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With the advent of new technology, the development of web applications has paved the way for a lot of students to study and pursue their careers in this field. If you are one such student, then probably you are on a lookout for module design for the application assessment answer.

My Assignment Servicesconsists of a panel of dedicatedIT assignment helpexperts who have thoroughly studied and mastered the assignments that are rolled out to students underCSC10217 Web development-II. In this blog, we shall explore the course briefly and give you an insight on how to solve such assignments with ease. Let’s get started to know more about the nuances that go behind these technical assignments.

All the students who are enrolled in this course get an opportunity to gain a deeper insight into the working of the web applications. Ourcomputer science assignment helpexperts assist students in creating applications that run on 3-tier database-driven technology. Also, this course allows for exploring current design approaches, a wide range of programming and scripting languages that help design web applications. To pass this course successfully, the main requisite is to have a decent knowledge of HTML, SQL, and other programming languages.

Topics That Are Important For Low-Level Module Design For The Application Assessments

If you are a student studyingCSC10217, then there are some important topics in this that you need to master, before you begin writingLow-Level Module Design For The Application assignment solution.

OurIT assignment writershave covered it all for you and guided several students on these. So, go through these topics and contact us if you are not sure of any topic among the list. We would get back to you in no time and provide you supreme quality reference assignment solution for the same file.

  1. Introduction to dynamic web development and its applications
  2. MVC design pattern and how it is used to create new web applications
  3. PHP
  4. How to develop side server with PHP
  5. PHP database access
  6. Javascript
  7. Developing a client-server with Javascript
  8. The interaction that takes place between the client and server
  9. The basics of advanced web applications

How To Write aLow-Level Module Design For The Application AssignmentLike An Expert?

There are two assignments that you will need to complete when you decide to pursueCSC10217 web development-IIcourse. In both the assignments, you need to develop a web application. This application would be used for a hypothetical DVD rental e-shop. When you successfully design these web applications, you have to:

  1. Upload this to the student directory
  2. Zip your directory and upload it your assignment folder

Now, let us brief you onassessment 1first with the reference assignment solution that we have drafted for a student and give you the guidelines for doing it with ease.

Assignment 1

As you can see, this is theCSC10217 assessment 1. To complete part A, you just need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Requirement analysis

This is the first step that is followed by ourcomputer science assignment writers. We first document all the requirements of the app, be it the functional or the non-functional ones. This is done by “playing” with the application that has already been built.For instance, in case of functional requirements, you can add new lists and select as per your choice.

In case of non-functional requirements, you can select at least two-column design, make use of the front page to display new releases and use different CSS files for changing the styles.

Step 2: Create a high-level design

The next step is to design a high-level design and illustrate it with the help of a diagram. After this, you need to explain the diagram in a small paragraph. This paragraph will have all the details of the working of the application.

Step 3: Use the MVC design pattern

Now, the last and the final step is to make use of the MVC design to perform the low-level module design. Also, use the functional requirements that you have designed previously. Make sure that you incorporate the details of each module that you include here. The most important point that is to be remembered here is that a diagram is needed to show how your modules are interconnected in the design. End theCSC10217 assessment 1by explaining one user case in a paragraph with the help of the low-level diagram.

Now let us move further and talk about part B. For this part, the following are the guidelines that you need to adhere to:

  1. The movie database that is provided to you must be uploaded on your XAMP and sites like MySQL to describe the database that is used.
  2. For every important component like model, view, controller, you need to define a base class. After this, just define the main features of each of these on the description of the model.
  3. You should be aware that a controller is a primary component in the design which means that it is the easiest to implement. So, use it to test other modules.
  4. After this, implement the data access interface and this way you will be able to access the movie database.
  5. Next, the view component is to be implemented.

See how ourIT assignment helpexperts have been successful in imparting the basics of this assessment. If you require us to help you with the complete CSC10217 Web Development-IILow-Level Module DesignAssessment, then you can talk to our experts right away!

Important Points that You Need To Take Care Of InCSC10217 Assignments?

These assignments are complex and demand an enormous amount of time and effort. Realising this, ourcomputer science assignment helpexperts have made a checklist for you, that you need to take care of.When you writeweb development-II assessments, make sure your assignment cater to the following requirements:

  1. Only those technologies that are web-based need to be used for solving the problems
  2. Make use of professional methodologies and techniques for developing web applications.
  3. While writing these assignments, adhere to the web-components for designing, constructing and integrating them
  4. TheCSC10217 assignmentmust exhibit a comparison between different technologies and techniques
  5. Your work must demonstrate the capability to design an entire database-driven website.

When all these requirements are met in yourLow-Level Module DesignAssignment, then only you will be able to achieve top-notch grades in them. If you are facing problems in doing so, then you can simply rely on our professional team for guidance.

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We are sure that with the help of this blog, you are now in a position to begin writing your assignments. So, what if you get stuck at some point? Not to worry, asMy Assignment Servicesis at your rescue!

We have a scholarly panel ofIT assignment helpexperts who hold Ph.D. degrees from several renowned universities all across the globe. Naturally, we do not let go of any of your queries unanswered from our end. In addition to this, we also offer a wide range of value-added services to students that include a free copy of the Plagiarism report, an overview of the entire assignment before the payment, partial work for free and more. To know more about these or to get your referenceCSC10217 Web Development-II Low-Level Module Design Assessment Answer, contact our teams today.

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