Most modern-day institutions run on data. from schools to hospitals, data is an important aspect of running the business side of any institution. any institution has to work with vast volumes of data. From patient data to the record of admissions, large-scale and medium-scale institutions need to have an integrated record of the total number of patients taken care of by them and the total income earned from them. however, it can be a problem to manage and utilize this data. since organizations and institutions have to deal with vast volumes of data daily, there is an increased need for a robust and efficient database capable of supporting the data analysis requirements of modern-day organizations. 

Applications of hospital database

This requires designing and implementing a database for the organization to meet the specific needs of the organization. A lot of students pursuing data science are given the task of designing and implementing databases for certain organizations. This can be an exciting yet daunting task for students who are often starting on their journey of dealing with data. In this article, we will talk about designing and implementing a database for Felicity Stillwell hospital and the specific requirements of this task.

Designing a database can be overwhelming even for the best of students who have little prior experience with data. from online views to actual transactions, all the important indices must be accurately reflected in the database. 

Also creating the database is simply demonstrating the numbers. However, implementing the database is a different ball game altogether and contains a different set of tasks. The Students will be expected to draw logical deductions from the data. 

The Felicity Stillwell Hospital

When you have been asked to Design & Implement A Database For Felicity Stillwell Hospital, it is important to start with attaining a basic understanding of the hospital and its features. The Felicity Stillwell Hospital is a basic hospital in Perth that specializes in elderly health care. In this project, we have been asked to design a database system for this hospital. The database must support the processing requirements of the hospital. to design a robust and efficient database, the students must consider the information or the data entered, managed and obtained by hospital staff to assist the administration and management of the hospital. 

  • The students will be required to analyze the hospital forms in detail to be able to derive the crucial information from those forms.
  • The analysis must also include the paper forms and records presently in use, and the main business demands.
  • A broad-gauged understanding of the data and processing must form the foundation for the database design.
  • To design a database, the students must also consider the design entity-relationship diagram that demonstrates the data requirements of the system.
  • The students are required to create an entity-relationship diagram or an ERD. An entity-relationship diagram must be able to successfully draw a connection between the various indices of the database management system.

Important Data Required to Design & Implement A Database for Felicity Stillwell Hospital


The Felicity Stillwell Hospital has 17 wards and a total number of 240 beds. These beds are available for short-stay patients. Every ward in the Felicity hospital is distinguished by a number and a unique name. Every ward has a different telephone extension number. all these data points must necessarily be included within the database. 


The Felicity Stillwell Hospital has a Medical Director, who is assigned with the general prerogative of managing the entire hospital. The Director is responsible for maintaining control on the utilization of the hospital resources including all supplies of the hospital to be able to provide affordable treatment to the patients.

Secondly, The Felicity Stillwell Hospital also has a Personnel Officer. The personnel officer is directly tasked with ensuring that the proper number of personnel is allocated to every ward. The personnel officer is also given the responsibility of ensuring that the outpatient clinic is adequately staffed.

hospital management system database

The Data for Every Member of the Felicity Stillwell Hospital Includes

  • Staff number for each member
  • The name of the staff: including the first, last and the middle name,
  • The complete address of the staff member
  • Telephone number of the staff member
  • Date of birth of the staff member
  • Gender of the staff member
  • Tax file number of the staff member (TFN)
  • Current position of the staff member
  • Whether the staff member is eligible for any additional emoluments.
  • The current salary of the staff member
  • the salary scale of staff members.
  • position held by the staff member
  • work experience detail of each staff member
  • type of employment contract for every staff member
  • number of hours of work recorded every week
  • the exact duration of the shift for every staff member
  • the start and stop time for every member's shift.
  • type of payment; monthly/weekly

With all these indices, the students are required to create a straightforward yet efficient and elucidate database that can be used for the quick reference and information search of the hospital staff. The students don't need to address the processing requirements listed in Transactions. 

Here's What the Students Are Not Required to Include in Their Database Design

  • Information about Ward Requisitions
  • Information about 
  • Surgical and Non-Surgical Supplies
  • Information about Suppliers. 
  • Information about the Outpatients Clinic

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