The automotive industry in Spain is among the most upcoming and fast-growing auto industries in the world. The auto industry in Spain is often touted as one of the most upcoming automobile industries in the world. In the previous year, Spain has manufactured more than 4 million cars which place the country on an easy spot as the 4th largest manufacturer of automobiles in the world. just about 6 years back, Spain was in the 8th position with the manufacture of around 2.7 million cars.

It is interesting to study how the country managed to step up the production of cars and secure its place in the world market as one of the most reliable and upcoming auto manufacturers of the world. Apart from cars, the country is also creating a notable name for itself as one of the most prominent manufacturers of automotive spare parts and two-wheelers. In this blog, we will present an objective Spanish Automobile Manufacturer Company Case Study.

Manufaturing units in spain

Looking at the track record of Spain, just about 6 years back in the year of 2015, Spain’s automotive market was touted at an estimated worth of 9.76 Billion which has now grown more than 6 times to almost around 65 Billion. Spain is now the biggest auto manufacturer in Europe after Germany. For the past 5 consecutive financial years, Spain has not only surpassed its estimated manufacturing forecast, but it has also surpassed its estimated gross revenue from the sale of automotive products. From 2016, exactly 5 years back, when the country’s total automotive export was valued at over 24 Billion USD, the country’s automotive exports grew almost 5-fold by the year 2019. The total automotive export from Spain in 2019 was valued at around 120 Billion.

Technological Superiority

After Germany, Spain is the most eminent auto manufacturer. It is also trusted by other automotive manufacturers around the world for spare parts. More than 80 percent of the total revenue of the country is from the export of cars. Spanish auto parts are used in cars, automobiles and even industrial machinery around the world. Whereas five years back, automotive exports accounted for 18.9 percent of the total Spanish exports, the share of automotive exports in the total Spanish export now amounts to almost 40 percent. Owing to superior international strategic management, the country is not just a new-age auto superpower but also a technology powerhouse that is providing tech assistance to the rest of the world.

If the past five years are taken into account, it is also pertinent to note that in the years 2016, the automotive industry was responsible for creating almost 10 percent of the total GDP of Spain. Presently there are about 13 car factories situated across Spain. These factories are supported by the local spare part manufacturing industries. Therefore the character of the Spanish auto manufacturing industry is unlike any other across the world. The thriving auto industry has deep-seated branches at local levels.

branches at local levels

Auto Manufacturing Plants Located in Spain

The rapidly growing and expanding Spanish automotive manufacturers such as Gestamp Automoción and Grupo Antolin have acquired multinational proportions. These brands are now trusted around the world for manufacturing superior automotive products. There is a growing demand for Spanish automobiles owing to the strength, durability, agility and design supremacy of the products.

Research, Development and International Strategic Management

For the last 5 years, the country has also allocated a major share of its consequent annual budgets to research and development. Therefore, the developers and auto car companies have been able to design high-quality and purpose-built cars for the European market and also the world market. The Spanish technology is renowned around the world for promoting clean fuels and processed emissions. Known for its emphasis on sustainability and environmental conservation, the Spanish Automotive industry is one of the fastest-growing and rapidly evolving industries around the world. More than 2.5 million car engines are manufactured in Spain every year. The auto research and knowledge superiority in Spain in recent years has become the subject of Spanish Automobile Manufacturer Company Case Study by several agencies.

Eminent Car Manufacturing Plants in Spain

Some of the most significant manufacturers of auto parts in the country are:

  • Daimler AG; the country has a vast manufacturing plant in Vitoria.
  • Ford - its manufacturing unit in Almussafes is the company’s biggest auto manufacturing unit in Europe.
  • Opel- the auto manufacturing plant is situated in Figueruelas.
  • Nissan: the company has an auto plant located in Barcelona
  • PSA Peugeot Citroen or Vigo
  • Renault: Renault manufactures automotive products at multiple locations across the country. There are plants in Palencia and other Spanish locations.
  • SEAT: The Plant is situated in Martorell
  • Volkswagen: The manufacturing plant is located in Pamplona.

The Bottom line

With the presence of these renowned automotive manufacturing companies, Spain has emerged as the auto manufacturing destination of the world. This can be attributed to single-window clearances for the auto industry, a thriving local auto part manufacturing industry and the presence of skilled labour. The government has also provided an environment extremely conducive to manufacturing high-quality auto parts. With an emphasis on green technologies and sustainable mechanization, Spain has been able to consolidate its place as the premier auto manufacturer of the contemporary world.

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