three types of letter of recommendation (LOR) which serve different purposes.


By now, you might be clear enough about the category for which you require guidance from our LOR writers, isn’t it? So, let us talk about this in detail now.

Format Of a Perfect Letter Of Recommendation (LOR)

Just like an SOP, CV or a CDR, a LOR too, has a fixed format that is accepted universally in every university abroad. Usually, it is spread out in five paragraphs that address a different aspect of an individual. With this, there is sufficient information in each paragraph to back up the points.

Let us talk about this format that is followed by our LOR writing experts.

First paragraph

The function of the first paragraph is to establish the nature of the association of the individual and his education or profession. As per our LOR writers, this paragraph must end with a blatant hint as to why the referee feels is correct to recommend the individual.

Second paragraph

Here, the qualities of the candidate with which the referee is able to see his potential strength are to be highlighted. The main focus of this paragraph must be centred around the journey of improvement of the skills. In this way, a connection is to be established with the overall personality of the individual at present.

Third paragraph

In the third paragraph, the referee is to talk about the scenarios and factual evidence that help him describe the strength and dedication of the candidate towards a specific project. These must be in the form of sentences of experiences.

Fourth paragraph

The fourth paragraph underlines those skills or qualities that the individual possess which describe his determination towards the profession or study course he is enrolled in.

Fifth paragraph

The fifth paragraph is the concluding paragraph that depicts the profit that the candidate would gain after joining the university/ institution. Also, how the individual would contribute to the firm or institution is also discussed here. In addition to these, the reasons why the referee strongly recommends the individual must also be highlighted in the conclusion.

In addition to this, our LOR writers also include a sixth paragraph in the LOR. Here, the personal details of the referee are mentioned so that the institution or organisation can get in touch with the referee for further assistance.

3 Tips For Writing An Impeccable Letter Of Recommendation

In case, you want to get a great LOR, you can stick to these tips. Our experts use these while drafting comprehensive reference LOR for candidates all across the world.

1. Stick to formal language

The language used in the LOR must be crisp and formal, making no attempts to be ornate, abusive, overtly impressive, offensive or misleading. As a LOR is an academic document, it must be free from grammatical errors as well.

2. Do not beat around the bush

There are certain guidelines that every university/organisation lays for every document that is to be submitted there. So, if it has specified the word limit for the LOR, it is to be strictly adhered to.

3. There should not be any trace of plagiarism

As a letter of recommendation is a personal statement, there is no scope of plagiarism in this. Whatever you write has to be about yourself and your areas of interests.

This is why our LOR writing experts also pass every reference LOR through Plagiarism and send a free copy of the same to validate our authentic work.

5 Tips That Will Help You Draft a Great Letter Of Recommendation (LOR)

There are certain specific guidelines that you must follow to check whether the LOR you have is perfect or not. These are:

  1. The information included in a LOR must be relevant and accurate
  2. There must be an element of optimism in the insight that the referee has towards the individual
  3. The LOR must be legible and understandable
  4. Short sentences must be used
  5. The general word limit for a LOR is 500-600 words

Your LOR must be centred around these 5 guidelines. If your letter of recommendation suffices all of these, then you can be sure that you have a great LOR.

Want a Perfect LOR To Enter Your Dream University/Organisation? Give Us a Call Right Away!

In this short blog, we have tried to cover all the aspects that will guide you toward a perfect LOR. If you still face problems in any of the sections, then you can rely upon our LOR writing experts for guidance.

My Assignment Services is an age-old firm that is a storehouse of erudite LOR experts who have furnished students with a credible and authentic letter of recommendations for their reference purpose. Not just this, we have also equipped them with easy hacks for SOP, CV and CDR. In addition to the high-quality reference assignment solutions, we also offer a bunch of value-added services to students all across the globe. To know more about them or to place an order with us, give us a call right away!

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