Assignment of the Week: Eco-Luxury Hotel Brand Marketing

February 25, 2020
Author : Charles Hill

In marketing, there are hundreds of things to consider if you wish to draft a perfect assignment. Often, it becomes a tedious process and renders students fear-stricken at the last moment! Our marketing assignment help experts come across several students who bring different types of problems that come in their paths while writing these assignments. Thus, My Assignment Services has become a potent source of support to all those students all across the globe. We have not only helped them with high-quality reference assignment solutions but also guided them through tips and tricks and information about different marketing concepts that have enabled them in writing flawless assignments. In this blog, we will be talking about a few concepts that are crucial for every marketing assessment. Also, we will be taking the reference of an Eco-luxury hotel brand marketing assessment to clear the concepts further for you.

6 Vital Concepts For a Marketing Assignment

Before we talk about the assignment in detail, our marketing assignment helpexperts will encapsulate the concepts that are considered to be prime, whenever it comes to writing marketing assessments. Thereon, we will show you how to apply these in the assignment. These are:

1. Brand ethos

In the context of the branding industry in marketing, ethos symbolizes all the traits, vision, culture, goals, missions and the community that a brand embodies. It is the relationship between a brand and its audience. The motive of brand ethos succeeds when consumer behaviour matches the aim of the brand. If a brand has a strong ethos, it means it is authentic. Generally, customers get driven towards those brands that are credible and authentic.

2. Brand’s mission and vision statement

The purpose of a brand and the way by which it affects the consumers is defined in a mission statement. In this, there is a depiction of the approach that the brand follows to achieve the goals. Talking about the vision statement of a brand, it is a description of the long term goals of an organisation. Also, it states the reasons for the brand.

3. Internal and external factors affecting a brand

Several factors have a direct impact on the performance of a brand. These factors can be classified into two categories, which are as follows:
  • Internal factors such as business strategy, value proposition, marketing implementation, financial and marketing resources, internal conventions, labour management and brand legacy marketing mix etc.
  • External factors such as marketing and media, economic, customers, technology, competitors etc.

4. Customer value

It is the incremental benefit that a customer is bestowed with post consuming a product or service after paying in return. The difference between the benefits and cost is customer value. As per our marketing assignment writers, the customer value is dependent on three factors, which are:
  1. Quality
  2. Service
  3. Price
Combining these three factors, we get the customer value triad.

5. Brand competitors

A brand competitor is the brands which sell similar products and services with the motive of achieving more revenue, profit and market share just like your brand. If your brand competitor has better 4Ps of marketing, that is the product, promotion, price and the place, then the brand will overtake you.

6. Promotional strategies

The attempt made by the marketers to inform, persuade or remind the consumers about their product or service is known as promotion. Our marketing assignment help experts consider a lot of goals which help them devise out effective promotional strategies for helping students in their assignments. These include:
  • Creating awareness
  • Convincing consumers to buy the product or service
  • Giving information
  • Retaining loyal consumers

Eco-Luxury Hotel Brand Marketing Assignment

Now that you have a decent knowledge about the most imperative concepts for a marketing assignment, let us now proceed with the Eco-luxury hotel brand marketing assessment and apply these concepts to answer the questions given in the assignment. Eco-luxry hotel brand marketing assignment As you can see, this is the question file for the assessment. First of all, our marketing assignment help experts select an Eco-luxury hotel brand based on the market place conditions prevalent in respective regions. After this, we answer the questions as follows:

Question 1

Our experts choose Alpen Palace in Italy and discuss the brand name, logo and the objectives that it plans to achieve. Studying the brand ethos for the hotel, our marketing assignment writers connect it with the services and discuss the ways by which the hotel achieves them.

Question 2

In question 2, we analyse both the internal as well as the external factors that encourage the consumers to stay at the Alpen Palace hotel. The internal factors include the price and personal needs of the customers. The external factors include culture and segmentation.

Question 3

Talking about the two key attributes that help to create customer value, these are eco-smart, innovative and people-friendly. Using these attributes and perceptual map, our marketing assignment help experts identify the competitors of the brand.

Question 4

Coming to the promotional strategies, we devised three effective ones for the hotel. These include a green promotion, discounts, and industry influencers.

Question 5

The news trends that can impact the hotel as per our experts are as follows:
  • Tech explosion
  • Destination promotion
  • Unique perks
  • Serving millennial
  • Sustainability rules
With this brief description of all the questions in this Eco-luxury hotel brand marketing assessment, you might have got an idea on how to go about it, isn’t it? Feel free to turn to our marketing assignment writers if you get stuck at any point.

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