Being a dreamer and having a dream are two different things. One who is just a dreamer spends all of his/her in imagining what all he wants to achieve, while the one who has a certain dream to achieve makes conscious efforts for it. This is why we say- stop dreaming and start doing!

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Want To Know The Key To An Impeccable CV? Read On

how to design new-gen resume

View your CV as a personal promotional advertisement. Naturally, it must include sufficient information about you so that you can sell your skills and experiences as per the requirements of the recruiters.

As per ourresume writers, you must also remember that every day the employers are burdened with abundant resumes. Therefore, your resume ought to have that extra spark to distinguish it from others. And in this cut-throat competitive market, it becomes imperative that both your resume and cover letter exclusively mesh towards a specific goal or opportunity.

Here are 7 creative ways you can use to improve your CV.

1. The first impression is the last

We’re sure you have heard this famous proverb, haven’t you? The same applies to the recruiters as well. These individuals adorned in formals are proficient enough in judging an employee from the very first section of a CV. From the very beginning, they understand the value that you plan to bring to the organisation.

Therefore, you must make all attempts to grab their superfluous attention by highlighting your successes, experiences, professional skills and expertise.

  • This is an example of a perfect Headline and summary section:
  • Headline: Branch manager with expertise in Public relations

Summary: Branch manager with ten (10) years of experience in marketing, PR and marketing for several MNCs.

2. Be selective

You cannot submit a generic resume to every recruiter you meet during interviews for different jobs. Instead, you must have a selective approach and tailor your resume as per the requirements of the organisation you are applying for.

As per ourCV writers, there is a greater chance of getting accepted if the recruiters find tailored-resumes as compared to generic ones.

3. Underline your expertise, capabilities, achievements, and skills

Contemplate your areas of interest that you want to flaunt to a potential employer. You have to add the obvious details, but you must also not neglect the essential traits that set you apart among the crowd.

Therefore, make it a point to highlight all your expertise, skills, successes and capabilities in your resume so that the recruiter gets a true picture of your personality.

4. Work upon enhancing the readability of your CV

Just because a CV is a professional document, it doesn’t mean that you will stuff it with a lot of technical jargon and vocabulary. However, it must also not include any kind of slang or casual language.

As a potential candidate for the interview, it is your responsibility to improve the readability or legibility of your resume by using a comprehensive, yet easy to understand language.

For this, ourresume writing expertsadvise students to avoid irrelevant terms and no connection with the workplace.

To improve the readability of your CV, you can use these tips:

  • You can spread margins to adjust the font space to make it more legible
  • Consolidate job positions instead of listing them separately
  • Avoid beating around the bush
  • Use common fonts and maintain uniformity in the resume and cover letter

5. Quantify your details to give a greater impact

Have you ever thought about how potent numbers are for your resume? Well, ourCV writersalways suggest students quantify and monetize the details about their career, education and work experiences.

This is because it is a general tendency of humans to get attracted more towards numbers as compared to long paragraphs. For instance, if you mention “I have worked with a team of 12 sales executives” rather than writing “I have worked with a team of sales executives”, are you able to understand what impact both of these sentences will have on your recruiter?

6. Neither too short, nor too long!

You have to be very particular with the length of your resume. If you do not have much work experience, then a one-page resume is more than enough. In case, you have at least seven or more years of work experience, then you can extend it to two pages.

If you extend your resume unnecessarily, then you will be welcoming your rejection!

7. Mention credible referees

Towards the end, you must have a section of referees. A recruiter needs to cross-check whether the information that you have provided is valid or not. Also, when you disclose the names of at least two referees who can validate your resume, your recruiter gets an opportunity to build their trust in you.

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